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  1. After watching the movie, I'd like to do a Jurassic World Roleplay and I was wondering if anyone would like to join! It would need humans to come to the park and dinosaurs in it. I'll allow hybrid dinosaurs, but you'll need to be a dinosaur or a human to double as. I'll post my characters after others join~ Thanks for reading!
  2. What else can you tell us about the RP?

    A little more information would be helpful, particularly for those who haven't seen the movie yet xD
  3. Is basically just humans coming to the park to see dinosaurs and a few dinosaurs escape.
  4. Yeah I got that much, have seen the old films and trailers for the new one .. Was thinking more along the lines of rules, what you want to see in everybody else's' character sheets, back story, which films (old and/or new) are considered cannon, any types of dinosaurs that are blacklisted, original characters or characters from the film, or possibly even NPC roles that you are going to make characters for such as scientists or groundskeepers, things of that sort. You could even edit your original post to include this information .. Sorry if I sound like I'm criticizing or drone on at you
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  5. I'm interested
  6. When you say we'll need to "double as" a human or a dinosaur, do you mean that if we signed up to be a dinosaur, we would also have to have a human character? I'm definitely interested, but only if I could play a dinosaur character. I've gotten bored of roleplaying as humans lately.
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  7. Only if you are a hybrid dinosaur you'd have to be human or another dinosaur... Sorry if that was confusing XD
  8. Its fine! I just wanted to make sure I understood :3 Are our dinosaur characters allowed to have been genetically tweaked a little bit, without being hybridized? Like, having had their size changed a little to be larger or smaller depending on the species, or a larger/stronger wingspan for better flying skills on a dinosaur that would have normally only been able to glide, that sortof thing?
  9. That's perfectly fine!
  10. Awesome ^u^

    I'm trying to decide between a slightly undersized Dilophosaurus (minus the frill and venom spitting if that's okay, since they're made up traits to the JP/JW universe and I'd want mine to be more accurate to real life. I could see them making both kinds for variety's sake), or an oversized Dimorphodon, maybe part of a new attraction where they're trying to train them to be able to perform some sortof airshow or something, which means they had to genetically make them better flyers. Choosing between my two favorites is always so hard :P

    Is there any way that we could have a male dinosaur? I know they engineer their dinosaurs to be female, but JP showed that they could change sex.
  11. The Dilophosaurus would be more fun when playing with others, hunting from the ground allows for greater variety and better tactics .. As opposed to the air which has dive bombing, swooping in and the annoying shadow by flying in front of the sun to scare people .. Furthermore playing as a flying creature would get boring very fast as travelling around the park would be only one thing: Flying. As opposed to a ground dinosaur that can stalk and run and navigate difficult terrain .. Also the Dilophosaurus is a smarter creature (I think) and you could even hunt in a small pack if other players joined you in the role
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  12. It depends whether or not other people who join would want to play other Dilos to form a pack. I get the feeling Raptors would be the more popular choice in that sense. I guess time will tell~
  13. Raptors are obvious choice in regards to a pack but they usually form larger packs and I personally would feel kinda OP as a raptor .. Though if you want someone to cruise with as a Dilos then I'll gladly accompany you, good sir
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  14. I love Raptors, but with how big they are in the franchise I feel like it wouldn't be a super original thing to play, and I'd personally rather play as a dinosaur we haven't seen as much from the franchise. Dilophosaurus had one scene in JP and appeared as a hologram in JW briefly, so it'd be a lot of fun to actually give the story some Dilos running around and being a bigger part of things :3

    That would be awesome! :D A pair of Dilos is better than one~
  15. @ CozyCoz Yes, you may have a male dinosaur :3
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  16. A pair is always better than one: Breasts, eskrima sticks, chop sticks, balls (ask Hitler, he really suffered there), socks, marriage, divorce, hot twins, weekends (imagine having only one day off on a weekend and skipping Sunday to go straight back to work on Monday !!!), brackets (like these ones), time and space being paired up together, quotation marks, Batman and Robin, Rome and Juliet, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Bonnie and Clyde, Two Face (would be a lame villain if he was just called One Face), the Joker and Harlequin, Merry and Pippin, Beren and Luthien, Lex Luthor and Tess Mercer, Superman and Lois Lane, Spiderman and Mary Jane, Spiderman and Gwen Stacy, Spiderman and Betty Brant, Spiderman and all of the other chicks that he gets depressed over, you name it and a pair is always better than one .. I could go on with more awesome pairs if the need ever arise
  17. I would definitely be interested in playing a Dilophosaurus. I think it would certainly be interesting being part of a pack, and I also get bored while playing humans sometimes. If you two will have me, that is.
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  18. The more the merrier, as far as I'm concerned! ^u^
  19. May I too be a dilophosaurus in your pack?
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  20. We've got quite the pack coming along here! We just need some humans too
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