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  1. Welcome,To Jurassic World

    God Creates Dinosaurs, God Destroys Dinosaurs, God Creates Man, Man Destroys God, Man Creates Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs Eat Man.

    Dinosaurs and man, two species separated by 65 million years of evolution have just been suddenly thrown back into the mix together. How can we possibly have the slightest idea what to expect?

    It's been twenty-two years. Twenty-two years since John Hammond's dream of bringing back the long-since extinct for the amusement of the masses.Since his project failed and allowed dinosaurs to run free on a couple of islands. Well,twenty-two years later,his 'dream' has been revived. Someone decided it would be a good idea to 'revamp' the park. But this time,they succeeded. There was no Nedry to screw everything up,and the park is running smoothly. For now,at least. People from all around the world come everyday to see real,live dinosaurs. They've been assured that they're safe with the creatures behind their large walls or inside their gyrospheres,or with all of the security around the park. But nothing good lasts.

    -No godmodding
    -Ask to kill a person's character, before you kill them
    -Um,I dont see this RP needing any sexually mature scenes,but if they do happen, fade out
    -All post sizes are welcome, but try to make it more than two or three words
    -Finally, have fun!
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  2. The cage Tiger was in had a wooded area towards the back of the enclosure that was her favorite hiding spot if the other Dilophosaurs started fighting. The glass viewing area was recently repaired after she was started by a human child, who was making faces at her, but the humans thought it was cute and didn't stop her from going to far and throwing a toy at her.
  3. Gino

    Gino had spent the better part of the early afternoon concealed within the vegetation that had been planted and now grew naturally in the Dilophosaurus enclosure. He had learned the patterns of the park; the morning, just after opening, wasn't as active as the afternoon was, when the sun took its place in the sky's highest point. He had situated his pseudo hunting schedule to match the everyday flow of humans. Now that the sun was in position, there were more visitors at the glass of the enclosure and he had more of a selection to choose from. Thus far, he had seen mostly adult humans. The fully grown, he had found, did not react quite as much as the young ones did. As such, he lay in wait for his preferred prey; the children. They would be arriving in greater numbers very soon, and his fun could begin.

    It wasn't that he was hungry. His belly was still quite full from the midday feeding and he doubted that he would even be able to stomach a child if he were to catch one. It was the thrill of the chase that dictated his behavior. He was deprived of it during feedings, with lifeless hunks of meat being tossed into the enclosure. It satiated his hunger, but not his thirst for hunting. It had always been this way, and over time it had driven him to the point of physical discomfort that was relieved only by tearing apart the large palm leaves that he currently rested in, and by hunting humans through the enclosure's glass window. He had already made quick work of one plant earlier in the morning, which meant that he had hunting to do. And, to his delight, tiny hands now pressed against the glass with eyes full of wonder.

    He shifted his feet beneath him, his eyes now completely fixated on the little boy. He had to wait for the opportune moment, and the child was not yet distracted. Once young eyes discovered one of Gino's packmates, he could make his move. For now, he waited. His complete attention was focused on the boy's eyes, watching each minute flick around the enclosure. Gino's skin allowed for fairly decent camouflage against the sandy substrate, but every so often, the rich orange of his crests would give away his location and foil his plans. He compensated for this by positioning his head carefully behind leaves, just enough of a space for his eyes to peek between them. Today, he seemed to have hid himself quite successfully. The child, completely oblivious, looked right over Gino as his eyes searched the enclosure for movement.

    All at once, Gino's muscles tensed and released, powerful legs propelling his body towards the glass with a shriek from his mouth. The boy had caught sight of one of the other dinosaurs, allowing just enough of a distraction for Gino to put his plan into action. He cleared the short distance between his hiding place and the glass within seconds, and he collided with the window with an almighty thud, screeching as he clawed uselessly at the clear, smooth barrier. As usual, the boy screamed in terror and stumbled backward away from the glass, into his parent's arms for comfort. Nonetheless, Gino let loose another screech, hitting his nose against the glass in frustration. This one had gone backwards, rather than running along the length of the window. The chase had been cut painfully short.
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  4. Tiger watched Gino from the forested area of the enclosure. Her eyes narrowed at him for trying to chase whatever that lurked behind the glass. Her tail twitched as she slowly made her way out of the wooded area and into the open field. The smaller children looked up at her with big, sparkling eyes as she stole Gino's spotlight. Gino was always trying to chase these smaller creatures, but he couldn't get to them from inside this barrier. Tiger glanced at the taller male and walked in front of the glass to observe the humans. Her bright colors on her face and upper body seemed to catch the sunlight and reflect it back off of her scales, making her stand out in the pack of Dilophosaurs.
  5. Ajora-
    Ajora stood firmly on a girder suspended above the Dilophosaur enclosure. She watched tentatively as her favorite Dilophosaurs, JWDL-017 or Gino as the other employees nicknamed him and JWDL-006, similarly known as Tiger showed off for the park visitors. She chuckled at Gino's frustrated attempt to amuse himself and shouted to him over the murmuring crowd, "Couldn't catch them today, aye boy?"
    Ajora was just as irritated by the way the animals were cared for. It was unnatural and in a sense, inhumane to try domesticating a prehistoric predator hardwired for a chase. She could see that hand-feeding these beasts took its toll on their morale. Fortunately, Dilophosaurs are known for being hearty and generally patient compared to the more moody residents of Jurassic World like the Tyrannosaurs.

    Not far from the Dilophosaur enclosure the Sky Dome was located on a rocky ledge. Within it the Pterosaurs took flight and circled the room anxiously. Among them was Coal, the largest Pterosaur the park had ever bred. However, he could not be bothered by the pointless searching of a way out. Not to say Coal wasn't getting restless. As it were, the dome was hardly big enough for his enormous figure to lift off and get much of a flying start. He was cramped, and it made him considerably irritable especially towards his inmates.
    A smaller Pterodactylus antiquus performed a haphazard aerial dive and crashed into Coal nearly forcing him to slip right off the branch on which he perched. A powerful and aggressive caw rumbled deep within the massive Pterodactyl to warn the little twerp of its dangerous mistake. Fortunately the tiny creature managed a quick take off to avoid Coal's giant beak attempting to snap its little body right in half. Frustrated but helpless, Coal begrudgingly regained his balance and decided to just fester in his nest for the rest of the miserable day.​
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  6. Gino

    Gino took a few frustrated steps back from the glass, roughly pawing at the back of his head with one of his arms as best he could reach. He still lacked a concrete understanding of the concept of glass; an invisible, but impenetrable barrier. He knew that he always hit something when he went in for his attacks, but hadn't quite grasped the fact that no matter where he tried, it would be there. His memory wasn't quite long enough for him to remember exactly which places he had tried and failed, so it was a never ending cycle of attempts to phase through it, accompanied by a sore nose. He snorted through it, spared a quiet hiss of acknowledgement to Tiger, and turned his attention to something currently more pressing, since no other children dared press against the glass now.

    A human caretaker near their enclosure often meant food, and although they had just been fed and he should have known better than to expect another meal so soon, he watched Ajora in anticipation. He did recognize the various sounds that the humans used to indicate him, afterall, and knew that she had been speaking to him specifically. At least, he was pretty sure it had been the case. Either way, he shifted his feet so that he was facing the direction of the caretaker and emitted a rumbling, growling caw aimed at her, his head bobbing and flicking this way and that, quire birdlike in nature. It seemed as though his one track mind had completely forgotten about hunting the children at the window now, and without his knowing, they had returned to the glass to admire the more placid Tiger.

    A nearby sound did catch his attention momentarily, from the direction that the aviary was located in. He shook his head and snorted after a moment, though, and returned his gaze to the woman perching above their enclosure. What was she there for, exactly? He hoped that she would accidentally fall into the enclosure, but that had happened only once to a caretaker and Gino had quite suddenly felt a prick in his hide and fallen asleep before he could even take advantage of it...
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  7. Tiger

    Tiger's attention was pulled away from the larger male Dilophosaurus to a female human up above their enclosure. She shook her head and gave Ajora a quick flash of her frill to acknowledge her. She couldn't understand the human caretaker, but she could tell by the tone of her voice that she was making fun of something. Tiger gave a flick of her tail and padded off into the wooded area to hide as more humans stood behind the glass.​
  8. Finch

    At the end of the lanyard dangled an ID tag that identified the speedwalking Park employee as one mister Ross Finch. If anyone could read it while it flapped madly along behind him, that was. If anyone even cared.

    Finch snatched the meddlesome lanyard and tugged it back over his shoulder, opting to hold it in place while he hurried off to wherever it was administrative staff hurried off to. His expression contained a thinly veiled scowl. The Park was putting in a new enclosure and the volume of paperwork was obscene-- just obscene --yet here he was, playing errand boy for some scientists over in Behavioral Analysis. With his free hand he gave his glasses an indignant prod and swept around a gaggle of enraptured tourists. So much to do. So much-

    There was a heavy thud against glass and a collective gasp; the visitors fumbled backwards. Finch received an elbow to the side of the head. He paused, scowl flicking across his face in earnest as he glared at the back of some camera-wielding woman. His eyes slipped past her to where a dilophosaurus was recovering from his head-on collision with the enclosure wall. A boy who had probably been the intended target had retreated tearfully to the arms of his mother.

    Well. Finch inwardly sighed and began to cut his way through the crowd.

    "Hey!" he approached the boy and his family with a smile and his bright 'model employee' tone of voice. "Sorry about that, folks. The dilophosaurs can get a bit rowdy. How about I direct you to some sauropods instead?"

    He snuck a glance at the offending dinosaur-- the one with the orange crests had a habit of upsetting visitors --but otherwise gave the human trio his undivided attention.

    This assignment was turning out to be a real pain.
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  9. Ajora-
    Ajora watched the spectacle that is Gino, aggressively showing his interest in her presence. An aggravated caw sounded in the distance. She figured it could only be Coal, the ridiculously large carnivorous animal the park decided to breed only six years ago. Ajora imagined what horrific crime he might have committed against one of the other Pterosaurs and the crowd control needed for such an event. Coincidentally she'd just called in for support from the administrative department hoping to meet with them regarding similar cases. The Dilophosaurs had a recent issue during which one of the smaller specimens was brutally attacked over some meat. This, she needed taken care of first. So much to do.

    Ajora spotted an angry man through the crowd behind the glass of the Dilophosaur enclosure. She picked up her radio and called to Mr. Finch.
    She spoke quickly and without falter, "Finch! See me downstairs in the feeding terrarium. We have a couple problems with the animals and I need to speak to you about rations."

    Boredom was setting in quickly as he could not successfully fall asleep as he normally would to beat the monotony of his life in captivity. Coal's increasing frustration was slowly inspiring an escape plan.

    Long ago, when Coal was younger, smaller, he discovered a weak hinge in one of the Sky Dome's emergency evacuation gates. It was located on the south side of the enclosure overlooking the Galapagos cliffs. This was when he could comfortably fly in the Sky Dome and explore his surroundings. He was comfortable right where he was back then. Easy food, free space, no predators... Coal had no intention at that point to leave.

    Nearly four years later after exploring every pebble and tree limb Coal has access to he's grown weary of his surroundings. The food is barely enough to maintain his astronomical metabolism and the space, well, enough has been said of that matter. Not to mention his fellow inmates...

    The problem is the fear. The fear of an escape. Coal's been punished before by the caretakers. Nothing in his primitive reptilian brain could quite describe the experience of being tasered nor could it quite recall. All Coal could truly remember was that he simply did not like it.​
  10. Twitch

    Twitch, lazily sitting at the back of the enclosure, watched everything Gino did. She wasn't in an awful mood, being recently fed, and almost found the process tempting to join. Granted, her experience with such practices was minimal at best. The somewhat larger-than-average sized Dilophosaur stood up leisurely and began to look for some source of amusement... until she spotted Ajore.

    Trainers were both associated with food for her, and with threats. A bit clumsily, she began to stalk the trainer, as though watching her, daring her to make a wrong move. Twitch made a quiet, clicking growl in warning. The woman's presence was not welcome, unless it was accompanied with food. Frills shifted slightly. Maybe Twitch would try her aim anyways. ​
  11. Finch

    Having pointed the family in the right direction, Finch's next step seemed like one towards freedom until a wasplike buzzing started up in his pocket. He jerked to a standstill and fished around for the radio that, in a Pavlovian fashion, had trained him to inwardly cringe each time it went off.

    "Copy that," he managed to keep a passive tone and scanned the Dilophosaur enclosure's upper regions for Ajora. Rations? Nobody told him anything ahead of time, did they? Just snagged him at will like he had nothing better to be doing. He was administrative cannon fodder. Finch contained a sigh and ruffled a hand through his hair. Well, being undervalued was his aim. Not that he thought about it much. Success was bittersweet. This sentiment in mind, he started briskly off again with all the purpose of a recalibrated GPS, ducking around tourists and strollers.

    Having never needed to visit the downstairs of most enclosures, it took Finch a few minutes to locate the correct door. His staff ID card made it easy from that point.
  12. Gino

    Gino's interest in the caretaker was beginning to dissipate. She didn't seem to have any food on hand and she wasn't doing anything remotely interesting. Two of his packmates seemed to think otherwise as their attention was on her, frills flashing and twitching. Now that was something his primitive mind failed to understand. He had no frill, from what he could tell. Why they did and he didn't was confusing and at times there was even a bit of wonder about whether they were indeed the same species at all since they had such a noticeable characteristic that he didn't have. Whether they were or not though, there was no way out of the enclosure. He'd tried. Many times. He just had to live with them, and that was something he could manage. He had for a long time already, hadn't he?

    He scratched at the earth below his feet for a moment before shaking his head around and beginning to turn away to resume his hunting. He noticed immediately that his targeted prey was gone and he wondered if it had been injured enough for it to be worth tracking... If he could manage to get through the invisible barrier, of course. A huff like snort shot through his nostrils and he stalked over to the glass, tapping his nose against it in various places, much to the delight of the onlookers. This was not aggression, this was investigation, and they seemed to know that. Gino ignored them as best he could and continued his mission to find a way through, even if he had to touch every inch of it to locate the escape route.

    This was something he had spent many afternoons attempting already, but perhaps he was too stubborn to give up, or perhaps his memory wasn't quite advanced enough to last for extended periods of time. Whatever the reason, the remainder of his afternoon would be spent inspecting the glass, unless something more pressing should happen. He hadn't given up on the idea of Ajora falling in the enclosure.
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  13. Ajora
    Ajora spun on a heal, perhaps a bit too quickly. Her ankle rolled and her leg gave under the pressure. There was a flash of light as the blinding Sun came into view. Instantly a shock of horror rushed through Ajora and she threw her hands up towards the star in the sky hoping in vane that it would grasp her helpless arms lifting her back to safety. In a failure to catch her balance Ajora began her descent into the Dilophosaur enclosure. A 15 ft. drop to the ground was the longest few moments of her life. Suddenly pain. A fearsome pain, and it pierced Ajora's ankle. The one she'd slipped on. Stunned, scared, and injured Ajora didn't want to move. All she wanted was to sleep and ignore the torture of the realization of what had happened, so she did. Darkness settled calmly around Ajora as she lost conscience.​
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  14. Gino

    The sudden thud reached Gino's ears and he immediately snapped his head in the direction it had come from. He could hardly believe what he saw; the caretaker had fallen into the enclosure afterall. His reaction was immediate as he abandoned the viewing window, behind which were now-screaming tourists, and sprinted to the fallen woman where he loomed over her crumpled form. He hissed down at her and shifted his weight from foot to foot, seemingly not quite sure of what he should do with her now that he had her. She wasn't moving, and no switch in his brain was being flipped. He couldn't hunt or chase an unconscious victim and she didn't look nor smell like the already dead food that was normally tossed into their enclosure. He lowered his head down to her and sounded another hiss from his throat after he dragged in deep inhales through his nostrils.

    He was sure only of one thing; she was his, and this was an opportunity he likely wouldn't get again. He took one step over Ajora so that he had one foot grounded on either side of her and threw his head back, cawing into the air to alert the other Dilophosaurs that he had caught prey. He would share the meal with the females; he was always looking for a way onto their good side, and food was one option that was all but surefire. Especially a meal as rare and special as this. Ajora was still alive, not pre-killed like everything they were normally offered. Gino couldn't have been more proud of himself. He had finally hunted a human, he had captured his prey, and he would share his ultimate success with the females. After this, there was no doubt in his mind that the others would think highly of him.

    The siren that sounded moments after Ajora's fall was one that Gino had heard before, although he couldn't remember what the sound meant. He crouched down over the woman possessively and hissed, his eyes scanning the walkway above the enclosure that the caretaker used, just in case they intended to interfere. He would not allow this meal to be taken from him. Not this time.
  15. Cautiously, Twitch approached Gino and the fallen trainer. She eyed the downed trainer, then her pack-mate. Gino had seemed... unimpressive, up until that point. Sure, she humored him every now and then, but that was simply her lazily avoiding confrontation with the smaller creature. She too had trouble figuring out what the frill-less creatures were. They were largely similar, though, so it didn't particularly bother her. Still, the sometimes-aggressive predator tended to treat them as inferior. Gino had caught a human, though.

    While Twitch had seen Ajora fall, she didn't see what happens next. All she knew was that Gino was standing over something she and the other animals had yet to capture. A human.

    The siren didn't much concern her as she chirped at Gino and sniffed Ajora.​
  16. Finch

    He wondered what was taking Ajora longer than the specified three minutes, pacing restlessly across the feeding area floor, which always emitted the faint smell of meat. Considering that Finch spent most of his time in antiseptic environments where the greatest danger was papercuts, he found this somewhat uncomfortable, though pent-up annoyance drove his pacing more than anything else.

    He was starting to think he'd been stood up when a familiar shape came plummeting down from the girders above the dilophosaur enclosure, attracting his stare with a quick snapping head movement, as it did the dilophosaurs as well. A sort of numbness gripped his brain.

    "Christ," Finch's mutter joined the chorus of birdlike chirps and trills that the dinosaurs made. He stepped forwards and touched the sturdy iron bars of the feeding enclosure's main gate. Lacking conviction to act further, they fell back to his sides like the sun-heated metal had stung him.

    Keepers who fell into enclosures typically died. Finch would know, as he'd filed a few certificates of death that year. Sense reinstated itself. He reached for his radio and was about to bark a distress code into it when a hand pulled back on his shoulder.

    "Move," the head of security for that area of the Park's grid pushed past him, several of his underlings rushing in tow. Finch eyeballed the taser sticks they carried and wisely kept his mouth shut, shuffling to one side as he was told.

    The gate open enough for a human to duck under. A handful of Park security had soon infiltrated the dilophosaur enclosure.

    ((Just a question for Dackson; are you intending for Ajora to die here, or are the NPCs saving the day?
    Everyone else feel free to play with the NPCs. I share my toys.))
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  17. Gino

    His opportunity to relish in his success, and the admiration of the female, was short lived. The creaking sound of metal on metal caught his attention immediately and when he lifted his head, his eyes were met by those of several humans entering the enclosure. This presented an entirely different scenario; now, there was territory and prey to defend. Gino stepped over Ajora with his head held low, his gaze locked on the armed security guards. A hiss escaped through his teeth just before he opened his jaws to release a screech, shifting his weight back and forth between his feet in preparation for his attack. He would need Twitch's assistance to overcome them, but he refused to let this be a repeat of the last time. This time, he would establish dominance over the humans, triumph over them, and hold onto his kill and his pride.

    When he launched his attack, he was met with a stinging pain and his muscles going rigid for several seconds before it ceased and he crumpled. He was able to force himself to his feet after a moment or two, shaking off the effects of the taser with a hiss. Because of his location, he had fallen too close to Ajora for the security guards to have successfully retrieved her. Now that he knew what the strange sticks that the guards held did, he had no intention of allowing it to electrocute him again. He took more care to make use of his agility to dodge the attempted strikes as he danced around the human who was engaging him, completely oblivious to the fact that their goal was to distract him and Twitch for long enough to get Ajora out of the enclosure without them noticing.
  18. Murphy Murdock

    Murph was still not completely sold on the idea of a dinosaur theme park, but so far he and Brenna had been there a whole morning and no one had been viciously mauled or eaten so far. And, yes, he had to admit it was cool. Very cool, actually, to actually be right up close to dinosaurs. It was kind of a surreal thing, especially seeing how some people took it for granted, like it was just a part of life and not a miracle of science. Oh well. Maybe he was just getting old; the world was changing and he'd just have to learn to change with it. Bren, on the other hand, seemed to be perfectly at home, and while she marveled at the reptiles, it wasn't so much a "I can't believe science has allowed me to meet this extinct creature" marveling, but more of a "holy SHIT! this thing is humongous I cannot BELI E VE!!!" experience, and a very excited one at that. Murph was having half a heart attack just keeping his eye on her and not losing her as she ducked and dodged through the crowds, her uncle forgotten in her excitement.

    At some point, all the tiring had worn her out, and she came to rest up against the glass of the Dilophosaurs enclosure. Murph imagined her mother having a fit over all the germs she was likely collecting, with her face very literally pressed against the glass, but he didn't worry about it. He stood behind his niece, watching the overgrown lizards go about their business, thinking this wasn't so bad. Afterall, what was a zoo but a bunch of murderous creatures imprisoned for the entertainment of gawking tourists? No, this wasn't so bad, he thought.

    And then one of the things freaking charged.

    Murph let out a shout, grabbed Bren's shoulders and pulled her way from the glass, backed away from the child who went reeling into his mother's arms. No, fuck this, this was a terrible idea. Watching that thing bang itself against the glass was the closet Murph had ever come to actually shitting his pants, and he did not feel the need to stick around and see what other wonders the Dilophosaurs exhibit might hold. His back was pressed against a wall of strangers, some of whom were trying to get away, and others were trying to get closer. Murph swore under his breath; he could hear Bren giggling beside him and trying to wriggle out of his grasp, but there was no way in hell he was letting go of her until they got somewhere less crowded, less murderous.

    "Why don't we go back to that petting zoo?" He called down to his niece. "With all the little baby ones?" Brenna wasn't listening; she was much more interested in the spectacle beyond the glass. No doubt it reminded her of some story she'd read about dragons and monsters. She did spare a moment to glance up when a loud cawing sound echoed across the sky. "Or what about that?" Murphy suggested, his voice dripping with feigned excitement, trying to make the vague noise sound like the most interesting thing in the entire world. "Why don't we go see what what's about? I bet it's huge!" Whatever it took to get her out of this crowd.

    Brenna Murdock

    Bren was in heaven. She'd grown up reading about dragons, monsters, all sorts of magical and mystical things, impossible things! And while admittedly dinosaurs had always been more of her brother's thing, they were about as close to dragons and sea serpents as she was going to get. And despite their lack of wings and fire breathing abilities, the big scaly lugs were starting to grow on her. Now only if Uncle Murphy would relax a little and have some fun! Grown ups wouldn't let people come here if it wasn't safe, right? Not that Bren cared much for safety at her age; she had utter confidence in the park's management and the thought of someone being eaten crossed her mind only as a comical and impossible event. Until, you know, it happened.

    She'd been admiring the Dilophosaurs, working on picking out her favorite -- which quickly became the big boy who charged the boy beside her, whom she had watched with the utmost admiration even as he continued to scratch and bang against the only thing separating her from him. She could feel Uncle Murph pulling her away, but she didn't want to go! And then the trainer fell, and Bren watched with baited breath, as if in a dream.
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