Jurassic World or Transformers 1x1

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I am currently searching for a long term, literate roleplay partner for either a Jurassic World or Transformers (G1 or Beast Wars) roleplay.

I usually post multi-para to novella (5-8+ paragraphs) and I am looking for a partner who can mirror that and enjoys writing detailed posts as much as I do. ONE LINERS NOT ACCEPTED!

When it comes to RP couples I can do Canon X Canon, OC X OC and also OC X Canon but if I play a character for you, I expect you to be kind enough to do the same.

I am looking for someone to play the follow characters for me: Jurassic World - Owen, Transformers G1 - Starscream (or any seekers), Transformers Beast Wars - Dinobot, Terrorsaur.

I can play almost any character from most series, so long as I know enough information about them.
Not open for further replies.