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  1. Elisabeth Waters stepped out of the helicopter that had taken her here from Costa Rica. It had been a pain, getting used to the time difference between the two continents but that is why she had come a few days early and spent them in the small country, so she could sleep and get used to it. After all she had the opportunity of a lifetime...Jurassic Park...The newest Modern Wonder of the World. She looked around, pressing her glasses up her small nose. In front of her was the jeep that was supposed to take her to the Visitors Center, and from there, she had all of the freedom she wanted...She could go look at anything she wanted!

    She quickly walked over to the Jeep, which in her mind seemed a bit of an older model, but it was a nice trip. The open air was refreshing as it blew past her, the plants and trees of the island all around her...it was amazing. She leaned back in her seat, and closed her eyes just taking it all in. A small while later, they reached their destination, and she got out, her small suitcase in tow, which she had almost forgotten on the helicopter, thankfully the pilot had brought it out for her. She looked over to where Guest Housing was labeled above a attendant and walked over, quickly getting the keys to her room, and going to it. As she entered, she gasped. The room was huge! She placed her suitcase down next to the king-sized bed and hopped onto it, giggling.
  2. Edwin arrived at his room at the guest housing quarters. The room had the feel on the outside of a Hawaiian tourist trap, but Edwin had an eye for detail and could tell that there was no expense spared for the lodgings. He took off his sunglasses and looked around and said, "Okay where is it?" He spotted the fridge and walked over as a smile slowly crept upon his face.

    Edwin said, "Let there be 7 & 7's." He opened the door and there were various brands of alcohol, water, sodas, and other snack items. Part of his "requests" for being sent here was there were to be certain items in his room. Encrypted Wi-Fi, a Jacuzzi tub, and of course booze. Edwin was sent down here by the Washington Post to do a photo essay about the Park, but Edwin knew the reason he was sent here. Edwin took some photos of Senator Wilton Pierce in a most unflattering situation. The Post was going back and forth on whether to kill Edwin's photos, or potentially upset a man who many felt was the GOP's answer to President Obama. The Post saw Edwin as a rising star in the field of Photojournalism, but wasn't sure what to do about the situation they found themselves in. Edwin saw this as they're way of hitting the snooze bar on what to do.

    Edwin fixed himself a glass of 7-up and Seagram's 7 as he set up his laptop. Within moments his Skype activated and Edwin answered as the image of his friend Tony Sloan filled the screen. With a big smile Tony said, "Well if it ain't Edwin the caveman."

    Edwin replied, "Ha ha cute. How are things back at the garden of good & evil?"

    Tony replied, "Meh. Nothing really new here. Concerning your pics they're sitting on it still. As long as they got the photos you can't do anything about it."

    Edwin nodded and said, "Yep they got the pics and a photo card." Just then a smile crept across his again, and Tony's mouth slowly opened. Edwin said, "That's right they don't have the photo card. I still got it."

    Tony had a look on his face of somewhat concern as he said, "Okay then hey I remembered to set your DVR for that 'Empire Strikes Back' retrospective."

    Edwin knew exactly what Tony was saying. Edwin and Tony would work a movie title into a conversation if they wanted to say something in code. In this case Tony was trying to tell him that this was a set up. Just like Lando set up Han, but in this case Lando was trying to warn Han.

    Edwin nodded and said, "Thanks man hey I appreciate you taking care of that and see if you can do 'The Godfather' for me." For Edwin "The Godfather" meant that he was telling Tony he knew this wasn't personal, but business.

    Edwin looked around and said, "Hey the travel ain't exactly agreeing with me. I think I need to get some rest. Keep in touch my man."

    Tony gave smile and said, "You got it my friend. Say hi to Dino for me when you see him."

    Edwin chuckled as he closed the laptop. Edwin looked at his shaving kit and said, "Glad I took you with me."

    Edwin finished his drink and laid down on his king size bed. He stretched out and said, "On the other hand it is nice to get away from it all."

    A few hours later

    Edwin made his way to the lobby dressed in hiking boots, black jeans, a blue denim t-shirt with a vest to match, sunglasses, and an Indiana Jones hat.

    He checked his pockets to make sure he had his room key, 2 silent digital cameras, extra batteries and memory cards.
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  3. Minami had just arrived at her room, placed her bags down and collapsed on the bed. She was exhausted after the flight from Japan to the park and was not looking forward to being called out to enjoy the park. Though she was looking forward to seeing actual live dinosaurs, she just couldn't find the energy to be excited.
    She curled up on the soft sheets and almost immediately fell asleep, only to be called awake a few minutes later by the hotel.

    She groaned and answered the phone, groggily answering the questions they asked her before hanging up and getting off thr bed to take a shower. The somewhat cold shower partially woke her up and the two cans of energy drink after that were sure to keep her up at least a few hours.
    After fully getting dressed and drying her long hair she made her way downstairs to see what they were going to be doing.
  4. "Sir, you aren't allowed to bring weapons onto this flight, regardless of it being a private airliner." A male attendant said to a man, dressed in a form fitting camouflage long sleeve t-shirt, black pants, and black boots, a compound bow in his left hand, along with two reasonably large knives on each side of his hip. "You're joking right? I'm sure you know a little bit about that island don't you?" He asked him, an annoyed look in his eyes, a barely noticeable scar just under his left eye. "I'm well aware sir but you-..." He began before being quickly cut off by another man inside the jet. "Just let him in, he's a friend." The man spoke, an onset pause as he took a sip of champagne.

    The male hunter by the look of him stepped onto the jet unopposed, bringing his weapons onto the plane and taking a seat on the couch within the luxury jet, glancing at his business associate. "So, you're probably wondering about that letter you got huh?" The man asked him, leaning back in the couch opposite to him. A simple nod coming from the hunter before he began to speak. "A T-Rex head does raise a few alarms in my book.." He coolly, the associate simply laughed a bit and retorted. "You could back out now, and lose that Apex Predator title." He said to the hunter. "It's too late now, I'm already on the plane, as far as I'm concerned, I'm going." He said as the plane powered up and began its advancement down the runway.

    Hours Later
    The hunter got to his hotel room, understandably tired, it had rolled over into the next morning already, he got his things moved into his room, taking a quick shower and redressing into different clothing, sporting his knives once more, concealing them with a hooded jacket he brought with him, zipping it up until it was just above his pectoral muscles. He stepped out of the room, being sure to lock it and head down the stairs.
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  5. As soon as the jeep stopped Alexis was dragging her brother from his seat. He managed to get out of the plane without being drug across the seats but he stopped her once they were outside. It was even more beautiful than the pictures. "Oh my gosh, this place looks amazing!" she squealed, turning in circles to see all around. "Do you think they seriously have real dinosaurs? I mean that's what it said on the brochure, go back in time and all that stuff."

    Michael shrugged then went to get their bags. He didn't think much of the whole dinosaur thing since it was just an amusement park. A whole island dedicated to the cause was a bit much, but it did get him away from her friends for a while so he didn't care if there dinosaurs or not. Alexis grabbed her own bags and they walked up to the visitor's center together. She got the key for their room and jogged up the stairs. Her energy made Michael smile and thankful that she had enough for both of them.

    They found their room after getting lost a minute and Alexis opened the door. Even Michael gasped at the size of the room. It was beautifully decorated with vines running down some of the walls and hanging from the cieling, besides that it was just a lovely room for two. Alexis put down her bags and jumped into one of the beds. "This is going to be so much fun Mike, I can tell," she said as she sat up and grabbed a pillow to hug. "You like it...don't you?"

    Michael put down his bags beside his bed and looked around the room. "Yeah... It's nice," he said nervously. "I-I'm sure we'll have fun, yeah." He gave her a smile as best he could. She knew he was uncomfortable in public situations but this time they were in a completely different setting. She's support him though. No matter what.

    They had time to wind down before getting a call telling them that everyone was gathering in the lobby. Michael changed into a pair of cargo pants and a hoodie. He wore a cap as well. Alexis didn't bother changing so she just kept her shorts and hoodie on. She did switch her flipflops for tennis shoes though before they left. She grabbed her phone and wallet then pushed their bags under the beds then left the room ready for an adventure.
  6. Edwin looked around and saw some others be to gather around in a group. Edwin sat down at a corner of the lobby and kept his eye on the gathering group out of the corner of his eye. He was wearing his sunglasses so it was hard to tell where he was looking at exactly, but Edwin wanted to get a look at the group and study whom he was going on this trip with. Most of them looked much younger than him, but that didn't bother him It seemed as though they might be in the own little world. That was fine with him because he wasn't going to be rude, but he wasn't looking to form any long lasting friendships. He would do his job and get out of there in 3 days. Edwin figured a couple of shots of a T-Rex, a Stegosaurus, and a Triceratops and that was it. Just enough to fill the Sunday Insert and let someone else write the copy and back on to bigger and better things.

    Edwin then realized something and it wasn't something he liked. He remembered what Tony once told him. Tony said, "If you're looking for the a**hole in the group and you can't find them; then you must be it." As jaded and unfair as he felt this assignment was that was no reason to look down on those here who actually might want to enjoy it. Not to mention if he acted like a jerk and they found who he worked for it could make the paper look bad, and if he made the paper look bad then what pictures he had wouldn't matter Edwin would be out of a job.

    His editor once told him, "Every situation has a story to tell" and this situation was no different. Besides how often did one get the chance to come to some place like this on the company dime?

    Edwin smiled a bit and said, "All right Rogers grow up and do your job."

    He approached the gather group and said, "I guess we're all here for the tour." Edwin gave off a pleasant smile and said, "Edwin Rogers, photojournalist Washington Post."
  7. Hours Later

    Elisabeth slowly woke up, the world a bit blurry for her. It appeared...she had taken a little nap on the bed by accident. Guess she wasn't free of jet lag yet. She groaned and sat up. Everything was still a little blurry. "Huh?" She questioned herself and then a mental facepalm. Her glasses weren't on. She moved her hand around the place her head had been at during her short nap and soon found them placing the frame on her nose. 'Alright...Time to do stuff. Didn't come here to sleep.' She thought to herself and got up, walking over to her suitcase. She pulled out a nice jacket to wear, just in case things turned for the worse. Weather wise at least.

    The girl looked over at the door and walked over to it. She checked her pocket quickly for the key, and smiled finding the small little card there. She opened the door and stepped through then turned around and locked it after closing it. So...tour of the island, rides, and a whole lot of other fun stuff. There was a lot she could do, but most likely didn't know about. She walked down to the lobby. She noticed a small group forming near the sign up stand...what are they all doing? Were they going to go do something all together? She shrugged. She didn't want to attract any attention towards her, so she walked over, but passed them. She looked around at the sign ups...and her eyes landed on the tour. It would be nice to go on it...but there were only a few spots left. Oh well...She took a pen and wrote down her name.
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