Jurassic Park: The Other Island

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Hello everyone and welcome to the new and improved Jurassic Park! My name is Chelsea, and I will be your tour guide for the evening! Here at Jurassic Park, you will see many exhilarating things you have never witnessed before. From hard-headed Stygimolochs, to the terrifying Allosaurus! Each exhibit has been carefully designed for the amazing creature it contains. The one and only rule of this park is simple: Treat every dinosaur and their corresponding exhibits with respect. These incredible animals may be works of science, but they are just as real as you or me.

That being said, I hope you each have a fun and enjoyable stay here. Although our other theme park, Jurassic World, is right across the water, you will be glad you visited this island instead! We have cooler exhibits, better games, and an amazing gift shop filled with knickknacks and trinkets for your loved ones at home! But let's not dilly dally on these boring details, let's sink our teeth into something really awesome by jumping right into the action! Everyone ready? Let's begin!
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Michael gingerly placed his right hand against the long neck of the Brachiosaurus. The dinosaur's pained moans showed how hurt it really was.

"Shhh," Michael cooed. "It's gonna be alright. We'll get you back on your feet." The dinosaur seemed to understand his soft words, and for a moment, Michael could have sworn the behemoth nodded at him.

This was the 3rd injury this week. First, a fight between the Velociraptors ended in turmoil as Cherry ripped open one of her brother's neck. Next, one of the T-rex's injured its leg by scraping up against a tree with a jagged branch -- and now this. This job certainly was a dangerous hassle, but Michael loved every second of it. The fans, the Dinosaurs, the responsibility -- it was an experience unlike any other.

Michael had been working at Jurassic for years now. He and his brother, Owen, came into the organization together. However, when the company split in 2004, the siblings followed suit. Owen went to work for Jurassic World as a raptor trainer while Michael stayed behind to care for the injured dinosaurs of this park. He still talks to his brother every now and again, but they have certainly drifted further apart than previously anticipated. Now, they're so estranged that they haven't seen each other in over 9 years. With both of them so dedicated and involved with their jobs, there's simply no time for personal encounters.

The Brachiosaurus gave one final sigh as Michael finished wrapping up its right leg. The herbivore's eyes closed slowly as it drifted off into slumber. Michael gave the dino one last pat before standing, brushing the dirt off his shirt, and leaving the exhibit. Once the containment door closed, other creatures of the same species came to check on their hurt brethren. Michael smiled as he brought his shirt to his brow; briefly showing his toned body. Once the sweat was soaked up, he let his shirt fall back down to his waste.
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The excited murmurs of the groups she led never failed to bring a grin to her face. The memories in her mind were still vivid when she was in awe of anything and everything about the Park, just a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young dreamer. Thinking back on them now, it's surreal to Leah; she'd never thought she'd become a tour guide to one of the places she was so mystified by, but she couldn't be happier with where she was. Actually, scratch that -- she'd feel way better if the damn kids would stop sticking their fingers through the exhibit bars.

"Please keep yourselves out of the exhibits," she reminded, and, although she was irritated, managed to keep a calm composure, smiling lightly. "Wouldn't want your fingers nipped off, would ya'?" The kids frowned, and withdrew their hands after an angsty moment. Their parents shot Leah an apologetic look, to which she responded to with a quick shake to the head and forgiving smile. Leah clasped her hands in front of her. "Any questions on the procompsognathus species?" She made a gesture to the exhibit, teeming with creatures that resembled backpack-sized velociraptors. Her gaze lingered on the dinosaurs as they snapped at one another, darting in and out of the bushes, but she was quick to bring her attention back to her group. Seeing as no one spoke up, she beamed a toothy grin. "All right! This concludes the foot portion of the tour," she said. "Make your way over to those cars over there --" Leah pointed to the vehicles, a waving employee poised in front of them. "-- yep, the ones right behind that man right there. He'll show ya' the way." The group began migrating where they were told. "Have a great day at Jurassic Park!"

Leah let a sigh slip through the parting of her mouth. Today's younger crowd was gonna be a handful.

Procompsognathus below.
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Saoirse stood and cleaned her tweezers, tossing it into her backpack full of supplies. She was on her rounds for the morning and was already filthy. It had been trek after trek since her motorcycle had broken down. By her stop at the Triceratops' exhibit her feet ached in her muddy boots and she had tied her button-down around her waist, letting her shoulders feel the sun for a change. Tootsie, one of the triceratops, hadn't been walking right for the past few days, so they called Saoirse in to take a look at her. It was nothing serious, Saoirse had realized, just a bad splinter that the girl-wonder had taken care of in minutes. The dino seemed grateful and nudged her gently.

"You're welcome, Tootsie," she said with a smile, giving the dino's leg a good scratch.

"Thanks a lot, Macrae," Bert, the Triceratops' trainer said, watching woman and beast interact. "You have such a way with them. I was happy you were the one to come down."

Saoirse smiled at him and swung her bag over her shoulder. "It was no trouble, Bert. Call anytime Toots starts to look unwell. If you'll excuse me, though, I have a long walk ahead of me."

She waved goodbye and walked out of the holding room, watching as Bert led Tootsie back to the main exhibit. It was truly a wonderful feeling when she was able to help relieve suffering, and she enjoyed that feeling as she began her trek to the next patient.
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Carter was near the edge of the Augustasaurus' aquarium, he had a big show tonight with Ziggy, the youngest one of the Augustasaurus family at Jurassic Park. He was sketching Ziggy in his book of Marine Life. He had most of the Marine Reptiles/Dinosaurs in it so far. He had what they ate, how they acted in fun or hostile situations, and many other miscellaneous things. When it came to Marine Dinosaurs, Carter was the Encyclopedia on them all.

Carter was so busy sketching, that he didn't notice Ziggy swimming towards him. With his long neck, Ziggy grabbed up the sketch book. Carter stood up in shock. "Ziggy, very funny. Give me that." Ziggy was as immature as Carter was, which is why he related to him the most. Ziggy chewed up the book, and Carter could swear he was smirking at him. "Ha! Joke's on you, I have three more copies in my house." Ziggy splashed the water on him, Carter was now drenched. "I'll get you back Ziggy." He smirked at the playful Dino.

He made his way to the Employee Lockers, he always brought an extra change of clothes. Working with water and mischievous dinosaurs, you always had to be prepared. Changing his outfit, he went to the Jurassic Park Science Lab. He needed to get his other notes together, since his new ones were destroyed...thanks to Ziggy.
Nick arrived at his room at the guest housing quarters. The room had the feel on the outside of a Hawaiian tourist trap, but Nick had an eye for detail and could tell that there was no expense spared for the lodgings. He took off his sunglasses and looked around and said, "Okay where is it?" He spotted the fridge and walked over as a smile slowly crept upon his face.

Nick said, "Let there be 7 & 7's." He opened the door and there were various brands of alcohol, water, sodas, and other snack items. Part of his "requests" for being sent here was there were to be certain items in his room. Encrypted Wi-Fi, a Jacuzzi tub, and of course booze. Nick was sent down here by the Washington Post to do a photo essay about the Park, but Nick knew the reason he was sent here. Nick took some photos of Senator Wilton Pierce in a most unflattering situation. The Post was going back and forth on whether to kill Nick's photos, or potentially upset a man who many felt was the GOP's answer to President Obama. The Post saw Nick as a rising star in the field of Photojournalism, but wasn't sure what to do about the situation they found themselves in. Nick saw this as they're way of hitting the snooze bar on what to do.

Nick fixed himself a glass of 7-up and Seagram's 7 as he set up his laptop. Within moments his Skype activated and Nick answered as the image of his friend Tony Sloan filled the screen. With a big smile Tony said, "Well if it ain't Nick the caveman."

Nick replied, "Ha ha cute. How are things back at the garden of good & evil?"

Tony replied, "Meh. Nothing really new here. Concerning your pics they're sitting on it still. As long as they got the photos you can't do anything about it."

Nick nodded and said, "Yep they got the pics and a photo card." Just then a smile crept across his again, and Tony's mouth slowly opened. Nick said, "That's right they have a photo card, but not the photo card."

Tony had a look on his face of somewhat concern as he said, "Okay then hey I remembered to set your DVR for that 'Empire Strikes Back' retrospective."

Nick knew exactly what Tony was saying. Nick and Tony would work a movie title into a conversation if they wanted to say something in code. In this case Tony was trying to tell him that this was a set up. Just like Lando set up Han, but in this case Lando was trying to warn Han.

Nick nodded and said, "Thanks man hey I appreciate you taking care of that and see if you can do 'The Godfather' for me." For Nick "The Godfather" meant that he was telling Tony he knew this wasn't personal, but business.

Nick looked around and said, "Hey the travel ain't exactly agreeing with me. I think I need to get some rest. Keep in touch my man."

Tony gave smile and said, "You got it my friend. Say hi to Dino for me when you see him."

Nick chuckled as he closed the laptop. Nick looked at his shaving kit and said, "Glad I took you with me."

Nick finished his drink and laid down on his king size bed. He stretched out and said, "On the other hand it is nice to get away from it all."

Nick decided to get a bit of a nap before his tour group was to meet in the lobby, and began to dream of his editors fuming over the fact that they were still in a sticky situation without his photo card.
Alianne Bowman walked around the outside edge of the Raptor pen. A redish female lunged at a blueish male. Aly smacked the bars to get thier attention. "Cherry! Leave Bastian alone!" She growled. Cherry was the one who caused most of the problems, she was the most aggressive. "Don't think I'm not watching you." Aly pointed at the red Raptor, who just cocked her head. "Don't play dumb." Aly replied. "Dani, don't you dare touch that fence." Aly scolded a yellowish female. "I know you damn well remember what happened last time." Aly's gaze flicked to the denser foliage. "Emmy, quit hiding." Aly said in passing, glancing at a greenish female.
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About this time, many of the tourists began to congregate in the Park Hub for a mid-afternoon lunch. The Hub always has the best food; mouth-watering treats of every kind. The kitchen team takes their time preparing the meals, but it's worth it for the high-quality cuisine. Lunch time was Michael's favorite time of the day! The Hub was an awesome place to meet new people and chat with the tourists. You could always find interesting stories and unique personalities in the Hub. Once Michael was finished with the Brachiosaurus, he decided it was time to grab a late lunch.

On his way to the Park Hub, Michael passed by a tour group of small children. The unruly bunch oohed and ahhed by the Raptor cage; excitedly sticking their small fingers through the exhibit bars. This was harmless fun in the children's eyes, but all the Velociraptors saw was an early dinner. Cherry and some of her brothers began to jump up and snap at the little sausage links protruding through their containment; however, before the Raptors could chomp down into the children's flesh, they withdrew their hands. The children repeated this a few times, teasing the hungry predators below. That's very dangerous...someone could get hurt, Michael thought. The Raptor trainer has her back turned...I've got to do something...

With no hesitation, Michael sprang into action. He ran over to the cage shouting,

"Hey! Step away from there!" The kids didn't seem to hear him until he got closer. "Seriously! You are going to get hurt!" As Michael neared the exhibit, more and more of the children heard him and headed his warning.

One by one, they removed their hands from the cage and returned them to their sides. Michael was a few feet from the cage now...but it seemed as though one of the children hadn't heard him. The boy's hands still dangled from the exhibit's edge, and from below, Cherry's eyes locked onto her target. With an extra boost from a single log in the corner, Cherry would actually reach the child this time. Michael's eyes widened and his pace quickened. Simultaneously, Michael and Cherry both leapt for the child. Michael flew through the air until he felt the boy's shoulders against his palms. With one quick jerk, he pulled the boy back just as Cherries teeth snapped shut, missing the boy's fingers by mere inches.

Michael and the boy both slammed against the hard ground as the children around them all stood in silence. He could hear Cherry's defeated snarls and disgruntled thrashings from the cage. Michael let out a soft sigh of relief and closed his eyes. Thank god I got there quick enough...If I hadn't... He stopped the thought there. After a brief second of rest, Michael got up to help the frightened boy back to his feet. The child stood paralysed in fear for a moment, before frantically signing the hand gestures needed to portray gratitude. That's why he couldn't hear me...he's deaf! Michael's younger sister was deaf since birth, so he knew enough sign language to say, 'You're welcome. Be careful next time.'

The boy nodded before wrapping his little arms around his savior's legs. Michael smiled down at him, then returned the heartfelt embrace. Soon after, the boy pranced off with the rest of his group towards the Brachiosaurus exhibit. Michael stood again, letting out another sigh and scratching his scalp in stress.
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Saoirse had just finished her rounds, walking from the insectarium where the Cephaloleichnites had escaped from their containment and were scurrying around on the ground in search of leaves. She had ran around with the guys working the insectarium, struggling to find the last ten leaf beetles. By the time they had set the last escapee back behind the glass, she was famished. Hector and Lindsay thanked her for the help and went back to work while she followed the crowd to the Park Hub for the lunch rush. If she was lucky, she would be able to find an empty bench or a seat by the fountain to eat the beef-tomato-onion pizza from the Hub, which was her favorite lunch, breakfast, and dinner in the whole world. Just the thought of it, accompanied with a tall glass of cola and a salad, made her mouth water.

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Aly had turned her attention to the building the Raptors were housed in when not on exhibit. Atreyu, a greenish male, was trying to get out into exhibit paddock. Atreyu was not on exhibit this week because of the bandages on his neck where he was attacked by Cherry. "Atreyu, back." Aly commanded. The Raptor stepped back. "Don't you even think about it, Atreyu." Aly scolded. She knew he was going to throw himself against the gate again, and possibly hurt himself further. After getting Atreyu to settle down, Aly returned to the main exhibit pen, where Cherry was just getting back on her feet. "Damnit." Aly cursed under her breath. She jogged up to the exhibit's visitor walkway. Aly saw a boy hugging Michael's leg. "Thank god you're here Mike." Aly sighed. "I told them Cherry wasn't ready to be on exhibit. She attacked her own brother." Aly said to him after the toutist group had moved on.
Panicked shouts that sounded nearby twisted Leah's guts, and she kicked herself into running to where the commotion was despite how her body almost froze when she heard the screams, all the while half-expecting to find a poor soul's corpse mangled or in the process of getting torn apart by the dinosaurs. Fascinating as they were, dinosaurs still posed a lot of danger. Dread swept over Leah as the noises' source was pinpointed to one spot; the raptor exhibit. "Shit," she panted, pumping her legs faster.

As the distance closed between her and the exhibit, she found the yelling stopped. Wrapped around Michael's legs was a young boy, presumably the one once in danger. Easing to a stop a few yards away from the duo, she hunched over and splayed her hands on her knees, gulping in air for dear life. She took a glance to the exhibit. A raptor, provoked and fidgety, paced back and forth along the fence with the restlessness of someone who'd had too much caffeine. The boy departed soon after being saved, but his face was of someone in her last tour group. Leah, anxious, felt her brows furrow.

"What happened here? Why wasn't anyone guiding them?" she asked the moment Aly finished speaking. She spent a moment thinking about the woman's words, then turned to her. "Is it possible to have Cherry relocated?" Feeling she overstepped her boundaries, she hurriedly added, "I mean, I know it's not my job, but it sounds like she's a little troublesome, y'know?" A small snort came from Leah. "Even though people shouldn't be sticking their fingers into the exhibits in the first place," she mumbled.
Nick grabbed a quick shower and shave. He slipped on a pair of black cargo shorts, a dark red t-shirt, and then his Washington Nationals hat. Nick took a look and said, "I look like..." he shrugged his shoulders and said, "Like I am trying too hard to blend in. Oh well a few snap shots for the Sunday Style page. Make my editors happy and then a sit down about my take down of Senator Hollinger."

Nick took put on some half socks and then took his new Nike hiking boots out of the box. Nick was in good shape, but the only hiking he ever did was up the stairs to Katie in classifieds apartment, or if they were in the buillpin after hours they'd hike up to the lounge and enjoy some "aerobic exercise" as they called it.

Nick put on his boots, grabbed two extra memory cards, two digital cameras, his sunglasses, and a bottle of water. Nick took one last look and said, "Okay time to go meet Barney the Dinosaur." With that Nick made his way to the lobby to meet his group.
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Saoirse was torn from thoughts of food as she heard commotion and screams. She turned and shoved her way through the crowd, muttering apologies before running toward the raptor exhibit, witnessing most of the event. The tour group rushed past her, and she looked at the little boy who had caused the panic, who was now trotting after his group. She watched his face, a smug little grin on it to show that he had learned nothing. Waving it off so as not to get upset, Saoirse moved to her colleagues in the visitor's walkway and looked at Aly, listening to her words. Atreyu had just been bandaged a few days ago due to an incident with Cherry. The young vet had put the bandages on herself, after cleaning the wound. She hated to see Cherry acting like this, but secretly agreeing with the woman who she had seen as a tour guide around the park.

"Aly, do you think Atreyu has been shaken up? It'd be a shame if those bandages have become infected. I could take a quick look if you'd like," she offered quietly.

Saoirse's focus was more on the wounded raptor than the troublesome one, which some would consider to be one of her flaws. She moved closer to the cage to see all raptors, sick and healthy alike. Her eyes trailed over all but the greenish one and the reddish one. It was as if her thought of food disappeared, which almost always happened when faced with a problem. Her hand reached into her bag, fingering a roll of gauze absent-mindedly. The only real danger here was the tourists, which Saoirse had a love-hate relationship with. Aly could handle the raptors, but it was much harder to keep children away from danger. A small smile fell on her lips as she remembered her older brother having that same love of danger as a child.
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Aly sighed and shrugged. "I've told them countless times that the walkways need to be further from the exhibit." She said, then turned to Saoirse. "Atreyu was throwing himself against the gate while Cherry launched her attack." She told the vet. "I think it would be best if we take a look at him. Make sure he didn't injure himself any further or open the wound he already has."
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Saoirse nodded and smiled.

"That's what I'm afraid of. We can go down there whenever you're ready, I have all necessary supplies right here."

She patted her backpack which she held in one hand. It was dirty and torn from years of use, not just in the park but ever since her parents gave it to her to use as her medical bag when she was ten. Already her mind was going through the trauma Atreyu could have from throwing himself against the gate, but she waited patiently to find out what the others thought. Saoirse was not one to be rude, and Aly and Michael did have it under control before she stepped in.
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Before Michael knew it, the event had gathered quite an audience. His work friend Leah had ran over to check on the situation, Aly took notice of her rogue dinos, and Saoirse was pulled away from her lunch. At first, Aly was thanking him for being there, but in a matter of seconds, his ears were filled with multiple voices.

"What happened here?"

"I've told them countless times..."

"That's what I'm afraid of..."

Michael couldn't get a word in edgewise. He simply sat back and waited for them to finish with their frightened ramblings. Eventually, the topic came around to the injured Raptor Michael had worked on earlier in the week. Everyone in the group seemed to be worried for Atreyu's well-being, and when Saoirse volunteered to take a look at him, Michael decided he should accompany her.

"I'll come down there with you," he said steadily. " I worked on him so I know the extent of his wounds." Michael turned his attention to the other two females in the group. "Aly and Leah, you two should at least come down to the door wth us. You know Atreyu best. It's good to have someone close to the creature down there, in case something happens."

He then flashed a charming and comforting smile, to lighten the situation up a bit.
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"Oh, er," Leah replied, managing a nervous chuckle before her eyes hit the ground. "I should probably go to the..." The words trailed off as she shut her mouth, blew out a sigh, and shook her head. When her head lifted, a little smile tugged at the corners of Leah's lips, something akin to ease and alleviation glinting in her eyes. "Well," she said and threw a couple glances between Aly and Saoirse, "is it okay if I come with you guys?" Michael invited her, but she felt it'd be wrong to go marching along with them without Aly and Saoirse's approval. The three were actually trained to deal with these creatures, after all; Leah knew about dinosaurs, but never really interacted with them directly.
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When Nick received his travel packet from the Washington Post Travel Office he figured it would have the usual stuff in it. An itinerary, few brochures, some history of the park, and of course some nice touristy swag. He got most of that accept the itinerary was missing. When Nick went to the Front Desk to ask about it the very nice attendant named Peggy handed him a pass which gave Nick access to other areas of the park that not everyone else got to see. This put a bit more of a spring in Nick's step, but in the back of his mind the words "glorified puff piece" were still echoing throughout.

Nick ventured outside of the Visitors Center and was about to wait for the next set of vehicles to take him around the park. The thought of that made Nick feel like he had just eaten a sour olive. Nick figured management at the Post might've created this as nothing more than a puff piece to get him out of town, but Nick was tired of seeing this as a puff piece. Nick decided that it was time for him to do what he got paid for, and Nick believed that he was the best photojournalist in the world. Now it was time to show it even if the pictures were just going into the Sunday circular.

He saw a crowd gathered by the Raptor Cage, and while it was one of the more popular attractions this crowd was slightly bigger than usual. Nick made his way down there and began snapping off a series of photos. He heard murmurings of what had happened, but hadn't quite been able to put it all together. A few pictures of a wounded Raptor though would be interesting to say the least.
"I wont force you to go in, Leah." Aly said. "If you want to accompany us you may. Honestly, as few as possible should go in. Too many people makes a single Raptor nervous. They are pack animals."
"Of course you should come, Leah!" Saoirse said with a cheerful grin. "I would recommend staying outside the cage though, but I see no reason for you not to accompany us. After all, you do work here, same as Aly, Michael and myself. We're all one big family, right?"
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