Jurassic Park Survival RP (4 Spots open!)

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  1. [​IMG]

    Hello! Thank you for taking the time to take a peek at my lovely ideas!

    Anyways, This will have death, gore and some cursing for the people that do, so be warned! This will not be a nice, generally happy RP.

    What I require from you, is that you can have good grammar, a post of at least one or two paragraphs, and common sense. What I mean by that is that you need to put your character in the situation, and figure out what they would do by their personality, and history.

    The plot is as following:

    When the original group came to the island, nothing went wrong or happened that was off schedule, as Dennis Nedry. had been fired the previous week for not keeping up to their standards of a clean work space. During the storm they had bunkered down in the visitor center, and continued the tour after the hurricane had passed. After the tour, each of the members of the group, save Dr. Grant, Recommended to run the park. It went into business, and boomed nearly instantaneously. You and a small group of others just arrived on the island, and are going for a tour of the island in jeeps, when suddenly, everything stops, the power just goes out. Why? That is for you to find out :)

    Standard Iwaku Rules apply.

    No-Godmodding, Ex: A character knowing everything about dinosaurs, with other great strengths. Just the first thing alone is a bit pushy.

    Romantic relationships can be held, but remember. During this you will be trying to survive and stay alive. Try to keep it clean also, and if it starts getting intimate, either fade to black or do it over PM.

    There will be a character limit, at 12 people, 6 Females and 6 Males

    Spots may be reserved

    F.1 @Akumulosis - Elisabeth Waters
    F.4 @Minata - Minami Anguis
    F.5 @Celtic_Woman - Katie Cavanaugh
    F.6 @CrimsonMaiden - Alexis Knowles

    M.3 @Stryder - Marcus Avery
    M.4 @Celtic_Woman - Trevor Dalton
    M.5 @CrimsonMaiden - Michael Knowles
    M.6 @MST3K 4ever - Edwin Rogers

    Maximum of three charecters.


    Appearance: (Real life or Anime)
    Age: (18+)
    Bio: (Not necessary, but wanted)
    Any body modifications, such as tattoos: (Optional)
    Sexual Orientation:

    IC IS UP!

    >>>>>>>>> https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/jurassic-park.94636/ <<<<<<<<<
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  2. Name: Elisabeth Waters

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Age: 19

    Bio: Elisabeth comes from Scotland, and lived in the highlands. Most of her life, she stayed to herself unwilling to go play with the other kids in the town. She was home schooled, and passed high with flying colors. She then took online college, in which she entered a raffle to go to the park. Unbelievably, She won, and is now here, exploring the vast variety of dinosaurs.

    Personality: Is generally shy, and tends to stay away from people unless there is no other option. Has a small temper, and can not take a lot of stress without blowing

    Any body modifications, such as tattoos: N/A

    Likes: Technical problems, all things electric.

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
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  3. I'd like to join, also, if no one else joins, how about we make it a 1x1 instead?
  4. Ya. I'll give it a day of two @Stryder
  5. Sounds like a plan
  6. Alright, I'll give it 24 hours and if no one responds, that's that.
  7. Edit: If anyone else shows interest, this will still be open.
  8. Awesome :) hope to catch it soon.
  9. [​IMG]
    Christopher Reiner
    Christopher, along with his two siblings, grew up in a rather wealthy family. Christopher, being the oldest, was to inherit most of the family business so he was groomed since birth to be the perfect child. And he was for the most part, till his brother was born. Then he grew stubborn. He liked having been the only child so now he and Alexander have basically been competing with each other in everything they do to be in their fathers favor. Even in martial arts, which all the children of the Reiner family have to learn, they would constantly strive to do better than the other. In competition, Christopher won tickets to come here. He initially wanted to just bring two girls with him, but his father insisted to bring his siblings so he did.
    Christopher can be a show off. He likes showing up his brother Alexander, and impressing his father. Though he acts like he doesn't care much for his siblings, he does. Especially his sister, who he is rather over protective of.
    Body Modifications:
    Skiing, Track and field, martial arts, looking better than his brother.
    Sexual Orientation:
    Pansexual. He just loves beautiful people.
    Alexander Reiner
    Born in a wealthy family, and being the middle child, Alexander was often overlooked. None of the children grew up close to their father, who only saw the children as potential candidates for the family fortune. Alexander constantly competed with his brother, but not for owning the family business like Christopher wanted, but just to be noticed by their father. Though his father kept ignoring both his sons and never really spent time with either of them like a father should. So now, Alexander often does the opposite of what his older brother does. When Christopher is behanving and studying for the family business, Alexander is out all night at parties. When Christopher is helping their father with work, Alexander is neglecting his own school work. He is now a black sheep of the family.
    He often gives off a cold attitude. He often has a "no fucks given" aura. He is always rather cold to his older brother and hates it when he tells him what to do and usually does the opposite even when the advice given to him is very good. Of course, he loves his brother, but he would never say it. Like his older brother he is over protective of his little sister.
    Body Modifecations:
    Barbed wire tattoo on his upper arm, ear piercings.
    Parties, martial arts, music, photography, looking better than his brother.
    Sexual Orientation:
    Evangeline Reiner
    Evangeline was born the youngest of the Reiner siblings. And since she was the youngest, she wasn't part of the family comptition thus ignored by her father completly. Not that she minded, since she was always in her mothers favor, and whenever her siblings weren't competing she loved to participate in dares to show them she can be as tough as them. And when she wasn't with them she took music lessons for piano, cello, violin, guitar, and vocal lessons. She spent many hours with her mother as well while her brothers competed for her father's attention. Though just because she couldn't compete with them doesn't mean she has no competitive spirit. Whenever in martial arts competitions she can be a fierce competitor. She always trains her body to be at it's best to win, and always had the support of her mother.
    Fierce and wild, she hates being told she can't do things or that she's too weak for them. She loves showing off that she can do anything her brothers can do, even if it involves getting in trouble. She wants to show she can keep up with the older kids.
    Body Modifications:
    Belly button piercing, both ears pierced twice and a tongue piercing, and wing tattoos on her shoulderblades.
    Making music, spicy food, proving people wrong, winning in martial arts, doing dares, impressing her siblings.
    Sexual Orientation:
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  10. Nice! Can't wait to see it done :3
  11. Um im interested too. Though it might be a bit before I can post a character
  12. @Ravenbelle That's fine with me :D Just excited for people to finally be coming, and at a fast pace too.
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  13. Hm. Alright. I'm going to expand the character limit a little but, just so one person can't take up a lot of space. Sorry if you feel insulted by this.

  14. [​IMG]
    Name: Macie Shay
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Macie, often called 'Mace', is a short and slim girl who stands at 5'0 with black hair and fair skin. Her eyes are dark as well, so she sort of looks like a modern, more edgy version of snow white. With Glasses. Macie has had problems with her vision since she was a kid. She developed severe myopia as she grew older and tried to use contacts in order to keep it under wraps, but by the time high school started, she had developed an intolerance for them and they weren't worth it. So Macie moved to a private school and now she wears glasses because taking them off would mean she cannot identify anyone around her no matter how close.
    Age: 18
    Bio: Macie was abandoned to an orphanage in Ohio when she was born and grew up there as a quiet, shy girl, usually pushed around a lot. She was then adopted when she turned 8 by Selene and Micheal Shay and came out of her shell slightly, growing into a bright, academic girl. She kept a few close friends through high school and wants to be a biology major. When she recently completed a science fair project on reptilian classification, she won a ticket to Jurassic Park and decided to go. It seemed intriguing, however sketchy.
    Personality: Macie is more of a watcher and listener than A talker. She knows making observations is one of the best ways to gather knowledge. She is witty and resourceful and stays calm in stressful situations. That is, unless she loses her glasses. She doesn't trust easily and tries her best to be as independent as possible.
    Any body modifications, such as tattoos: two extra piercings on her ears
    Likes: Sketching, licorice, rain and running
    (Among many other things)
    Sexual Orientation: Straight​
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