Jurassic Park: Hidden Aftermath

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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.

Chapter One: Descent​

Just outside Nice, France 0700

The wind around the CaldGen chopper slowly died down as the blades slowed their rotation and a few of the heliport workers started on refilling the tank and making sure everything was still in working order. It wasn't a terribly long flight the chopper would be making but CaldGen had been spending exorbitant amounts of money to make sure everything was running as smoothly as possible. They were doubly prepared today, however. It was the first time that they would be entertaining guests on their very hush-hush private island.

Rumors had made their way through the workers at the heliport and through Nice itself on what could be on the island, some rumors stated it was a resort for the mega-rich, others thought that it was being used for cloning or possibly cryostasis experiments. In any case, no matter who asked the CaldGen employees offered little as information for them, telling them to wait for an official statement from the company itself.

Before the workers could ask the chopper pilot any more information a black SUV with the CaldGen logo on the side rolled up to the heliport and the back door opened, letting a young man out.

Matt Hudson had quite enjoyed his ride to Nice, he'd never ridden in a private jet before and he was rather impressed with the hospitality that CaldGen had extended him all because of his professor's sway with the group. As he rode in the back of the vehicle he watched the French countryside roll past as they neared the heliport. He couldn't help but have a huge grin on his face, it had been there since he had been told what he'd be seeing on the island: "L'Isle de Nuage."

It wasn't really a big secret that InGen had crafted dinosaurs but when he had found out from his professor that another company had somehow crafted their own and they were allowing a select few into their park and he was sending Matt in his stead so he could continue focus on his research. The minute he found out he began packing, never in his wildest dreams did he think he could get to see what Dr. Sattler described, although her warnings about the danger echoed in the back of his mind his excitement overrode those thoughts.

As Matt stepped out of the SUV he made sure to check himself over, he was dressed fairly decently, hiking boots, a pair of dark jeans, a black t-shirt and his dark sunglasses. He wanted to make sure that he was presentable in case there were pictures taken. He smiled as a CaldGen employee approached him.

"Ah, Mr. Hudson, it seems you're the first to arrive. Welcome. I'm sorry to say however, that the chopper isn't ready and we will have to wait for the others to arrive. We have, however, set up a nice little seating area and we have some food prepared for just this situation while we wait. Feel free to help yourself." The man smiled politely and gestured to the small seating area in what Matt would consider a shack, but it was pleasant looking enough so he didn't question it.

"Oh, sure thing." Matt smiled, heading to a seat and plopping down, wondering what other kinds of people would be on this tour.
Unlike the young man before him, the next to arrive had rode in quite a few private jets by this point in his career. Fame had those kind of perks involved for one who had been in the media for around a year now. Everything was paying off after years of fighting for a worthy cause which deserved as much attention as possible. Not to mention it had been fueled by a childhood fascination with dinosaurs, a love that still continued to this day. A desire to protect them rested there as well. Perhaps it had not been entirely planned, but his opposition to InGen's treatment of the ressurected behemoths had captured the eyes of CaldGen.

Mere minutes after Matt took his seat inside the pithy little shack, a young man just a few years older than the aspiring paleobotanist stepped out of a black SUV holding a bottle of mineral water in his hand. Glasses framing his dark green eyes, he wore a parka complete with a hood lined in faux-fur and a plaid scarf. Underneath it all was a plain brown designer t-shirt, followed by a pair of black jeans and a pair of brown hiking boots. Excitement for what the days ahead was barely contained by a cool, almost snobbish hipster demeanor that he projected outward onto the world. But if he were presented with an animal it would all melt away in an instant.

Unscrewing the cap from his mineral water and taking a swig before twisting it back on, he exhaled with a sigh of temporary satidfaction. Soon enough a CalGen employee came up to greet the activist rather quickly upon recognizing him. After giving Wane much the same explanation of the current situation, he came to sit down in the same tiny area as Matt. Green eyes glanced over at him briefly, wondering just who the boy was to get invited along on this trip. Certainly wasn't any celebrity that he recognized. . . probably some sort of dinosaur expert hopefully.

"I'd assume it's safe to say you're heading off to the island as well. First time?"
Mariah Middel sat in the leather seat of the black van, somewhat squirming in her chair. She had been in South America the last few weeks studying rare species of animals the world had barely seen. While writing down notes in her hotel room, an assistant handed her a cell phone. She had eyed it curiously before taking it.
"Mm, hello? Mariah Middel speaking."
The voice on the other line was dark and monotonous. Very straightforward, it got down to the point. "You're research is being ended early. You're coming to CaldGen to study dinosaurs. Go to the airport at 6:00 PM. There will be a jet waiting for you." Before Mariah could say a word, he had ended the call. So, following the instructions, she had arrived at the airport to find a nice private jet waiting for her. Soon she was dropped off and quickly escorted into the van she was in now.
Mariah still didn't understand why she was here. Why would they pluck a biologist in the middle of a research project to let her study dinosaurs? Nevertheless, she was still excited. There was so much information lost about dinosaurs. To study one alive would truly rock the world. She would surely get paid lots of money for her information and become more appreciated.
But the danger of dinosaurs did not elude her mind. She knew dinosaurs could rip half your face off before you could open your mouth. The minute something goes wrong, I'm getting outta there. All the money in the world is not worth getting eaten alive.
The van eased to a stop, bring Mariah out of her self planning. She stepped out of the car to see a man smiling at her. He told her the helicopter was not quite ready yet and that she could relax for a while. She nodded her thanks and sat on the couch of the waiting area.
Pulling out a book, she dug her nose into it. Though she was rarely reading the words. She was too busy thinking about all the money piling in her hands.
Yet another SUV rolled up and pulled in for a nice neat stop in front of the helipad. The passenger side door cracked open and a few short seconds later a man stepped out from the confines of the SUV and into the morning sun, taking a deep breath of the salty Mediterranean air before exhaling and stretching his arms a bit.

He was dressed in a distinctly different manner than those that had come before him. Atop his head was a weathered safari hat that showed it had been used quite considerably over its lifetime, yet was clean and well cared for. Dark sunglasses hid his blue eyes which were now quickly scanning over the helicopter, the "shack" in which three others were already waiting, and a CaldGen employee that was now approaching him. Following along the same lines as his beaten hat, his clothing was worn but clean and trim; consisting of a beige colored long-sleeved shirt and olive cargo pants. Upon his feet were a pair of brown leather boots, relics of his time with the South African military.

Keith Normington reached into the SUV and pulled out a small brown rucksack before letting the door close. He nodded and gave a small smile as the CaldGen employee told him to go and wait in the shack until the others would arrive. Keith slung his rucksack across his back and walked across the concrete toward the shack, taking note of the size and make of the helicopter. CaldGen was indeed sparing no expense in this venture, his own trip from South Africa paid in full and connecting flights to the Nice International Airport were met with little to no layovers.

Stepping into the rather small waiting area he removed his sunglasses, pocketing them before taking note of the three people within. Two were younger men; one dressed in a somewhat typical fashion of t-shirt and jeans, while the other was dressed in attire that Keith assumed was worth a small nation. The third was a female, around the same age as the other two, though with a wild color of blue hair, apparently already buried within a book. Both men took a glance from their conversation toward him and seemed to have a curious eye about his attire. Keith held up his hand in a small wave of acknowledgement before moving away from them and toward the table lined with food and drink to see what was available.
From the back of the SUV Keith had stepped from, a shape arose - a strange, distorted bundle that released a mangled groan and clawed wildly at the windows.

"FUUUAAAGH!" Mathers spat as he pulled the coat away from his face. He had been asleep since the pickup from the hotel, and now the whisky breath and five o'clock shadow were complimented by creased clothes. He pulled himself from the back of the vehicle and dragged his coat and carry bag with him. Dressed in combat trousers and grey shirt, his biceps bulged and showed the Ranger tattoo in the morning sun. It depicted a serpent-headed bird perched atop the world, and around it the motto: 'Those who have died for our freedom will never be forgotten'

"Thanks for waking me," he rasped as he pushed into the shack after Keith. Dropping his bag beside his partner's, he reached in front of the other game warden and grabbed a handful of cocktail sausages. "What do you for an encore?"

He stood by the table, forcing the sausages into his mouth, one after the next, then threw a glance at the three scientists. "Barney sure worked his magic on the young'uns. Are these the eggheads?"
Stacy was really upset after being pulled from her article on tigers, they never got old, to come and do some mystery shoot that could "make her career." Yeah, she had heard that one before. She rolled her eyes when they had said prehistoric. It was probably some new species of gator they they had found. Because that sounded fun.

Shaking her head her arms were crossed on the drive to the helicopter pad. Unfortunately Stacey had no say in where she went. They said go, so she went. Maybe she could work on being tan instead of yellow. Well regardless she was getting paid so she might as well sit back and enjoy the ride. She scoffed at herself thinking about how they told her some long winded story about dinosaurs, the nerve of some people! Still it never ceased to amaze her what lengths people would go to to get their name in the public. In all honesty she was more upset about the tigers, but her hands were tied.

When she arrived and the car parked she got out stretching. She adjusted her shorts and t shirt. They always seemed to creep during car rides, perhaps it was because she kept squirming in her seat. Stacey wouldn't put too much thought into it. She went over to the "seating area" as the gentleman directed her and she grabbed a sandwich and a small back of chips before she sat down. Her hair was a slight mess that hung to the middle of her back, she she put it up in a pony tail before she started eating, listening to what the other people had to say.
Matt had been expecting to wait a bit longer before the others started showing up but lo and behold here was a large group of SUVs and other vehicles and the little shanty that was designated for a sitting area was rapidly filled. The first man, seemed familiar and friendly enough, "Y-yeah, it'll be my first time on this island, from what I was told before being sent here was that everyone would be new to the island." He chuckled and scratched the back of his head as a couple more people filtered into the shack. The two men that came in dressed similarly seemed interesting enough to Matt, like old safari hunters from Africa or something and he knew that he didn't want to get on their bad side. The two women, however, seemed pleasant enough and the one with the blue hair was very familiar, maybe he'd get to know her a bit better on the helicopter ride over to the island, after all, (if she was who he thought she was), they'd probably have some interesting conversations on their similar fields of study.

As Matt sat and watched the others grab food or busy themselves with whatever they could get their hands on one of the workers came over to join them with a wide, yet clearly fake, smile. "It appears almost all of you have arrived, the chopper is now ready to be boarded, so if you would like to sit in the comfort of the helicopter you are more than welcome, or you may still stay here and eat the snacks we have supplied for you." From somewhere behind him Matt could hear the tell-tale sound of the chopper's blades starting to spin and a bit of dust kicked up from the wind they created, likely just testing them to make sure everything was in order, and to prep for take-off. "Your flight will be just under two hours, so it's most likely a good idea to use the bathroom, just around the corner of that door we've supplied port-a-potties." The man continued with his fake smile. "Though, please hurry, we do have a deadline to make at the island!" He finished, turning on his heel and disappearing from the doorway. "I don't know about the rest of you but I think I'll go sit in the chopper, it seems like we'll be going soon." Matt nodded, standing up and walking towards the helicopter.
Kaito slid out of his SUV and looked around. He wasn't entirely sure on where to go or what to do, so he simply stood. He looked at the others and wondered who they were and what they did. He sniffled a little and began wondering if he should just go back home. He was much more comfortable studying in his small studio/apartment. "Uhh..." Was all that came from his mouth as he stood. He took his glasses off and blinked a little.
edit: After a moment, a suited man walked over to Kaito. He looked him up and down, as if Kaito's sweater-vest and khakis didn't meet his standards of those who would be attending. "The chopper's waiting," he said, turning away.
Kaito followed him muttering, "I hate flying..."
Mariah peeked up from the top of her book to see a man approach them. He informed them that as most of them had appeared, the chopper was ready for take-off. The distant sound of the blades twirling sounded in the air. The man (with a smile that was clearly fake) politely told them to hurry while they could. Mariah's eyes skimmed over the words on her page again. Soon they'd be going to this island where the dinosaurs thrived. And that meant sooner Mariah would be able to gather information. While she did enjoy the money she would get, she truly did want people and herself to know more about the dinosaurs. It would be a nice experience and feeling. Mariah's lips twitched into a small smile.
One of the people in the small room, a man, stood up. "I don't know about the rest of you but I think I'll go sit in the chopper, it seems like we'll be going soon."
Mariah yawned and placed her book on her lap with a thumb marking the page she was on. "Mmm, same." She got up, book still in hand and walked to the helicopter. Man, those blades are going to ruin my hair. I just got it dyed, too. Hmph, well nothing to cry over.
Late Appearance

Fashionably late was a word exercised by Ryan Manning. He was a man who had risen to society as a successful writer and journalist, especially with the knack of using a video camera to record his findings. Now, usually on such expeditions, his company would allow him to bring a camera man but this particular instance, it was disallowed. He was a celebrity in England, and his coverage of the event of a new Jurassic Park was being expected. Although he was asked for personally because of his campaign against the validness of InGen's park. They were trying to make him a believer.

He would be breaking his duck in this manner, as he had never visited the park before or something of this genetic magnitude. The SUV carrying him pulled up as he noticed everyone had already arrived. They varied from the young, to the old. None of them looked too keen as mustard for their experience. Probably pulled off their jobs for this cock and bull experience. The driver said his usual banter and he tipped the man stepping out. He had enjoyed his time at Nice so far and being ripped from the beaches almost spoiled it all. He adjusted his sunglasses as he looked at them, he felt he was the most dressed there. He wore navy pants and shoes followed by a light blue shirt with a navy blazer atop of it. He had forgone the tie and was happy that he did. He eyed everyone of them as the men greeted them and escorted him into the helicopter. "So I guess this is the motley crew I'm being stuck with." his thick accent cutting through. It made his time at Nice particularly difficult.
Vincent chuckled and winked at Matt.

"It's my first time too. Was just trying to see if there was anyone here that had a better idea of what we're all getting into."

A few moments later he looked up to see two men who were no doubt involved in the hunting of animals. Prehistoric or current era. It wouldn't matter to them where an animal was from he bet himself mentally. No doubt they had killed countless animals just for the sport of it or some typical ridiculous justification. He understood having killers around like them for the safety of others. But sometimes he wondered if perhaps nature should just take it's course sometimes. A silent glare was awaiting Keith and Mathers solely based on what he assumed their expertise would be at the park.

Probably just itching for a shot at a T-Rex or something SPORTING.

"Well I don't know about the rest of you but I'm not going to hold it the whole trip!"

Not saying another word he vanished off toward the men's room just before the arrival of Ryan Manning. Which was slightly humorous, in the sense that the two were probably aware of one another to some extent. At least by word of mouth to be certain since both had been quite outspoken against InGen. Even if it might have been for slightly different reasons. Soon enough Wane had pressed his bare buttocks to the toilet seat as his designer pants and boxers hung around his ankles slumped over the designer shoes. His scarf hung on the little stall coat rack.

Would the mighty norse god Thor despise the fact it was called the 'ol Thunderbucket?

Minutes later, after washing his hands thoroughly and preening himself Vincent rejoined the group and took his place inside the chopper. Refreshed and ready to fly off into adventure! Or at least have a fun tour of CaldGen's little knock-off masterpiece. But one thing was for certain. . . Vincent waved at Manning once the journalist boarded the chopper. Maybe they would get to be in-flight friends! Passenger pals! Helicopter hombres!
Clutching his satchel, Kaito hopped onto the chopper and sat quietly. Still, thoughts of escaping this ran through his mind. He shrugged them away, knowing that in reality, he did want to go. He pulled a small notebook from his bag and flipped through the pages as he waited for everyone else to board, and to set off.
Due to the activity that her job required she could hold it with the best of them, but it was here so she decided it wouldn't hurt. On her way she stopped at the puddle 'o luggage and grabbed a small bag that looked like an over grown lunch bag. She still didn't know what to think. With having this many people here for the same thing, it almost made her hesitate about her judgment of the situation. Nobody had outright said anything about the "dinosaurs" they were all here to see.

When she finished doing her business she got on the helicopter. She smiled politely and took her seat quietly amongst all the men and the other lady. She strapped herself in, this wasn't her first time. She crossed her legs and leaned back into her seat. She mildly wondered how long this ride was going to take. Covering her mouth when she yawned , Stacey realized that she must look like hell. She was fresh off the plane when the suv took her to the chopper. That was one hell of a trip, but the wild was not nice to people.
Keith instinctively ducked as he went under the whipping blades of the helicopter. Climbing inside he carefully navigated his way through and took a seat next to the other side door. He was surprised to see a lack of life vests or any real emergency gear on anyone inside the helicopter. If they had a flying time of two hours over the water, the heck were they to do if something went wrong in mid flight?

Quickly he fastened his seatbelt and removed his hat, resting it upon his right knee. Glancing at the others in the helicopter he noted a few new arrivals, and that the man with the plaid scarf was glaring at him before turning away. "What the devil is that 'bout?" Keith muttered quietly, his comment lost in the noise of the rotors and engine above. Glancing back behind him he noticed a bunch of headsets. Reaching up he grabbed one and draped around his neck, planning on wearing it once the flight started.

He glanced to the cabin door as Mathers pushed his way into the cabin, food still in hand.

"Hey, Mathers! How many are supposed to be on 'his trip anyway? Any other wardens to fly out?"
"We're the last." Mathers tossed his kit bag on the chopper floor, between the seats, then threw a chicken leg over his shoulder. "Rest of the crew's on the island." He climbed up with one hand, balancing his paper plate of cocktail sauces and cucumber sandwiches in the other. "Management's promised a full team, but I'll believe that when I-ohmn nohm nohm..." He trailed off as he stuffed another sausage in his mouth.

Taking a seat beside Keith, the warden plonked his feet on top of his bag and stared at the scientists as he chewed. "Lotta money here," he mumbled. "CaldGen gets endorsments - funding goes up. We're protecting the future, K-dog."

Pausing, he took out his hipflask, unscrewed the top, and began drinking early. There was no way in hell he was going to remain sober for this flight.
Mariah let her eyes roam from the pages of her book. More people were starting to enter the helicopter. What an interesting group of people. She couldn't help but wonder how they got here, and how they were chosen. Were they all just randomly picked, or was there more behind it? The question remained in her mind for a little while...
Then she noticed how much more crowded the copper was getting. She squirmed a little bit. Mariah didn't really care for small spaces. Then she remembered the dinosaurs. The real life dinosaurs. She smiled. Well, soon they were gonna get going.
While he waited, Kaito examined his old sketches of dinosaurs. He'd drawn most of them while still in high school, but he hadn't drawn much since. Smiling, he pulled a pen out of his bag and began drawing a brontosaurus. It was difficult and his drawing skills had diminished, but he managed to draw a pretty good brontosaurus.

"I'll nickname you Braun," Kaito said out-loud. He gasped and covered his mouth, turning red. How embarrassing, I'm talking to a drawing! he thought.
As Matt plopped down in his spot in the chopper another SUV pulled up and an older woman with firey red hair stepped out. She was dressed as a business woman and each passenger probably drew their conclusions as none of the workers dared to approach her, in fact they almost seemed as if they afraid of her.

The door to the chopper slid open once again, the roar of the blades whirring above them louder than before as she stepped in and shut the door behind her with a smile on her face. She nodded to each of the persons sitting in the chopper and sat down in a seat off to the side.

"I bet ya'll are wondering who each other, and I am. Well, I'll let the rest of you get all introduced on your own but..." She was cut off for a moment as she fiddled with her seatbelt and the chopper lurched and bounced, lifting off from the ground, taking the group closer to their destination, "Well, ain't that a kick in the patoot? Sorry y'all, I'm Carol Langston and I'm one of the higher ups at CaldGen and I'm actually here to take you to the visitor center once we land. That's where y'all will get to settle in and then we'll get y'all set up on our fancy tour!" She smiled, and somehow it seemed threatening, but welcoming at the same time. Headphones placed over her ears and she began chatting with the co-pilot into the little microphone, completely ignoring any and all questions or comments directed at her for the rest of the flight.
The chopper ride was uneventful, allowing all of the passengers to introduce themselves to one another and soon it slowly began to descend towards a splotch of green amidst a shimmering blue sea.

With a jolt the chopper landed and awaiting the guests and employees were two SUVs with the CaldGen logo on the side as the ones that had dropped them off in Nice were before as well as much of the vehicle made of glass to optimize view from all sides. Miss Langston didn't waste her time escorting everyone to the vehicles and making sure they were all inside before getting into the front one herself and ordering the driver to start going.

The SUVs rolled along the coastline giving breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea before turning inland and heading under a thick canopy of trees and if the others looked closely they could see electric fences skirting between the thick trunks. Before long the trucks passed through a wire gate and out into an open area where just ahead a herd of Stegosaurus appearing from the trees. Matt was the first one out of the door and approaching, cautiously, towards where the dinosaurs were crossing their pathway.

"You best get back in here hun, ain't safe to be walkin' around all willy nilly like that!" Carol called out as sweetly as possible, nursing her head gingerly between her thumb and index finger, but all Matt could utter was, "Wow!"
Kaito eyed the woman, Ms. Langston, cautiously, she seemed nice, but you never knew. As they rode, he cleared his throat and said, "I'm Kaito." There, introduced myself, plain and simple, he thought.

He got slightly dizzy when the helicopter landed and got out of it slowly and carefully, not wanting to trip or anything. He got into the SUV he had been ushered toward and sat, waiting for the others to come along. He had his notepad out, and drew in it as they rode along, not lifting his eyes from the page. That is, until he heard loud stomps and Ms. Langston calling to someone. He looked up slowly and his jaw dropped.

Oh my God, oh my God, the words repeated themselves over and over in his mind as he tried to take in the sight before him. He knew where he was going, and what he was going to see, but it was still shocking.

Kaito sat, mouth gaping, as the herd of Stegosaurus' passed by.