Jurassic Park 4

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  1. http://www.firstshowing.net/2012/human-dinosaur-hybrids-in-abandoned-jurassic-park-4-concept-art/

    These concept art pics were apparently scrapped. Jurassic Park 4's plot was supposed to be about some sort of dinosaur/dog/other mix, to make loyal dinosaur mercenary things that would obey the "owner", hence the dog part. Honestly? Creator must be rolling in his grave at this point. While I do salute the idea for (semi) creativity, this is just...no. JP was great, JP was awesome, JP 3 was....eh. This...just...this is like a bad Sci-Fi Original Movie. (I'm never calling it Sy-Fy, that's stupid.)
  2. Wow do those velociraptorpeople look derpy. Just... derpyderp.
  3. that is the stupidest thing i've ever heard. PLEASE tell me that is never going to come to light. i would have scrapped my idea WAY before it turned into the waste of time those art designs were.... JP was about dinosaurs, not some weird hybrid crap. DX that's what made it so awesome. because a dinosaur park would be a nightmare and a very bad idea. no one has ever thought of dino hybird monster things for war. that would ruin the whole idea. DX
  4. It's like Aliens Resurrection all over again.
  5. Alien Whut?

    If I remember, the first part of the plot was going to feature a mercenary working for a rival corporation, who goes to the island to find the shaving-cream can that Nedry dropped in the first film. I liked this part of the concept. But then he gets it and... randomly gets... knocked out. He later wakes up in a big mansion in the Swiss Alps, where his employers are training Velociraptor Hybrids for use against drug cartels and terrorists.

    Maybe the pages of two scripts got jumbled up in the printer...
  6. That concept artwork looks like something that would be in that terrible Alien Turtle movie that Michael Bay was going to make. Good thing both of these movies were scrapped. >: |
  7. LOL I just love this. I'd watch that movie solely for the laughs.
  8. It sounds like someone got Jurassic Park and Resident Evil mixed up.