Jupiter's War

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  1. Due to the exhaustion of fossil fuel reserves on earth, Humanity was forced to turn to other sources of energy. In 2081, a new technology was developed that could create huge quantities of power by converting isotopic gasses into raw energy. However, Earth soon ran dry of isotopic gas, and eyes looked to the heavens for more of the stuff. It was found that Gas Giant planets had an abundance of these isotopes, and soon floating cities were established within the upper layers of Jupiter to harvest this gas. However, 2 years ago, communications went dark. The cities lost all contact with each other and with Earth, and fell into a state of disarray.

    Underground organisations quickly rose to power, organising the cities as violent dictatorships, transforming them into weapons and prisons. While there was still an adequate quantity of energy, other resources that couldn't be produced on board the cities became very rare. Pirate and mercenary guilds rose up and began assaulting cities, cutting the metal out of their structures and selling them at extortionate prices to other cities. Soon, cities gained defensive weaponry, and all out war broke out. But it was not a war for domination, but a war for survival.

    Essentially, I want this roleplay to have both external and internal conflicts, with cities trying to survive even while rebel organisations try to topple the ruling guilds. Rules and laws vary between cities, though generally weapon control is in effect and they can only be obtained on the black market. Visibility is limited due to the gas clouds of jupiter. Gas masks are not required to breathe - the cities have shields that convert some of the atmosphere into oxygen, however particulates still remain so being outside too long becomes painful. This allows certain stealth vehicles to fly between cities completely undetected, by using infrared and radio wave cancelling devices. You can create any kind of character you want, though remember that if you want a weapon, I may complain about it not existing - this will apply to ridiculous things like rocket launching hand attachments and explosive laser rifles. About 50% of people worked in the gas harvesting business before communications turned off. The rest were mainly the family of those workers and general administration workers. The cities float high enough that gravity is about the same as it would be on earth. It has been 7 years since the Cities were set to work - 14 since they began being built. (7 years construction, 5 years operation, 2 years after comm failure.) The flight to Jupiter takes between 2 and 8 months depending on vehicle quality. Personal ships are not possible for interplanetary flights, only "space busses". There are probably other things I forgot to mention.

    CS: feel free to make as many characters as you want. Though remember, the more you have, the more I expect you to kill some off.





    Short Bio: (Family, why they came to the City, why they're in their current occupation - things like that. Anything that would show up in the hypothetical Big Database of People.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.