Junkyard Earth

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  1. (Just a note that the LGBT and Sexual Themes tags are there just because stuff like that is okay. Doesn't mean you gotta be gay or wanting to bang everything. Of course anything past "PG-13" should be moved to PM. Also, at least initially, all of our characters are part of the same group of scavengers. Just come from town and meet up with Exclamation.)

    The OOC for the RP with tons of info is here!)

    Optional Character Sheet (open)

    Exclamation Point (open)

    Name: Exclamation Point (Even as a child she was pretty loud and excitable.)
    Sex: Female
    Concept: An excitable girl with a knack for machines and the burning desire to find a working tank because holy shit, that'd be cool.
    Appearance: A tan skinned woman with her black dreads tied back. She has brown eyes. She wears a tanker helmet, heavy duty boots, a bomber jacket, and patchwork pants, sewn from several rags. She also wears her backpack with her toolbox clipped to it.
    Equipment: Wrench, crank rifle (with bolts), toolbox, backpack, cool lighter, half a pair of binoculars,

    Exclamation Point sat at the edge of town waiting for her companions to join her. They were a group of scavengers and adventurers, exploring the Junkyard Earth to find whatever scrap they thought would sell or was interesting. Most of the time they found mundane things. Those strange handled helmets, (though some people decided to cook with them. Weirdos, right?), metal boxes with slides and two slots (what the hell do you put in there?), reflective disks that make pretty good jewelry but nothing else. Still, they occasionally found something cool. Like that glass ball with the snow inside it! Or the flat book that was actually many books!

    Exclamation stood up from the little dirt pile she' been sitting on and looked back towards the town, holding her hand above her eyes to block the sun. They should be out any time now.
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  2. Top Kek (open)
    Name: Top Kek (His parents found an old ad....)
    Sex: Male
    Concept: A slightly naive yet hardened young man with a knack for improvised weapons and traps.
    Appearance: Average in height at about 5'8, with messy black hair and light blue eyes. He has pale skin, and a lithe, athletic form. Kek (As he likes to be called) wears a mess of burlap and old leather, cut into trousers, a shirt, a coat, gloves, laced boots, and even a hood.
    Equipment: Duffel bag, an old cattle prod, made after the Collapse and covered in crude wires, a 'boombox' (Small metal suitcase, stuffed with gunpowder, needles, and thumbtacks, with a crude string fuse shoved into the top), flint and steel, heavy metal spray canister filled with cleaning fluids and old pre-Collapse bug poison, primitive oil lamp.

    Kek sprinted from the small village, running at full speed down to his compatriot. He waved as he got closer to Point (As he called her. Her full name was a pain to say....), finally stopping about ten feet away and holding onto his knees, catching his breath. "Hey....hey Point! Sorry I'm late......couldn't find my......I still haven't thought of a name for this...." Kek says, pointing at the spray can on his side. He really wanted to find new components on this run.....more boombox items, or new things to spray in people's eyes with the canister.....stuff like that!
  3. Name: Allegretto (his parents were into music, and living up to his name he does everything in a brisk manner)
    Sex: Male
    Concept: Allegretto is skilled in music and plants, knowing exactly which plant is safe to eat, which is best for wounds, and so. He is usually shy but having met his friends he has opened up, revealing a childish demeaner and out look on life. Adding to his child like personality he loves keeping unique treasures he finds.
    Appearance: The first thing that is noticeable about Allegretto is that he isn't human. He is a fox, standing at two feet and nine inches, he is the oddball of the group. He has deep purple eyes and reddish orange fur. He is dressed in baggy brown trousers which are rolled up at the feet and he has a rope working as a belt. Along with a black t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. He carries a satchel where he stores the plants and medicine and the treasures along with a hand made violin (made out of scrap metal, guitar and other various strings, and clothes pins).
    Equipment: A satchel, a violin, a bow, and a shovel

    Allegretto ran on all fours, he knew he was late! He hated that he was easily distracted but, those plants just looked to pretty and not to mention they can help if one of them got sick.

    He sighed as he saw Exclamation and Kek "Guys!! Guys you'll never guess what I found!" He said slowing down and skidded to a stop in front of them. He stood up and reached into his bag holding up a white flower with a yellow center "This called Feverfew! I collected a bunch of these, they are good for headache relief and joint inflammation!" He said as his voice quivered with excitement.
  4. Name: Charlie Burton
    Sex: M
    Concept: He loves people. Like, loves them. He's super friendly, even more flirty, and really nice. Also sarcastic. very. and wears scarves, BC, scarves.
    Appearance: Blonde, with grey eyes, a narrow jaw, and very petite.
    Equipment: a few daggers, a small pistol, and lots of spare scarves.
    Charlie grins. "Neat. That'll be useful." He says to Allegretto.
  5. Allegreto grins "Thanks Charlie!" He said with a delighted laugh.

    (I loved that scene with the Doctors XD)
  6. (heehee!)

    "Did you find anything else? I got this cutie!" He points to a stray cat he found, rubbing against his leg.
  7. Name: Solar
    Sex: Female
    Concept: She is a major bookworm and makes it her job to collect books, She worries about others more than she does herself, Loyal to a fault, dangerously stubborn but open minded, loves to laugh and smile but will instantly change demeanor when threatened, or provoked.
    Appearance: noloty.jpg
    Equipment: Her bag is filled with books she has scavenged for, a lighter, rations of food, a small cutting knife and trinkets she finds. She carries around a bow strapped to her back.


    Solar slowly made her way back to the groups meeting point. She was especially taking her time because there were rumors that this site was where a building that held thousands of books once stood. She wanted to search every detail of the place but she knew they were waiting for her. She grudgingly picked up her pace vowing to return. She spotted her group a couple of feet away and yelled to make her presence known. "Hey guys, i'm back sorry it took me so long, I didn't find any books this time, just this stuff." She jogged the rest of the way to the group and pulled out a dust covered glass bottle full of liquid, then she wiped off the dust from the label using her hand. "Apple... Cider. I didn't open it, I wanted to show you guys first. I don't know what it is, but it might be juice, it says apple, what do you guys think?" She held out the bottle for their inspection.
  8. Allegretto awes at the little cat as his tail flicks happily "Yah, I found a bunch of strange planets but I have yet to look them up." He adds, he suddenly turns facing Solar as she run up to them.

    When she reached them and showed them the bottle "Do you really think it taste like apple?" He asked looking up his nose twitching at the smell of dust.
  9. Solar squinted her eyes. "I don't know but we should try it when we get home. What are we doing next?"
  10. "Not sure, I think Ex wants us to wait for the others some more before we head out." the fox says in a thoughtful tone.
  11. "Probably." Chevron says, picking up the cat.
  12. Name:Couch
    Concept:A strong young man, a warrior in the tribe he is in, he is quite prideful and a bit arrogant, though he means well and likes getting along with everyone his is around.
    Appearance:6,3 moderately muscular, long dark brown hair and eyes has some stubble on his chin
    Equipment: a two handed greatsword, made out of above average materials, a old ragged great coat, and a large metal shield he uses as cover when closing distance between people using ranged weapons
    "wait up you guys" said Couch as he jogged up to them "its hard for me to keep up when im lugging this thing around".
  13. "WE're not goin' anywhere. No worries." Chevron says. "Found a Cat! gonna name him Oliver."
  14. "I think Oliver is a good name!" Allegretto said happily as he tugged off his violin.
  15. "Just hope we can feed the poor guy..."
  16. Allegretto gave his friend a smile "I'm positive we'll be able too."
  17. "Good. I haven't had a pet in ages..." He says, rubbing the cat between the ears.
  18. Allegretto smiles as he finished tuning his violin "Oliver is lucky to have you for a master."
  19. Chevron giggles, nuzzling the cat. "As he should be. I'm Exelent!"
  20. "He's a cute little guy" Observed couch as he lightly pet the cat "all i found is some scrap metal, but we could potentially sell it to a craftsman or something to make something off it"