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  1. Wanted to give an RP I started earlier another go. It's set in the distant future after the collapse (or collapses?) of civilization. The RP wouldn't be too heavy on requirements, just 1 to 2 paragraphs per post. Our adventures will center around a mostly sandbox-y experience (though I do have a few ideas for story threads we could get involved in, and I'd be willing to tell you a few or take suggestions). We'll be controlling the members of a small crew of scavengers/adventurers, scouring the scrap hills and ruins of the Old World for anything that might be of use. Of course, there are other set ups we could pursue but we need to find something to link the characters.

    If you want some more info I've written up on the world, have my random rambling below.
    Thousands of years ago (maybe, nobody has bothered to count) civilization on Earth just kind of... Collapsed. Nobody knows why, but nowadays it doesn't matter much. In the Now, humans live in nomadic tribes and small villages built in the ruins of the world. The Earth is, as the title suggests, essentially a giant junkyard. Rolling hills of scrap and plains of trash. Mountains of broken machinery and useless garbage. The Junkyard Earth. It's not without dangers, though. Mutants, witches, the robots of the Old Guard, cannibals, bandits, and whatever else might want to ruin your day.

    Most people in the Junkyard Earth live in villages or in nomadic tribes, scavenging what they can. Some make scavenging bands and go out to find what they can, or adventurers delve into ruins in search of the greatest treasures. Others just take what they want and resort to banditry, and a few decide that cannibalism is a good way to nourish themselves.

    Not everything in the Junkyard Earth originated on Earth though, as it would seem. Occasionally strange things get dug up. Robots, though much more advanced looking that the rusty and decaying Old Guard. Technology even the most skilled Technopaths can't figure out.

    Nowadays, people worship anything from the animal-headed gods of the old world to the sun. Religions always seem to be popping up and disappearing. Cults around particularly interesting pieces that get dug up, churches based round some crazed man's ideal.

    The technology that's actually functioning and commonplace has kind of regressed. The most common method of lighting is the torch, and if you want to travel fast you probably want to find a horse or some other animal to pull a cart. Don't expect them to follow you off the roads and paths though.

    It's common to see men wielding swords and bows, or an unreliable but powerful 'firelock' gun, or maybe a dart throwing crank gun. Proper, functioning modern guns are not a sight that most people see. A few groups do have more 'advanced' weapons though, including makeshift shock weapons or even crude flamethrowers.

    Names should also be kind of... Weird. Take names from products and famous people or other weird sources. For example, my character is named Exclamation Point, and my friend is gonna be Top Kek. Seriously, that's his name. Other examples are Nintendo Tharp and Oneone Zero from the Mortal Engines/Fever Crumb series, which inspired this quite a bit.
  2. Interested! But that's probably obvious I'm the other person who wanted a sign-up version.
  3. Interested! :D
  4. Well that's 2, not including me!

    Anyways, a more specific story idea. Honestly it sounds cliche as hell to me, but eh. Sometimes cliche is fun, especially if it's not an entirely serious work.
    Our group of scavengers has been together find one artifact that for awhile, though they've never had much success. After a streak of luck it looks like things are starting to look up. But after they find an artifact of supposedly alien origin that may be their big find, it gets them a whole lot more trouble than they bargained for. With a mysterious group of masked figures after whatever it is, things are getting complicated.

    I have some other complications and stuff, and the purpose of this artifact floating around in my head but nothing set in stone yet. Hopefully this draws a bit more interest/input/suggestions!
  5. Interested.

    As to linking the characters... maybe there was a territorial battle. Loosers form crews to go scavenge to find a new home and resources to start over and settle down... I dunno. Thought I'd try to contribute but my brain's just adding more cliche
  6. Hey, suggestions are suggestions!

    Anyways, bumping this up one more time before I go ahead and make an OOC.
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