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  1. The class was dismissed just as the bell rang and everyone shuffled from the room. Viviana sat in her desk with her legs crossed and staring out of the window almost wistfully. A stick of Pocky hung from between her lips at a strange angle. A train could be heard in the distance and the smoke rose into the air like a flag it wore proudly. Vivi rested her chin in her palm and sighed around the pocky sitting between her teeth. Nothing ever happens here. This has to be the most boring city ever. We're just now transitioning and less than half of the city is all high tech. Vivi stretched her arms then stood, making sure her skirt wasn't riding up, and picked her bag up from the floor. "I'm going home now. See you tomorrow Mr. T." He nodded without looking up from his short stack of tests. Vivian walked out into the hallway and made her way to the front of the school. Her messenger bag held her skirt to her thigh as she descended, avoiding any direct contact.

    Did you hear about the boy who got hit by a car?
    I did! Didn't he die?
    No, but I heard he's going to be out for the rest of the year.

    Who hasn't been hit by a car? She walked around the corner and went down the stairs. There isn't anything any of them talk about that I don't already know. She pushed her way through a mob gathered right in front of the double doors leading to the outside world. Vivi didn't stop to apologize for shoving her elbow into whoever's side or for pushing what's-her-name into what's-his-face. They were in the way, so she moved them. She burst through the doors and ran out into the courtyard. She ran pass the other girls talking in giddy spurts and transforming from their passive school girl facade into the stereotypical "bad girls." She ran through the school gates, across the street and past the park where the kindergarten children played. Her bag bumped heavily against her thigh as she sprinted with the wind pulling at her short brown ponytail.

    Her legs finally willed her to stop just as she reached the train tracks. Vivi fell to her knees in the gravel and raised her head as her chest rose and fell with each intake of charcoal scented air. The flag could still be seen faintly rising to the afternoon sun. Vivi walked the tracks for an hour or so before returning to the city streets where the night creatures were preparing for their masquerades. She took a different street than usual since the hustle and bustle gave her a headache what with all the smog. This is the most boring city I've ever seen. Nothing interesting ever happens here. Nothing worth repeating anyway. She rounded a corner to where the old houses still stood waiting for that faithful day when they would be torn down for the new technology. There was someone up ahead standing on the sidewalk. They were facing the houses, just staring as if watching something. Vivi slowed her pace in hopes that they would move before she got there. They walked past the fence and...vanished. She paused for a moment before running up to the opening in the fence. Only an empty lot stared back at her. Did I mention nothing ever happens here?

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  2. Luna was slowly packing up as the bell rang, signaling the end of the day. Finally. She was tired of being around people she just couldn't stand. She hated school, but getting through it was something she was going to have to do, even if she didn't want to. She hurried out the door, pushing past the bodies, ignoring the angry protests as she shoved people in the doorway. She needed to get home, she felt like she was choking here. But getting home wouldn't be easy with everyone still crowding the hallway and she was on the second floor. She scowled at this, and shoved her way through the mad wave of people clogging up the hall way, getting shoved by people who were annoyed by her shoving, but she just simply responded by shoving back.

    Why can't this all just be done already?
    She thought as she hurried down the stairs, trying not to knock people down and apologizing to those she did knock down. She eventually made it out the front doors, being blasted by the fresh air which she took in a huge breath and fell into a relaxed step as she walked, still walking faster than normal so she could get home. As she walked she noticed something...strange. There was an empty lot people were walking into a fence and...disappearing into nothingness. What was going on? That was beyond the normal for this place. She decided to go check that out instead.
  3. Viviana wiped her eyes and stared into the empty lot. There was definently a boy there two minutes ago. She stepped forward into the lot cautiously, her curiosity getting the best of her. Anyone could get hit by a car, but how many vanish into thin air? She walked over the seemingly plain lot a few times before noticing another girl walking up. She ran out and stood in front of the fence with her arms out wide like a small child trying to protect their sand castle from being washed away by a large wave. "I found it first!" she called out. She set her lips into a pout. "Did you see that boy disappear?"
  4. Luna stared for a long minute. "You saw that too?" Luna thought she might be crazy, but since she wasnt the only one, she felt a little better. But what she didnt understand is what was going on there....she really wanted to know...
  5. Viviana stared intently at the girl. She had seen the boy disappear as well, maybe she had seen what he was looking at as well. She scanned her with scrutinizing eyes. A finding like this would easily spread through the whole school once one person knew. She had to make sure she was the only one with the definitive details. That's how the system worked. "Did you see anything when he walked in there? He was looking at something before he vanished." She lowered her arms to her side and readjusted her bag to sit on her hip.
  6. "All I saw was when he walked in he disappeared. I didn't see anything." Luna knew there was something not right about that lot. People disappearing, that was strange enough. She gave the girl a confused look. "Did you see anything when he disappeared?"
  7. "No," Viviana answered cautiously. "I didn't see anything." There was a pause as she thought over her next few words carefully. The girl didn't look familiar, but there was something familiar about her. She hadn't seen anything, neither had Vivi for that matter really and yet there had to be something they missed. People don't seriously just vanish into thin air- it's illogical! She would have to come back later that night to investigate or else she would never sleep. Vivi cleared her throat and spoke again, her voice returning to it's normal bounce that came over her when her curiosity peeked. "I feel like I've seen you before. Do you go to Ridging High School?"
  8. "Yeah." Luna answered a little hesitantly. How else should she react? Strange things were happening and nothing strange ever happens. Not in this town. She would really have to check this thing out later.
  9. She rolled on her heels before starting to walk backwards, inching her way out of the conversation. "Don't tell anyone what you saw," she warned. "Nobody else gets to know, it's our secret." Viviana then turned and ran away, leaving the girl to her own thoughts. She had to hurry home if she was going to be able to get out after dark. I'm going to be the one to find out what's happening. She ran all the way home, stopping only to open her front door before running inside.

    "Slow down before you hurt yourself Vivi!" her mom called as she threw her bag on the couch.

    "I'll be in my room!" she called back.

    Viviana ran to her room and slammed the door. She rummaged through her room, throwing clothes all over and destroying the previous order. There was an outfit for night-time exploits and she just had to find it. She was, after all, on a mission.
  10. Luna quickly hurried home. She wasn't stupid enough to run around telling people about this. But she wasn't going to go home and do nothing. Once home, she threw her bag onto her bed, the contents exploded out all over her bed. She sighed and quickly cleaned it up, knowing her mom would get after her for leaving a mess. Then she quickly scratched out a note that she was hanging out with friends and hurried out of her room, stuck the note on the kitchen counter, and went outside.
    Here goes nothing. She took a deep breath and began walking in the direction of the empty, possibly not so empty, lot.
  11. Viviana changed into her detective gear which consisted of black slacks, a green tee and a long brown coat just as the sun was starting to set. She slipped on flip-flops in her hurry and used black hair clips to hold back her bangs for added affect. She grabbed her detective's bag and raced down the stairs, nearly running into her mother. "Whoa! Where you going, you just got home a few hours ago young lady!"

    "There's something I have to go check out around the old city," she said hurriedly as she ducked past her and ran for the door. "I'll be home for dinner- promise!" She slammed the door before hearing any answer- or protest- and sprinted back towards the lot, hoping to get there before she lost too much sunlight. Vivi stopped herself by the gate and walked into the lot. It was still empty. She drew a pair of gardening gloves from her bag and fit them over her smallish hands. "Time to search this place up and down."

    The hours drew on as she searched, looking for any type of clue to what had happened earlier that day. People don't just disappear, it's illogical. She turned over every rock and inspected every nook and cranny of that lot. The sun was finally set when she sat back against the fence and pulled off her gloves. There was nothing to find as far as she could tell and if there was she wouldn't be finding it any time soon.
  12. Luna reached the lot soon, and walked around it, trying to figure out what was going on. She walked back and forth, grabbed at the air, although felt like an idiot, and kicked at nothing. This was beginning to frustrate her.
  13. Viviana looked up when the girl from earlier entered. She narrowed her eyes at her. "What are you doing here? I'm searching the lot for clues so don't get in my way!" She put down her bag and started rummaging through it for more tools.
  14. Luna scowled at her. "So this is your lot now? Yeah, like I see your name anywhere!" She kept hunting around, not caring if she pissed the other girl off. She just wanted to know what was going on, and she really didn't care if she got in the other girl's way.
  15. Vivi glared back at her as she took out her mini metal detector. There was no time to argue when there was a mystery to solve. She ignored the extra presence and walked around with the metal detector pointing at the ground. There had to be something there she was overlooking. A single screw or nut or a spoon or something! Anything that could tell that a something had been there. Vivi walked around the lot for all of twenty minutes before getting impatient. It was getting late and her mom would flip if she weren't home by dinner.

    She looked back to the other girl, her eyebrow twitching with annoyance. Vivi knew she would go beyond madness if that girl found something after she left. She had made her promise to tell no one hadn't she? Surely she could understand the importance of what they had witnessed. Surely she would tell no one. "I'm going home," she stated as if to no one in particular. "I'll look for you at school tomorrow." Viviana picked up her detective's bag and slung it over her shoulder. She glanced back before walking down the sidewalk.
  16. Luna completely ignored her and continued looking around for a while. But she couldn't find anything and had to go home soon before she got in trouble. She was disappointed that she didn't find anything before that other girl did. She sighed and began heading for home.
  17. Vivian stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel. She looked in the steam coated mirror at her wet haired reflection. She didn't bother wiping away the water. It would just get ugly and smudged. She dried off and dressed in her room then climbed into bed. "Why can't I find him? That building..." She lay in the dark thinking about the mystery of the building. Why had he been able to go into the building and not her? Had it chosen him? Was there some kind of intelligence within the house? Vivi was determined to figure out the truth behind the mysterious building, at any cost.


    The next morning started in a rush as Vivian was out of the house before her mom was able to finish breakfast. She grabbed a Poptart and ran out the door hoping to be able to check out the lot before going to school. She stopped by and searched it over again only to find nothing. "I'll figure you out," she said under her breath before running off to school.
  18. The next morning Luna practically sprinted to school, ignoring the empty lot completely.
  19. Viviana sat on the stairs tapping her pencil against her cheek. She stared at the window across from her with a blank, pondering expression that went past the people muttering obscenities as they almost trip over her. Her mind was no where near focused on the people walking next to her or kicking her shins. "I'm sure that something important is hidden in that lot, whatever it is-"

    "What are you doing? You're blocking the stairs, that's a hazard." He glared her down with cold, stone grey eyes. "Viviana Torche." Julian Gadfreed, stepped up next to her to look down on her. He scowled at her agitatedly. "Why are you always causing a disturbance?" He looked at the clipboard in his hand then back at her.

    She glanced up at the dark haired student council member, scanned his annoyingly crisp uniform then sighed aloud. "Hello stalker, how can I help you today? Oh, sorry, I don't have any new pictures taken yet but I'll keep you posted." She returned to gazing out the window.

    His eye brow twitched as he took a deep breath. Dealing with delinquent was always a trying task. "You need to get to class before you're late Torche. You have an unsightly amount of tardies this semester already. It will start to affect your attendance if you miss any more."

    "Alright, alright! I get it," Vivi yawned. "I'm going." She stood and faced him, pulling her bag over her shoulder. "I do hope you get something for that awful condition of your. It's gonna be hard on you come summer time, and that's right around the corner." She walked up the stairs without looking back to see the dumbstruck look on his face. Obviously he forgot that she knows everything about anyone who's anyone in the school. She smiled to herself as she walked down the hall.
  20. Luna reached the school pretty quick, but had to stop outside the front doors to catch her breath. Once she was finally able to breath evenly, she stepped inside right as someone slammed into her, knocking her onto the floor.
    "Watch it!" She snapped at the boy who'd run into her.
    The boy, with reddish brown hair and dark green eyes, offered his hand. "I'm sorry. I was zoning out again."
    She took his hand and he hefted her up. "Maybe you shouldn't get so wrapped up in your thoughts while you're walking."
    He smiled sheepishly. "Yeah. I gotta be better about that. My name is Ben. What's yours?"
    "Luna. And I'm going to be late." She hurried away from him towards her class.