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  1. Strauss City is undergoing some major changes. The mayor has declared all of the modern housing be upgraded to the latest model of futuristic housing. It is still in the transitioning stages and there are many places still untouched by the upgrade. The area around Ridging High School is one that has yet to be upgraded. The buildings are empty or some hold families that do not have enough money to move into one of the newer complex's just yet. This is where the majority of our story will take place

    Students must pass the empty lot on their way to and from school everyday. Some will wander into the lot, others won't pay it any mind. Another group of unrelated teens will be drawn in for and by various happenings and reasons. They all end up inside this old, abandoned building looking for a way out. Oh, don't worry, they get out because they're suppose to get out. Once they get home that same day a letter may be waiting for them in a place inside their home.

    And so you have joined the wonderful downward spiral that is the game. This game will test you to your limits and beyond. Maybe you will be broken. Maybe you won't. Maybe will break others. The fun is all in making such choices! Fortunately for you, there are other players in this game. They have also fallen victim to circumstance. This is your first task: find the other players. You have 5 days to complete this task before... Well, we'll meet again in 5 days.
    Forever yours,
    And so the game begins...​

    Upgrades (open)

    Untouched places (open)

    Abandoned building/lot (open)

    This roleplay is high school themed. I would throw some thriller, romance and mystery tags on it as well. The tasks presented to the characters will range in differences (scavenger, timed race, etc.) so you may want to consider skills when making a character. Character-wise, You could be a student or teacher, doesn't matter. If you play a teacher just know that they can only get involved in the happenings to a certain point.

    Teacher rules:
    cannot stumble upon the abandoned building
    cannot turn in items
    can help with tasks/hunts

    Beyond that, just know that if someone involved in the game talks about it to someone not involved, the person not involved becomes a liability.

    Feel free to play multiple characters if you want! I wanted this rp to be based on character interactions for the most part. How and when your character joins the game is up to you. They must go inside the abandoned building to be considered in the game. Here is a character sheet if you want to use it as well.

    Character Sheet (open)
    Full Name:
    Role: (student or teacher)
    Year: (1st, 2nd, junior, sophomore, etc...)

    Feel free to pm me with questions or ask them here if you have any. :3

    IC thread: http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/junkies.20782/
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  2. So we can just join whenever? I like this idea.
  3. Yep! Whenever. :)