Jungle Survival

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  1. All you remember is your name and age when you wake up under the moonlight in the jungle. All you have is a backpack with a few things in it. All you know is that you have to survive.

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    Have fun!!!​
    Jane woke up with a pounding headache. The cat wailing beneath her wasn't helping. She sat up and pulled her backpack off. There was her cat, Juice, burrowing inside it. Juice's grey coat stuck out against the bright greens and browns of the jungle. Jane didn't know whether that was good or bad, though. She stood up for a better look around.​
  2. "Oh dear, oh dear," Muriel groaned as she pushed herself up from the moist ground. Bits of mud and grass clung to her dress and sunhat, that she tried to keep on her head as she sat up. Was this what people called a 'hang over'? She couldn't be sure since she has never drunk alcohol before, but it sure did felt like how they described it. Heavy headache, ringing ears and slightly dizzying world. It's close enough. While recollecting what she had done the previous night, she looked around to survey her surroundings. There was another young lady, perhaps three or five years younger than her, who had already stood up and looked around.

    "Oh, ah," Muriel waved at the girl. "You over there! Are you alright?" she asked, even though she probably looked worse while she staggered as she stood up.
  3. It took a while for Jane to even register that she was being spoken to. When she did, she spun around to face the girl. "Well, I'm stranded in the jungle with hardly any supplies and it's going to be dark in about an hour, but other than that, yeah, I'm fine." Jane stepped closer to the girl and changed her tone. "What about you? You look kind of unsteady..."

    While waiting for an answer, Jane rifled through her bag until she found a bottle of water. Goodness, this won't last long at all. We're going to need a water source. And food," she thought, pulling out a package of blueberry poptarts. Jane wasn't exactly a survival expert, but she knew enough to be concerned about their lack of supplies.
  4. "Oh my, that's quite troubling," Muriel replied, quite disheartened by the fact that Jane was stranded. Hang on, she was stranded too wasn't she? Oh, silly Muriel. "I think I'm alright, thank you," she added with a smile. "My, what happened to us? I can't seem to remember at all.." Muriel frowned, realizing that she couldn't recollect the events after waking up at all. Well, at least she remembered her name. That way, she didn't have to pick a new one and start her life all over again. "Do you remember what happened last night? Oh, and my name is Muriel," Her smile returned once she introduced herself. "But you can call me Muri, dear. And you are..?"
  5. Jane raised her eyebrows. She wasn't entirely convinced that Muriel was alright. She kept this to herself, however. "My name is Jane. And... last night... all I remember is thinking I'd be okay... and then darkness, and the realization that I wasn't. Hey, do you have any water in your bag? Cause water is something we are going to need a lot of. We'll also need shelter. And food. And eventually, a way home. Wanna, like... team up, or whatever?"
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  6. "Oh, wow, this place is just amazing! I've never been to anything like this before... All of these trees look taller than our church's steeple, and these flowers, oh how they look vibrant and exotic. They remind me of that exotic dress my aunt from Constatntinople wore when she visited us. But they do smell quite disgusting, piquant, very much unlike the flowers back home."
    She hears voices coming from the area behind her. They sound familiar, but she doesn't know how they came to be familiar to her. She decides to approach them, and sensing the lack hostility in their tone approach them without caution.
  7. Jane spun around, brandishing her blue ball-point pen and wishing she was brandishing her knife instead. "Did you hear that?" She sighed with relief as a not-hostile looking girl walked carelessly into the small clearing. "Oh. Hi. You're so lucky I don't have crazy fast reaction times or incredible pen-throwing capabilities. I'm Jane, that's Muriel, and you are..?"
  8. "Let's see water.." Muriel fumbled into her light blue backpack. Indeed, she found a plastic bottle, filled to the brim with water. As well as a few other useful looking things. "Why, yes I have! And sure, I don't minding teaming up. It's the most we can do during a situation like this."

    Then they found another girl approaching them. "Hullo! How are you, my dear? Are you lost too?"
  9. Asher slowly opens his eyes, staring into the sky. He stared for a while, trying to realize his current situation, until he had heard the talking voices nearby. He sits up and looks over at the girls who were conversing. "Huh? Who are you?" he asked with a confused look on his face.
  10. "Ugh," Jane groaned. "Someone else is gonna have to tell the next person who appears out of no where. I'm Jane, that's Muriel, that's some random girl who stepped out of the forest. What's your name?"
  11. He rolls his eyes up, thinking about what he remembers. "Ash... er... I think. Yup, that's it" He nods to himself and crosses his arms. "So, where is this?"
  12. Her rather quick and careless approach did not, however, reduce her capacity to perceive the remarkable, and get distracted by it. She saw, as she walked out of the thick, a strange little bird perched upon a nearby cashew tree; a bird which she, in all of her adventures through her home's nearby woods and her grandfather's ornithology books, has never seen. It was a long and slender thing, with a body almost like that of an actress's, and wings as long as a bald eagle's; unusually long, since its body was only as long as that of a baseball bat's handle. Its plumage was a bright and brilliant azure, highlighted by yellow stripes down its abdomen's laterals, with a certain sleekness in form that made the sunlight reflect off of it in a dazzling, almost crystalline array. She was stunned.

    Stunned for a bit too long a time, though, for as she focused her attention at the bird the voices she had heard had focused their attention at her. Moments of distraction for her are rarely mild, and the curiosity that this bird had sparked in her had rendered the other girls' words inaudible. When she returned to her senses she realized this, and quickly uttered a short apology. "Oh, I'm sorry, but I don't think I caught what you said. I got distracted by an especially strange bird, which is right-well, was right there, but it seems to have flown away now. Now, and again I am truly sorry for this, may you tell me what you told me before? I believe it was some sort of question."
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  13. Jane rolled her eyes at the first newcomer. "Your name?" She looked to Asher. "We're in the jungle. If anyone's brave enough to climb one of these trees, they can see just how far into the jungle we are. And, it's going to be dark really soon. Oh," she said, getting distracted. "That is a pretty bird... Wow... it's so bright." She shook her head. "I'll go look for water. If you guus wanna, like, stick with Muriel and me... I guess meet back here at nightfall if you go anywhere?"
  14. Muriel looked at their surroundings, examining the place. They had woken up in crowded ground filled with trees and bushes, with no flat area at all. "No, no, this won't do," she shook her head at Jane. "We need a bigger clearing than this if we want a 'meeting spot'. Camp! Who knows how long finding what will take? Besides, we have plenty to ration right now, don't you think?" she smiled at them. "How about we find a secure area where we can camp and make a fire, and then find provisions afterwards?"
  15. Asher listened to the conversation carefully, nodding to everything he heard. He shrugged confused, "Well, I don't know. I'll leave the thinking to you guys..." He had no clue for any survival strategies, but building shelters and such sounded fun for him. "Well, I could climb the tree, that looks fun!" he said with a smile.
  16. "Oh that does sound like a good idea," Muriel nodded in agreement to Asher. "Do be a dear and try. Tell us if you could find a good spot from up there." She waved at the various trees that litter around them. The place felt dense, so perhaps a view from above should give them more understanding of the area.
  17. He looked over to her, nodding and smiling. He found a good tree with lots of good places to hold, slowly going up and not looking down. Once he reached halfway through the tall tree, he looked down, seeing how small everyone had become. He felt like he could fall down any instant. "Uhh... T-This... is kind of scary!" He shivered slightly, hugging the tree trunk to not fall down. "I think I see a nice area though! Not really far!" He screamed down for everyone to hear.
  18. Jane nodded at Muriel. Apparently the girl did have some sense. She heard Asher shouting at them. "Good job. Now we at least have a destination. Which direction should we go to reach it?" she asked, looking around for her cat. "Juice?" she said softly. "Where is she?" Jane looked towards Asher again and spotted her kitten with her nails pierced into the bark at the bottom of the tree he was climbing. Her front right paw was stuck. "Juice! You silly kitty!" she cooed, leaning down to pull her free.
  19. "That's very good!" Muriel shouted to Asher after he told his findings, holding down her sunhat as she tilted her neck up to look at him. "Why don't you show us the way?"
  20. He pointed at a direction while holding to the tree. "Around there! It's some miles far but it looks nice!" He clung to the tree with his two arms again, wrapping them around the trunk. How was he going to get down? His foot didn't reach the branch below and he feared of falling down.
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