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  1. All you remember is your name and age when you wake up under the moonlight in the jungle. All you have is a backpack with a few things in it. All you know is that you have to survive.​

    Personality: (optional)​
    Backpack Contents: (has to fit in an average backpack)​
    1. NO godmodding.​
    2. NO Mary Sues/Gary Stews​
    3. NO foul language.​
    4. NO excessive romance.​
    5. I can add rules at any time.​
    Good luck.​
  2. Name:​
    Muriel Gibson​
    Muriel has pale strawberry blonde hair that comes down in luscious, wavy curls that curve all the way to the arch of her back. A light fringe hangs above her bright, blue eyes. She stands about 5'4" tall and has a fair complexion. Muriel is usually seen wearing light, floral summer dresses, sandals and a sunhat.​
    Muriel is a kind person, but she can a bit of an airhead as well as painfully childish. Unless received as scolding or correction, insults and sarcasm will fly over her head and she will never know about it. She has a warm heart, but she can be 'too nice' and is quite gullible.​
    Backpack Contents:​
    Hairbrush, hair scrunchie, a couple of snack bars, one water bottle, flashlight, small box of band aids​
    Knows a few things about wild animals​
    Quite good at swimming​
  3. Awesome! I'll post the In-Character thread soon. 'Til then, here's my CS:

    Name: Jane

    Age: 14

    Gender: FEmale

    Appearance: Really dark brown hair is cut just under her ears. Her green eyes stick out above her freckled nose on her pale face. She's about 5'5", and usually wears a white turtleneck with a black no sleeve jacket and boot-cut jeans.

    Backpack Contents: water bottle, package of blueberry poptarts, spiral notebook, two ball-point pens, a dull knife, my cat Juice.

    Skills: Jane is pretty good at throwing knives. She's a master on all things outer space.
  4. I'd like to join, please
    She's got real messy, all-natural, half-back length, easy-to-entangle curly red (as in Titian's Judith red and not Dutch Orange red) hair, bright and glassy emerald green eyes, almost-deathly pale (with a bit of pink blush, and a lot of brown freckle) skin, and a very slender but rather flat body. She's wearing a knee-length, purple satin dress with puffed sleeves going down to her elbows, and a pair of brown hiking boots.
    She's got a wild imagination, and a heart of gold. Aloof most of the time, lost in worlds of imagination, but she's very bright, and very obedient and hardworking. She often gets herself in scrapes, but with her quaint charm she always manages to turn things her way.
    She's also terribly troubled, as the personality she's currently assuming is just a construct she created based off of Anne Shirley in "Anne of Green Gables" to erase away the loneliness of her childhood and adolescence. But she forgot about this before going into the jungle. Maybe.
    Backpack contents:
    A copy of Anne of Green Gables, a notebook with notes in a strange alphabet on it, two fountain pens, a bottle of ink, an old knife (with bloodstains on it...), three stones (a piece of flint, onyx and obsidian), and a tiny bottle of hand-made perfume
    She can't swim. She can climb trees, though. No ideas on plants or animals, but she knows how to start a fire. Can't build a shelter, but can cook and recite poetry well. And she can fight pretty well. But not when from a distance (that is, she can't throw).
  5. Accepted! Can't wait for you to join!
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  6. Name: Asher

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Asher has dark orange hair which spikes up a bit on the back. His light yellow eyes shine with excitement for adventure, because since little he was always trapped in a room. He normally wears a light green shirt with a thick red vest along with black pants. He has a dagger holder hooked to his belt to be able to fit in his dagger. He is slightly shorter that a normal 17 year old's height would be.

    Personality: Asher is always excited with a smile. He does things before even thinking about it, causing him to do many clumsy mistakes. He is knowledgeable with many things about survival, including how to create a shelter and how to climb trees to collect bananas/coconuts. He is carefree but once things are looking bad, he always looks at things in a negative way.

    Backpack Contents: Flashlight, One pair of extra clothes (which he uses as a pillow), dagger, water bottle, school notebook (but nothing to write with).

    Skills: He is skilled at climbing trees and preparing shelters. The pathetic thing is that he is afraid of heights, so he doesn't climb trees that are too high. He is also fast at running, but he never thinks before he does something.

    ( I really want to join! This is going to be fun :3 )
  7. Interesting CS. ACCEPTED! See you on the IC Thread!
  8. Regarding my last post: in what kind of predator-related danger would you guys like to put the cat in, and when? Can't be never though, as the foreshadowing's already there...
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