SITE UPDATES June Forum Audit and News About Staff

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  1. It's the first of the month, and so it's time to start something we've had in the works for some time now: a site-wide audit of the forums!


    What this means is that your admin team will be taking the month of June to finalize proposed changes to outdated forum policy, reorganize the site for better navigation, and--most importantly--keep track of how much hands-on moderation is actually needed for Iwaku to run smoothly, so that we can reassess our staff team needs and goals. You may have already noticed a few new sticky threads around the forums, and that's only the beginning. We're going to be really digging at everything for the next month.

    As part of the audit, we have temporarily removed all members of the Staff Team. You may have noticed that all those friendly red and pink names have turned blue (or green). No, your admins haven't gone power-crazy and fired everyone! It's simply much easier to inspect all the things if there aren't people touching them and possibly skewing the results. For the next month, all Staff work will be done between the three Administrators only.

    To help us out, here are a few things you can do for the course of the next month:

    Use Proper Contact Channels

    If you have a question or are encountering an error, post a thread in the Help Desk. Remember to check the FAQs before posting to see if it has already been answered!

    If you need a thread moved or a post deleted, use the Thread Moderation Request form. You can find it in the footer at the bottom of the forum.

    If you see problem behavior or someone breaking the rules, report them.

    If it's a private matter but not a report, we encourage you to use the Contact Us form (linked at the bottom of the forum index). This will take your message right to us where it can easily be handled by the first person between the three of us to see it.

    Inbox Conversations (private messages) are also fine, but we expect to be getting a heavier inbox load than usual (for obvious reasons). We recommend that you don't PM us unless absolutely necessary or if it's not an urgent matter!

    If there is an issue on the Discord server that is time-sensitive, use the @Site Admin tag to alert us. People who abuse this may be kicked or banned from the server; this is for emergencies or ongoing situations only.

    In the unlikely event that there is an emergency and you can't reach any of the admins, your next contact should be @Diana or @jared555. You can read more about emergency guidelines here.​

    Be a Model Member

    Greet newbies in New Arrivals & Departures.

    Post birthday wishes on members' profiles. You can see the birthdays of the day on the Members page.

    Send in reports for any rules-breaking behavior, possible problems, or other issues you might find.

    Write roleplaying guides and exercises or respond to existing threads in the Creative Content areas. You don't have to be staff to make a guide!

    Post new threads in General Chatting and reply to existing topics, especially ones that have received few replies.

    If you have a suggestion, complaint, or idea, post it in the Help Desk with the IDEA prefix. We always consider member suggestions, but this is a great time to voice your opinion! Remember to keep threads respectful and constructive; if you just bash something, we're going to be less receptive.​

    Keep in mind that the above activities are also things we typically look for when considering staff applicants!
    DON'T Be a Dick

    Just because we're going bare-bones doesn't mean we won't be watching, nor that we won't have help. We expect most of our Staff to be returning in July and they'll be keeping an eye out for any nonsense. Sure, it's summer and everyone wants to run wild and free, but you can still get banned for breaking our Golden Rule.

    This is also a good time to refresh yourself on our Terms of Service. Some of our rules are explained more in-depth in our official Resources.


    In July, we'll be rehiring some of our former staff and posting a new announcement regarding future hires! For now, if you are interested in joining the team, it is best to wait; we plan on introducing an updated staff application along with this announcement. We also won't have a good picture of how many new staff we need to hire until the end of June, when we've completed the audit.
    You can also expect announcements regarding policy updates as well as see some organizational tweaks roll out starting around mid-June and continuing into July. Exciting stuff!

    Meanwhile, your admins will be trying our best not to die. Thank you in advance for your patience while we work to improve the site, and we appreciate if you would send good vibes our way. Keep on keepin' on, Iwaku!
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  2. I want to see a Jorick flop on the floor <3 .
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  3. Appreciate the dedication you three have shown since taking charge; I hope this audit proves insightful!
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  4. Good luck admins :)
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  5. But....I wanna be a dick. =(
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  6. madmins is right
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  7. Best of luck, madmins! Please don't die!

    Just to be clear, yall are planning for the updated form to come with the July announcement?
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  8. Ah, no, sorry, the app will be out in late June with a smaller announcement; hiring drive announcement will start in July. Apologies for the confusion.
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  9. Good luck, admins!
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  10. My beautiful red color ;__;

    Don’t die madmins
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  11. Best of luck with the audit!
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  12. I'm not crying! You're crying!
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  14. My name D:
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  15. I vote you fire everyone and let the forum go full-on anarchy for a month of two, just for the bants.
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  16. Grumpy did you even read. We already did fire everyone.

    But it's not anarchy, it's tyranny. 8D
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    but also please don't
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  18. help, the admins have gone ROGUE

    Good luck, admins. BE CAREFUL.
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  19. *agrees with turtle. I hate being green. I don't feel like no proper firejay no more.

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  20. Green name is Awesome owo
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