[Jun 28, 2013] Tea Party with the Code Dragon! (Skype)

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  1. Dearest Members,

    You are cordially invited to a Skype TEA PARTY hosted by one Lady Diana Notacat on Friday, June 28th at 4pm.

    Our special guest of honor is Kehvarl, the Code Dragon of Iwaku!

    Please wear your finest of tea party garb. This is a formal affair.

    Bring your favorite tea cup, brew yourself some tea, and don't forget to have tasty tea snacks. We may ask for a picture!

    Be prepared to discuss the art of roleplaying etiquette and delicious teas.

    This will be quite the hoity-toity event, so have your bestest manners prepared!

    We hope to see you there! >:3
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  2. Just a reminder that this event is next weekend on the 28th! 8D

    I've gotten coookies and crackers to have with my tea, because I am a DORK.
  3. This is todaaaaaaay! Drop in to the cbox when it gets close to 4pm so we can grab skypes and attendees!