[Jun 20, 2013] Mature-Club Fae (RP Bordello Box)

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  1. Welcome to Club Fae, the fantasy driven Chat RP set in the home of the prestigious Fae family. Club Fae is based of the erotic novel Elf Bitten, feeding into the carnal needs of the mythical magical world unknown to humanity.

    Enter in one of the portals at either side of the bar and find yourself surrounded by creatures of the veil, old and new.

    There are only a couple rules to the club, so please make sure to follow them:
    1) No trolling
    2) listen to the butler!

    Club Fae is a mature chat rp hosted by Esthalia. You must be 18+ to participate.
  2. Club fae will be moved to the 20th of every month. This is to keep it consistent. If there are ever any cancellations or rescheduling, I will let you know in this thread.

    thank you so much for everyone's patience!!!