EXERCISE July Creativity Theme Challenge

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  1. July Creativity Theme Challenge

    Welcome to the July Theme Challenge! Each month, creative folk all over Iwaku will be challenged to draw, write, sing, paint, dance, or do anything artistic based on their choice between one of two offered themes. You can even incorporate both into your piece if you wish to! This month's themes are brought to you by Ossochanter and Revision:

  2. I am by no means an artist but I was surprised no one had put anything up for this month's challenge yet so I threw this together yesterday and today :) It's not very good, but it's something! I did two versions (though i think Version 1 turned out better...oh well) :

    Version 1 (open)

    Version 2 (open)
  3. I will consider drawing something for this challenge. The deadline isn't until the end of the month, right?
  4. How interesting... I love to dance, perhaps I can do just that. 8D
  5. You know, the Nazi sign should be on the borderline for both good and evil, those evil Nazi's stole a symbol of peace and made it into something everyone recognizes as pure evil :(

    BUT it does all depend on the way the little arms go ^^ I actually really like these pictures, it's an interesting way to get a message across, good job! ^^
  6. thanks mitten! : D I had fun making it and yeah the black and white was to represent the overlap of good and evil and the mixed perceptions in a way ^^
  7. do you have to combine good and evil or can you just pick one?
  8. You can pick just one or the other, or do both! Whichever you like.
  9. I'll get some songs recorded. Can it be about the progression from good into evil?
  10. Yes, definitely! That sounds awesome.