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  1. ( @King Julius )

    The night was warm. A gentle breeze blew through the trees, intermingling in a dance as blossoms floated towards the ground. The stars lit up the bright sky, as if competing with the bright cites beneath it. It was a competition that had gone on since the beginning of electric lighting. Trains buzzed about the land, carrying the few passengers that kept busy this late at night. It was a Sunday, so the business of the weekend was dying down.

    A simple apartment complex stood by a rather empty parking lot. Inside one of the apartments sat a young girl, in a neat, organized room surrounded by books and binders. There was a small bed and and a desk, currently occupied by herself. There was a half kitchen, and a small bathroom. Everything in the apartment was neatly kept, and the girl was dressed rather neatly.

    She was studying, as she had done all day. She wrote and calculated, working hard to maintain her hold on the position of top student. Over the weekend, her friends had been out, celebrating their first weekend, even after a nice winter break and white week. She, on the other hand, was already beginning to prepard for midterms, even though they were months away. Not at the moment, though, she was studying astronomy for now.

    The girl, Sarei Arugakime, had dreamed of the most beautiful man last night. His blue eyes shone like the stars themselves, and his hair was dark and soft like a summer night. Sarei did not tell her friends of her dreams, for she did not want their giggly hocus pocus and other horoscopic non sense. Sarei had never read anything about magic, and proved that stuff wrong a thousand times. Wishing on shooting stars and picking cards to decide one's day did not interest her, and she highly doubted the fact that they ever would.
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  2. As Sarei was working a 'shooting star' was heading toward the earth, and would soon pass by Sarei's apartment complex. Of course most people did not believe in such things as wishing on shooting stars, including Sarei.

    However ... Something would soon change for this girl, and she would get the chance of a lifetime. After all he would have expected
    And to her it would seem like déjà vu, for she would be greeted by the man from her dreams. Most people would find that inconceivable, and no doubt she would find it so as well ... But it simply was the truth.

    The star began to come closer to the earth, and stayed only for a few mere seconds before passing away into the bright starry sky.
  3. Sarei stared blankly out the window for a while, originally solving an equation, but as a shooting star flew past, she followed it with her eyes and a memory flushed back into her mind from her days as a child, from when she still got along with her mom. She looked out the window, and stared into blank space.

    She remembered a time when she and her mother had gone on top of the big hill on the outskirts of town, to get a better view of the town. Sarei listened to stories about the stars and looked for constellations eith her mother. When it was time to go home, Sarei would be already half asleep, and her mom would carry her back; Other times they'd just sleep there.

    Times were different now though. Those stories were not true. Sarei only believed what she saw with her own eyes, unless it was in a textbook or scientifically proven. She didn't even talk to her mother anymore, but did keep a picture of her on her desk.
  4. The star flew out of sight ... However ... No wish has been granted. No wish had even been made, nor thought of ...

    Suddenly a young man appeared, the man from her dreams, and he looked up toward her apartment complex. Whoever was in there had seen the star first ... He would speak to them in the morning.

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  5. When she felt her eyes begin to grow heavy, Sarei decided that she had done enough studying for tonight. She closed up her books and placed them all away in their proper place. She went into her bathroom and combed her hair one last time. After locking the doors and turning off all the lights but the one by her bed, she walked back to her desk and got her phone and sat up in bed setting an alarm for the following morning. She placed it on her side table and turned off the light.

    She looked up at her plain ceiling, and thought about what she was going to do at school tomorrow. Eventually, she closed her eyes and gave in to fatigue, hoping that she would see the man again in her dreams, and wondering if it was even possible.
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  6. Xerin sighed a bit and went toward the apartment complex. "Hi, I would like to rent an apartment." He said looking at the female behind the counter. A soft smile on his face.

    "I'm sorry sir but you need to-"

    He reached down into his wallet and pulled out a decent amount of bills. "No questions asked ... Just put my name in. Its Xerin ..."

    She looked at him dumbfounded but took the money. Handing him the key. "Xerin what?"

    "That's just it ... It's Xerin ..." He turned away and went upstairs to his room.

    Once Xerin was inside his room he noticed how empty it was ... So baren, only empty rooms and tiles. And a Lome window in the corner. Snapping his fingers however the room became much more pleasant.

    Now he had a couch, nice flat screen, some game systems, a bookcase full of books, stove, kitchen table, fridge, bed. Everything that he would possibly need to 'start this life'. Grinning he went to his bedroom and laid down in bed. Closing his eyes.

    "Tomorrow I'll have to talk to her." He whispered softly and closed his eyes.
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  7. Sarei opened her eyes to the buzzing of her alarm beside her. She sat up and dismissed the alarm, proceeding to walk into the bathroom and fix her hair. Pleased by it's straightness, she dressed herself in her school's formal uniform and entered the kitchen to make her breakfast and lunch. She made herself egg rolls, rice balls, some steamed vegetables and sliced so pork, placing all of her lunch into her bento box and wrapping it up to her idea of perfection. After placing it aside for school, she made toast and buttered both sides as even as possible and ate the toast while watching the news.

    "Today's Horoscope: Capricorn's Lucky Day! Today you will have excellent luck in your studies! And even better in love! Perhaps you'll find your one true love today! Remember to be confident and honest, at all times! Stay true to yourself and you'll get through even the most demanding of struggles!
    Looks like things won't be going as well as for you, Libra. Your lucky item is a red pen, and try your best to avoid anyone wearing a scarf! If you try your best you might-"

    Sarei did not remember changing it to this channel, and was fed up to the more frequent senselessness of Japanese TV entertainment. Unfortunately for her, she didn't speak any other languages very well, even if she did hold the top score in her English class, and even if she did, none of the channels on her TV were from other countries, so she had to stick to changing the channel every time she turned it on. She sighed and turned it off, deciding that there was nothing on, and she had to face the cold hard truth. Instead she read her Chemistry book, knowing she had plenty of time to study one last chapter before she had to leave.
  8. Xerin awoke with a smile. "Time to get started." He said and got out of the bed. He began to cook a quick meal of breakfast. Just a little bit of toast. Eating it he gobbled it down quickly and then went to brush his teeth. Making sure he was quick enough to head downstairs to see Sarei.

    He rushed down the stairs. Biting his bottom lip. He would just meet her at the bottom, unless he accidentally ran into her.
  9. After finishing her breakfast and her chapter, she cleaned up, and grabbed her phone, bag, and lunch. She exited her room and locked the door, proceeding to walk through the hall and into the stairway. While checking the weather forecast on her phone, she felt the presence of some one else. She looked to either side of her, but it wasn't untill she looked up that she saw him coming. Her eyes expanded slightly and as he rushed downstairs she merely gaped.

    She had only seen such a beautiful person in her dreams. It was an amazing coincidence that this man on the stairs looked very similar to the man from her dreams. She wanted to touch him for evidence that this wasn't a hallucination. Without realizing what she was doing she slightly reached out her hand towards him, even though he wasn't even arm's length away.
  10. Xeein saw her and cursed inwardly. Damn, couldn't exactly act natural now. He felt her hand touch his chest and he stopped. "Uh." He blinked serveral times then blushed suddenly. This was perfect.

    "Can I help you?" He asked, looking over into her eyes, then brought a finger up to his lips. "Hmm ... You are Sarei right?"
  11. Sarei quickly brought her hand back down, a bit embarrassed by her actions. She looked at him when he some how already knew her name. How did he know her? Did they somehow meet, without Sarei remembering? She was slightly suspicious, but remained respectful. He didn't look like a delivery man, but maybe he was. Or perhaps a friend of a friend.

    "Yes sir, I am Sarei Arugakime," She replied and cleared her throat, "Do you need something?"

    Sarei wondered if her tone sounded rude at all. She was slightly worried, because she didn't want to mess up in front of such a lovely person.
  12. Xerin raised an eyebrow. "I believe that I asked you first if you need something." He frowned a little bit. "Anyways ... It doesn't matter ... I came here to see you." He watched Sarei closely. "After all ... You are the one who saw the star last night, no? Why did you not make a wish?" He asked with a small frown.

    "I mean ... That is what people do right? Make wishes?"
  13. "Wishes don't come true that easily," Sarei sighed, a bit irritated by the fact that everyone did things like wishing on stars and pulling cards, "Magic isn't real. There is no science behind things such as gods, and horoscopes and wishes coming true just because you're at the right place at the right time."

    Sarei was fed up to where this world was going. During the Enlightenment, people had began to figure out that religion and animosity were not always the correct answer. From then on things were going great, and humans had evolved into basing their opinions and thoughts more on scientific evidence, rather than what some random stoner says is the god's law. There was no set date in history when things began to devolve, but horoscopes and magic was rising as a larger part in society and culture than Sarei wanted. She was not going to believe any of it, and there was no way anything could ever make her believe in some stupid magic.
  14. He frowned a little bit. "No such thing as magic huh? How do you explain my being here then?" He asked raising a brow. "Pure coincidence? That is doubtful." He replied.

    "What is your scientific explanation for that? If I may ask?"
  15. "What do you mean, 'your being here?' Why wouldn't it be a coincidence? What's so special about you? You look relatively human like the rest of the people in the complex," Sarei said, her tone showing a bit of her annoyance. Who did he think he was? God? Ha! The thought of it made her want to laugh, but she didn't, "You probably have an apartment here, so that's why you're here. I have no idea how you know my name, or how you know I didn't wish on some stupid star, but you the possibilities of what happened are so easy that it's not even worth saying."
  16. "Hmm ... So are you claiming you don't remember that dream than?" He began to head downstairs. "Also ... That show you were watching earlier ... How it was a Capricorns lucky day." He looked toward her. "Perhaps I'm mistaking you with someone else ... Oh well."
  17. Sarei blushed, regarding the dream she had, wondering if he was talking about that. He seemed to know a lot about her. When he mentioned the show she realized he knew pretty much everything about her. Sarei was evaluating her choices, and didn't pay any attention to the last part of what he said. She made and expression of realization.

    "I get it now," She said, and pointed at him dramatically, "You're a stalker."

    She didn't actually have any clue what was going on, but she refused to believe in magic. Magic was not a class, or even included in the curriculum at school.

    Oh! School! She was going to be late! She panicked for a second and said, "I have to go now! Bye!"

    She turned on her heel and started to dash down the stairs, but misplaced her footing and tripped, falling forwards.
  18. His eyes widened and she began to fall. Reaching out to her he caught her just in time. Somehow managing to get in front of her, she collided into his chest, and his arms instantly wrapped around her. "Jeez ... Be careful." He muttered.

    He released her from his grasp. "Umm stalker? If you say so ..." He began to head downstairs.
  19. Sarei sighed despisin the fact that she was behaving like a five year old. She walked down the stairs, and out of the direction of her school, deciding she would apologize as soon as school was over.

    Sure, it was a rather extreme explanation, but she didn't have any other explanation for what had happened. Unless it was magic, which wasn't possible. It wasn't real, never has been, and probably never will be.
  20. Xerin watched as she walked off. Damn ... He had to prove it to her somehow ... But he would need to take it slowly. He decided. After all it would shatter her to realize how in denial she had been her whole life. He nodded. "What should I do first then ..." He pondered. "Within the realm of her 'reality'."
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