Julio y Eva (between Julio and Dark_Angel_Liz)

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  1. Eva walked into the Starbucks coffee shop and escaped the fierce winter weather. As she waited in line she looked out the door. Sighing as the she watched the snow fall she walked up to the cashier and asked for a hot moca. After paying for her drink she went and sat down at one of the tables and pulled out her laptop.

    Opening her laptop she went onto one of her favorite games, Minecraft. As she played and drank her Moca the door opened once more and the snow flew in. She shivered and looked up. There stood a guy in the door way shaking off the snow from his coat. As she looked up at him she sort of had this warm feeling inside of her. When he looked her way she quickly turned back to her game.
  2. He walks by and notices she is playing minecraft, He says "Nice, What is your username? I might like to play with you"
  3. She blushed "Uh, it's um, It's Eva357"
  4. She blushed "Uh, it's um, It's Eva357"
  5. He then Looks at her" hm, If I guess something about you that is true, can I have a kiss ;3?"
  6. Eva giggled to herself. "But I barely know you"
  7. He Laughs, "Its a magic trick, hmmm"
    He Looks Into her eyes.
    "Your sensitve, Beautiful, and especially has gorgeous eyes"
    "Do I win "
  8. she smiled and nodded. This was weird for her but she didn't care. This felt so right.
  9. He kisses her
    and says "OMNOMNOMNOMNOM"
  10. Eva busted out laughing.
  11. :3 He Grabs Her Hand and tells her
    "Come with me :3"
  12. Eva closes her laptop and puts it in her bag. Picking up her bag she takes his hand and follows him.
  13. He takes her back to his apartment
    "Sorry If this is weird but"
    He Kisses her again!
  14. Eva dropped her bag and and wrap her arms around him and kissed him back.
  15. *he then stops and says"
    Whats your name Lol!
  16. Im Eva, How about you?
  17. Julio, But call me Cookie Monster
  18. Laughing again she nodded
  19. He Kisses her again
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.