Julia Vs Zaina

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  1. Zaina loaded up her cannon arm. Tested the graple wire, and the wrist blade. Her strength, speed, stanima and Durability were all working. Her scanners here up to par. She said System check complete. Target Julia Levina. Wanted Dead or alive." She went to the last known area of where she was. SHe loaded up her weapons and got the gatling gun ready to shoot the girl. Whereever she was. She stepped quietly walking around the area. Her steps could be the only thing heard here.
  2. The hollowed sound of a pair of feet waltzed upon the concrete walls of an otherwise silent stretch of urban back alley. Their echoing rhythm carried through the alley ahead of the soles responsible for their performance. But it wasn't a far distance; the watchful city pigeon, the only other inhabitants of the alley, would hear the footfalls mere seconds before witnessing the emergence of a solitary shadow, elongated by a chance angle of the dusk sun striking the figure that cast it.

    Before a moment's passing, the figure would emerge in full view of the local wildlife. In plain view, the female figure came to quick, but calculated, stop near the side entrance of one of the old, dilapidated warehouses. With the ceasing of the young woman's footsteps, the alley fell silent, save for the muffled sounds of traffic on the street. An obvious look of frustration came over her. Pursing and swishing her lips, she riffled a hand through the right pocket of the beat-up leather coat she had acquired from a recent exploit. Though she spent a good few seconds digging, the truth was that the pocket only had one item comprising its contents: an equally tattered, folded-on-too-many-times cut of paper with barely legible scrawl marks arranged in a rough table format.

    Still pursing and swishing her mouth around between her cheeks, the woman ran narrow eyes across the sheet. Several of the scrawled marks upon the paper had been scribbled out by her own hand, like a errand checklist. With the day nearly done, most of the items on the list were crossed out, leaving a single set of information at the very bottom of the sheet. It was this name that the girl's eyes wandered to, and immediately rolled at.

    "Where do they come up with these people??" she mused in a mutter. She looked hesitantly around the alleyway, as though expecting some sort of fault or misdeed to strike out at her from some crevasse. "This is the right place," she told herself, still muttering. Looking back to the sheet, and its one item that remained unscribbled, she exhaled a soft, aggressively toned sigh. "After all of this I-- wait a minute." Somewhere from the alley behind her came another pair of footsteps, a bit louder and more resonant than her own. She craned her neck towards the sky, and released the paper from her hand, from where it floated down and onto the pavement. "Late!" she said. As always, Julia, you get held up at day's end.

    She spun about on the balls of her feet and stopped in a gawk. The woman standing down the alley from her was not like anyone else she had dealt with before... and in her employment, she had dealt with some truly screwed up people. The woman she saw in front of her didn't even look like a person at all; the sleek, dark metallic form was nothing Julia was familiar with. If this is a joke...

    Needing a stronger understanding of the 'person' she was now facing, Julia took a much closer look. Her vision of the electromagnetic spectrum sharpened, and the clarity made it all too obvious: the other woman was emitting electromagnetic activity that far surpassed that of any normal human. Whatever this was, Julia was certain she wouldn't be skating by as her usual self; she might actually have to break a sweat on her powers to take on this hit. Neural signals through her body and brain accelerated; the processing of her surroundings grew easier. "No hard feelings; just my job." In the throwing of a pointed index finger came a single static spark, which quickly shot forward in a bolt covering the gap between Julia and the metal-looking woman.
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  3. Z-X used her sonar system. The girl was near, She would wait for her prey to reveeal herself to her. Then she came out. Z-X scanned her and said So you finally show yourself? She didnt look so tough but she knew not to take this girl so likely. Zaina quickly dodged the bolt and aimed her arm canon. Gatling gun appeared on her arm. She gave a smirk and repeated to her No hardfeelings...just doing my job. Zaina fired the 2mm Vulcan calibar bullets at her. This would close the gap more.
  4. The woman had to have been something else to evade a literal bolt of electricity so casually. It would have been a gratuitous untruth for Julia to pretend it didn't daunt her to have even something so simple evaded; that fact expressed itself well within her glare as it followed the woman's movement, as little of one as it was in such a cramped space.

    The retaliation that followed struck an immediate nerve with Julia. The metal-clad arm of her would-be hit revealed itself as a hidden gun, aimed solely at the young Electrokinetic. Guns... Bullets... Metal... The thoughts came so fast they all might as well have been one. Leaving her armored assailant's echoing statement to deaf ears, Julia pressed her energies outward. Her magnetic field expanded in a repulsive force, meeting the rain of bullets as they exited the barrels of the Gatling Gun.

    Magnetism, working in tandem with air resistance, sent the force of the bullets into a nose dive. Regardless of these efforts, Julia was not totally spared the damage of the firearm; the bullets fired early in the volley had passed through with enough force to land grazing, stinger-like blows, punching tears into the leather jacket before dropping to the ground.

    Shaking off the sting, Julia made what she anticipated would be a less predictable move. She threw a second bolt down the alley towards the metal woman. Using this as a cover, she applied the very same manner of force that had kept her from a premature ending to drift through the air towards the exterior wall of the building on her right. In a single motion, she latched to the wall, and kicked in the aged window next to her landing spot, shattering an opening just wide enough for her girth.

    The escape secured, she slipped into building, an abandoned industrial floor, ripe with old pipes, bars and chains littering the ground. She darted, swiftly and with an effort to silence towards the far end of the building. Called into an outreached hand, a metal pipe, two feet in length with a cane-like curve at one end, levitated into her clutches. At last finding a refuge in a shadowy corner, she latched herself to the interior wall.

    Once in place, she worked her magnetic prowess. Steadily, though rapidly, her form began to vanish a bending of light, which now simply diverted around her, rather than reflecting off of her.

    In this position, she would hold in wait.
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