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So, Vay.....If there was anything you could do on Iwaku, no restraints at all, what would you do?
*Looks around for where kiiti's voice came from and waves casualy while inching closer to McCarthy (who seams to like disturbed)*

Anything I want

*is lost in violent thought*

Aside from impose my own will and have daily epic battles with Asmo....

I would get the staff to dump thier meaningless lives and devote themselves fully to Iwaku..... Ohhh SHiiiiiiiii.............. I MEANT NO OFFENCE!!!!!!

*runs in circles around the stage*
*Smiles at Vay sweetly*

When this interview is over, you will be attacked by three men. If you press charges, I will kill you.


Now, please, answer this next question:

When did you start RPing, and also.... If you could create a..."Dream team" If you will, of people to work with, who would you personally put on an RP together?
*Trips over the microphone cable and slides on the floor in a faceplant*

Well I am cirrently working out the basics of a RP. So far I've only involved Megane-kun but want to ask Profesor Frost about a stat system for it.

*still on face*

My dreamteam would be Kitti, Angel, Rory, Porg, Megane, Coffee (If she stuck around, no offence) and od coarse the great Asmo. I wavn't RPed much with anyone else but I would include JC on the condision he brings his Cbox persona.

*Gets up*

Now where is that coffee?

What's your favorite type of music?
Thats an easy one. IZZ A ROKKA!! DA 'EVIER DA BETTA!!

Inside the rock genra I have a broud taste fron emo to metal to softer stuff and alternative. To name a few bands.... Disturbed, Breaking Bejamin, Panic! at the disco, My Chemocal Romance, Nine Inch Nails, Metalica, Apocaliptica... The list goes on. I also like some clasical pieces like Moonlight sonata and kitti has introduced me to some beautiful piano pieces which I have downloaded and kept.

*looks around expectantly*

Where did your assistant go?

*Julez pushes Vay into the audience*

Top, would you mind getting me my flask from my changing room?

....And it's good that you're here, Kura, now take a seat, right on that tool there, and let's get started, shall we?
*sits* Yessss! We shall get started. *can totally see Arachy backstage from where she is sitting* ... e.e;
*Looks where Kura is looking and sighs*

Top! Have fun, we have a guy snooping around backstage!
.....Now, as I was about to say, Kura, tell me, you joined quite recently, corect? What do you think of Iwaku?
*facepalms at Arachypet*

I like it. Even though I haven't had much time to jump into the RPs quite yet, I love how active the site is, and the people here are pure awesome. x3
Very good, now, tell me Kura, you like the C-box, don't you?
Yeah, that's pretty much my favorite location at the moment. But I'm trying to get better about posting in the forums a bit. ^_^ The crazyness in the cBox makes me giggle, though!
*Julez nods to Top and Road Rage*

So, Kura, what would you say is your favorite buddy on the Cbox?
Ooooh.. Choosing a favorite..

Hmmm. Well, I migrated over here from AFTA, and that is where I met Arachy. *points as he is dragged out* So I've known him longer than most here, besides Jinx, Dia, and Isa.

But then Kitti and Angl.. and...it's so hard to choose! ;_;

so, Kura, tell me, You said you would get into RPing, what are you looking for in an RP?
Hmm.. Nowadays I can pretty much get into anything, but one of my favorite genres is horror. I love me a good scary, bloody story! Ghosts, zombies, or just hack 'em ups! Doesn't matter to me!

..perhaps I watch a few too many movies? :P
What's your favorite horror/scary movie?
I'm a fan of the older stuff.. I like Michael Myers, Jason, and the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Every now and then I'll find a new horror movie I like, mostly because the special effects are better.

Hehehe, I'm a fan of the first three SAW movies. After the third one, I just watched it for the traps, not even the story. xD
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