Juku's Fan-Art/Designs

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  1. Yep, so these are some of my pieces, I do Fan-Art if that's what you want to call it..I don't trace anything, freehand all of it. Hope you enjoy!

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    This was a tattoo idea back in the day.

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    I drew this on concrete with some chalk I found. I used picture editing on my phone to make it pop out more. [[Guess this doesn't count in a sense..But I thought it looks pretty cool.]]

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    Undertaker Yorick fan art. [Belongs to Riot-Games.]
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    Just because I love dinosaurs.
  2. I approve of the down-syndrome dynosaur. Lol kidding!

  3. Liked this.
    then I saw the capn merca siggy.

    but yeah.
    YAY ART.<3
  4. What's wrong with Cap? O_o
  6. Thor's cool though! I just prefer Cap, liked him ever since I was a little Juku.