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  1. His eyes weren't seeing every color, but he could figure out most things by shade. As he wandered through alleys in the dark, his eyes sought anything familiar from the lower position than he usually saw these same landmarks. Luckily he hadn't been far from home when the change hit him, but it had hit so fast he hadn't been able to put on the collar he slipped into his pants every time he left home. Not that it had a number on it, but it did have his name and address on it. Well, not his true name but a harmless sounding canine name: Fluffy.

    Finally he saw his building, the apartment he chose because it wouldn't say anything about a dog in the building his size. Unfortunately the front door was closed and, given the late (or rather, early) hour, he didn't think anyone would be around to take pity on his predicament. It would be rude to bark or howl until someone came to the door, so he merely whimpered and curled up by the door, his tail over his nose. There was only a few hours until the first people left for work in the morning, and most of the early commuters recognized him at this point.

    He'd have to replace his clothes he tore tonight. Not that he didn't have others, but that style of jeans was one of his favorites and that pair had been his last. Another whimper escaped and he shivered a little. His coat would need replaced too, despite not having been ruined. Someone had likely already snatched it up and run off with it. It was late in the winter season, but it was still very cold.
  2. Maia ran a hand through her long, dark brown curls. She had just gotten done at the college 24 hour library and was on her way home. She hated walking when it was so dark, especially since she was only 5'4 and petite. Thankfully, she had been in martial arts since she was 12 so she was usually able to hold her own. Especially if someone came at her head on instead of coming from behind.

    She hadn't planned on staying so late at the library, she was working on her final classes to be able to become a teacher like she wanted and with her full time job she didn't get many chances to study like this. Thankfully tomorrow, well today, she had the day off so she could just go up to her apartment and sleep without having to worry about anything else. Getting to her apartment complex she dug around in her purse to get her keys out of them and noticed the large dog laying on the steps with its tail over it's nose.

    "Oh you poor thing," she said softly. It was chilly outside, even for a dog. Opening up the door quickly she bent down and held her hand out to the dog. She knew better than to randomly pet animals, especially if you didn't recognize them. "C'mon. I'll let you into my apartment and give you something to eat and start my fireplace for you. Then in the morning I'll see if the landlord know's who your owner is." She said talking to the animal with a soothing voice and a smile.
  3. A scent roused him first, which he quickly identified as a human woman, and he lifted his head as she spoke to him. When she held out a hand he sniffed it, mostly because he knew that's what dogs were supposed to do. His instincts said otherwise, but they were more wild and he knew that sniffing anything else just yet would be rude, even if humans tended to overlook most odd behaviors in animals.

    She mentioned going inside and he perked his ears up, pointing them towards her before standing and stretching. Even though she was talking about going to her apartment, he was sure he could show her his and where the key was and she'd let him inside. Maybe.

    That was something else he had to get done, since his keys were also in his shredded clothes. Someday he'd find a roommate or something and explain everything so he didn't have to have others give him weird looks when his dog wasn't home but he was and neighbors came knocking. Eventually the "my ex and I share custody" excuse won't fly with someone.

    He followed the woman inside and immediately bolted up the stairs towards his apartment, but suddenly thinking better of it. He did sit on the mat outside his door, but while dogs were smart, would they know about a hidden key? This was a hard dilemma, and he wished he'd spent time around other dogs and learned typical behaviors. As it was, he just sat there and whined, nosing the crack of the door, before turning to find the woman again.
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  4. Maia watched as the dog started going up the stairs and she shook her head. Going up the stairs two at a time to catch up to it she saw the dog sit on the mat outside a door. This was her floor and she lived just across the hall but she couldn't remember ever seeing the dog. Although, she didn't really socialize much either with work and school. Thankfully her last test was in two days so she would be done with school and graduate as long as she passed the class. THen it was just a matter of trying to find a teaching job.

    Walking over to the apartment that the dog was sitting in front of she bit her lip. It was pretty late but then again it was the guy's dog. Knocking a few times she waited a few minutes and then knocked again. "Sorry to wake you but your dog was outside." She called through the door. When she didn't hear anything she sighed and reached into her purse for a piece of paper and some tape.

    Scribbling a note explaining where the guy's dog would be she taped it to the door and walked across the hall to her own. Unlocking it she held the door open and looked over at the dog. "Come here buddy. I don't think your owner is going to wake up from me knocking. I left him a note so he should get you in the morning. I can feed you and get you something to eat." She said as she patted her thigh.

    She'd never really had pets before so she wasn't absolutely sure what to do but she didn't want to leave the poor animal out here either. It was warmer in the building, yes, but the main area's weren't heated so it wasn't super warm either.
  5. Hoping he didn't suddenly change back, he followed the woman into her apartment with some reservations. He really needed to get a roommate who would understand what his problem was. There was a cousin somewhere close, maybe he could hunt them down and ask...

    With no other options coming to mind, he looked around the apartment before eyeing the fireplace she had mentioned earlier. He wasn't really cold, but he certainly wouldn't complain about extra heat. But first, he put his nose to work and began sniffing around the place trying to learn what he could about the woman who was taking him in for a few hours. There was little to work with outside of her scent and the old smells of food, but that was all right. He didn't want to scare a dog or cat that didn't know him, and he was hoping not to make her need to explain his presence to any roommate or boyfriend.

    Pleased and finished with his exploration, he pranced over to the fireplace and laid down, letting his tail thump and tongue hang out to try and look cute and nonthreatening. Not everyone liked big dogs, let alone dogs that looked like wolves. While he didn't think she'd have let him in if he looked scary, he figured every little bit helped.
  6. Watching the dog walk into the apartment she couldn't help but smile as she shut and locked the door behind her. Walking towards her bedroom she started stripping down to her underwear. Getting into her room she grabbed a long t-shirt to wear to sleep in before going to the kitchen. Filling a bowl with some water she brought it out to the dog and set it down next to him.

    Petting him for a few moments she smiled. "I'm sorry you're stuck here with me buddy. I don't even know your name but you're welcome to roam around. Hopefully you're housetrained. I'll sleep on the couch so that if your owner comes I can throw on a robe and let him know you're alright." She said with a soft smile.

    Going to her bathroom she washed her face, brushed her teeth, and quickly brushed her hair. Grabbing her pillow and blanket she walked out to the living room and laid down on the couch with the lights off. After the day she had it was easy to fall asleep and thankfully she was a light enough sleeper that noises would wake her up so she would instantly hear someone knocking on ehr door when the dog's owner returned or woke up and came over to get it. With a soft smile she quickly drifted off to sleep.
  7. Nice legs.

    He watched her walk around, glad he was not a man right now so he could stare unabashedly. His eyes blinked a few times as he watched her. When she laid down he stood and shook himself before walking over to lay down next to her.

    Since he was his own owner it was unlikely he'd be interrupting her sleep. This was a dilemma, that was for sure. The only thing he could think to do would be change back and slip out, but he wouldn't be able to lock the door behind him and there was no way he was going to leave her unprotected.

    Closing his eyes, he nodded off and only woke when he felt that twinge saying he was going to be changing soon. Panicking, he jumped up and whined loudly as though he needed to go out. Which was very true, because he had to leave, and soon, or else he was going to end up a naked man in her living room.

    Which would probably be preferred to a naked man outside, but he was limited on choices here. Another spasm hit and he shuddered, trying to shake it off and push the change down.

    Maybe if she opens the door and he knocked over the wolf statue outside his door then she'd see his key? Then he could run inside and change, and have his clothes. But she'll want to talk to him, and a man who has a dog run to wake him and then doesn't have the fog follow?

    God, he was so screwed...

    When the door finally opens, he decides he does want to knock over the wolf statue. Having to explain himself would be preferable to outside in the cold naked, since he would no longer have his fur.

    Hopefully it didn't take the woman long to figure out the key's location...
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  8. Hearing the dog whining she sat up and rubbed at her eyes, her hair was a mess of curls going in every possible direction but she wasn't going to have the dog going all over her apartment. Grabbing her keys and a coat she looked at the dog and gave it a smile. "You'll have to make sure to keep me safe out there," she told the dog. Seeing the dog spasm she wondered if it was okay.

    Opening her door she saw the dog run over towards the wolf statue and she swore silently but bent down and picked up the statue, seeing the key right outside the apartment. Picking up the key she bit her lip.

    Looking over at the dog she sighed. She really wanted to make sure the dog was alright. "Hopefully your owner doesn't call the police and charge me for breaking and entering. Especially with what I'm wearing." She said with a smile. "Or I guess not wearing," she said shaking her head.

    Putting the key in the knob she turned it and opened the door for the dog. Awkwardly going inside. "Uhm. Hello? Your dog is out here and I'm not sure if something is wrong or not." She called out automatically shutting the door behind her so she didn't wake up any of the neighbors.

    "I know it's extremely rude of me to just come in I just want to make sure you're here so that I know the dog is alright." She said.
  9. Yes! He rushed in and tore into the bedroom just as the first real spasm regarding his change hit, and he had to bite his tongue to keep from crying out. At least he hoped it stopped the crying out, because he all but blacked out as he gave into the need to change.

    It was over quickly, something he was thankful for, because he realized the woman was still in his apartment and speaking. With a groan, he got up and grabbed a pair of sweats from the floor, pulling them on before stepping out of his room.

    "Ah, sorry," he said, running a hand through his hair. "Fluffy has this strange need to... Drink from my toilet. In the morning."

    That was a shit excuse.

    "Anyway, I'm Kai. I assume you found my... Dog this morning? He didn't come in last night, but he sometimes gets out at night and comes back in the morning. I didn't see his collar on him, so I'm grateful that you found him."

    He was pleased to note that her legs still looked good with human sight, and he had to pull his eyes up several times.
  10. Maia looked at the man as he came out of the bathroom where the dog, Fluffy, had just come out from. She had to admit he was a good looking man and here she was, standing in his apartment in a shirt and a coat. Well, that's a bit embarrassing. She ran a hand throuhg her hair, a nervous habit of hers.

    "Yeah, he was outside the apartment around 2 this morning when I got home. He stayed in my aparmtent for a bit, I'm just right across the hall." She said giving him a soft smile.

    She noticed his eyes looking at her legs and it was a bit flattering but she wasn't going to comment.

    "He was shuddering so I was worried that he wasn't okay. Would I be able to see him just to make sure he's okay? I've never had a pet or anything and I would feel terrible if he got something I didn't notice in my apartment." She said with a wince. Her apartment was clean but it wasn't like she'd taken time to clean it for a pet.
  11. Shit.

    "Uh, I mean, he's probably already under the bed asleep. It's his den, I think. He's... Getting old, so maybe he was having a muscle spasm. He gets those sometimes. I took him to a vet, but there's not too much they can do about it."

    He looked inside his room, as though checking for the dog.

    "Thanks for letting him in. If you ever need anything, let me know, uh..." He wracked his brain to remember if she had said her name at all since entering his apartment, and then realized he didn't think she'd even introduced herself to him as a wolf either.

    If she doesn't accept that excuse he figured he'd have to admit the truth. In fact, he probably should anyway, because she lived across the hall and would probably ask about Fluffy again later.
  12. "Shoot I have no mannerss I'm sorry I'm Maia." She said giving him a polite smile. She bit her lip at the mention of him already being asleep, she really was worried about Fluffy but it also wasn't really her place.

    Running a hand through her hair again she looked up at him with her bright green eyes.

    "Let me know if you ever need a dog sitter okay? He's a big dog but he seemed like a good dog." She said giving him a full smile. "I guess I should leave you two be. Is it okay if I come by sometimes to see him?" She asked curiously.

    It had been nice having someone, even if it was a dog, inside her apartment with her since she didn't really get to see many people outside work or school. She started thinking that maybe she should look into getting a dog of her own.
  13. Kai nodded absently at first, and then smiled as he agreed. "You'll probably see him around sometimes, outside, anyway. If I'm not here and you see him, feel free to let him hang out and then let him in here when he gets weird."

    It would eventually be necessary to admit he was also Fluffy, but since it was such an odd thing, he wasn't sure how to say it now.

    "And, uh... It's probably only right to warn you, but he's got some wolf in his bloodline so... He may act funny." There. That should help cover any weird behaviors he may have around her in his other skin.

    Not that he has forced changes often, but it had been over a month since he last took his other skin. Maybe he'd change a little more often now to hang out with Maia.
  14. Maia looked at Kai when he mentioned Fluffy getting wierd and just gave him a smile. "I can do that. I wont come inside next time though, I was just worried about him and wanted to make sure there was someone here with him. Sorry about breaking in," she said blushing a bit as she bit her lip.

    Realizing she had probably overstayed her welcome, and that she was very scantily dressed, she turned towards the door and opened it.

    "Thank you for the warning. I think it'll work out." She told him smiling. "I should get some sleep though, I've been up for almost 24 hours other than the couple hours I got with Fluffy," she said laughing.

    She really was dead on her feet. Until she said it she hadn't realized just how exhausted she was and she stumbled a bit but shook her head as she walked out of the door and headed back to her apartment. Turning the knob on the door she realized it had locked behind her and she hit her head against her door softly.

    "Stupid, stupid, stupid." She said. Her phone and everything were inside the apartment. Sighing she walked back over to Kai's apartment and knocked.

    "Hey I'm so sorry. I managed ot lock myself out. Could I use your phone so I could try the landlord and see if he'll come unlock it and I'll just pay the $35 for it being at night."
  15. He was relieved as his door closed, and was almost at his bed when there was a knock. To his surprise Maia was standing there again.

    "Sure, come in. But I'll pay the fee, since it's kinda my fault you got locked out," he answered, waving her in and shutting the door. He went to get his cell from the drawer and realized it had also been in his coat. Sighing, he went to the kitchen and grabbed his cordless and handing it to her. "Would you like a pair of pants? I can find a clean pair of sweats if you'd be more comfortable."

    Not that he didn't appreciate the view, and if his inability to keep from looking at her legs was anything but proof of that he'd jump out his window, but he didn't want her to feel uncomfortable.
  16. Maia stood right inside the door and gave him a grateful smile when he handed her the cordless phone. Calling the after hours number she told them her apartment number and groaned when she was told it'd be a couple hours before anyone could get there. Agreeing that she'd be here for someone to unlock the door in a few hours she handed Kai back the phone.

    "Don't worry about the payment I'm glad I was able to help! It's my fault for being dumb. Plus they're waiving it because it'll be a few hours before anyone could come. Could I borrow a pair of sweats? I don't much like the idea of sitting outside my door in just this." She told him laughing.

    Looking at him she wondered if any of his sweats would fit her. Being only 5'4 and petite a lot of women's clothes didn't fit her right but anything would be better than just sitting outside her door in just a long tshirt and a coat.
  17. He nodded and hung up the phone before heading to his room and digging around. She was small, so he looked everywhere for a pair that still had its drawstring in tact, and finally found one pair buried. As he held them up, he realized why. They had little pink hearts and puppies with bows all over.

    Kai could tell his face was red as he came out and handed them over, not meeting her eyes. "Uh, these still have their string so... You can tighten the waist," he mumbled, extremely embarrassed. "The uh... Bathroom is..." He pointed at the door next to his room, which was also connected to his bedroom by another door.

    "If you want to, you can wait for them here. I'll go put a note on your door to tell them to knock on my door when they get here," he offered.
  18. Maia saw his red face and wondered why, until she noticed the pants and she gave him a smile. Everyone had embarrassing clothes so she didn't tease him about it but she made her way to the bathroom and quickly put the pants on, they were still a little loose so she kept having to pull them up over her hips but it was better than nothing. Feeling a little better about her clothes at least now that her legs were covered.

    Walking back out to Kai she heard his offer and bit her lip. It would be nicer to be somewhere warm than the chilly hallway but she didn't want to overstay her welcome. Running a hand through ehr hair nervously she nodded.

    "If you're sure its alright then I would appreciate it. It would be better than sitting out there where its chilly. Plus I may be able to see Fluffly again," she said with a grin.
  19. Other than the seeing Fluffy part, he was definitely capable of providing the other things. Grinning, he motioned to the couch, "Make yourself at home. I'll go put a note on your door for you."

    Kai found a post it pad somewhere and scrawled on the top sheet that Maia was in his room, writing the room number down, and then stepped outside to pop it on her door before heading back inside.

    "Can I get you a drink?" he asked slowing his movements and avoiding eye contact nervously. He could have kicked himself, because instinct in his other skin typically meant meeting every eye, but a lot of the time eye contact made others nervous instead and he didn't want this woman to be nervous.
  20. Maia gave him a smile as she walked over to the couch. "Thank you," she told him warmly. It was nice to know that at least one of her neighbors was nice. Sitting down on the couch she felt a little awkward. She hadn't been in a man's apartment in a while, with work and school, and even though she wasn't about to hit on this man or anything it was still a little awkward.

    When he asked about getting her a drink she turned on the couch and gave him a smile. "Just a water, please." She said. Pushing some hair out of her face she sighed. She wished she had a ponytail on her wrist.

    "I'm sorry I've never introduced myself to you before. Between my masters program and work I don't socialize very much. I'm usually just home long enough to sleep for a few hours, maybe eat something."
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