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Would you live your life differently if you knew no one would judge you?

I know this isn't an easy question to answer, as most people would agree that It's hard to admit that you live your life according to how other people act and think, but EVERYONE does it to one extent or another.

Not really. Maybe a few things here or there. Maybe I'd bite my tongue a little less than I do at times. Other than that? No.
Oh yes. That means I can stop dressing pretty when I don't want to dress pretty. :I I'd also be able to sing my heart out without worrying someone will tell me how good or bad I sound.

And I'd express myself more, probably. Such as my beliefs and morals.

I've always had major self confidence issues. Not because I'm a s ucky person (I'm awesome :D) but because people made me FEEL like a sucky person. >>; Lots of bully, unfair criticism, etc, etc.

With no one ever judged me I never would have felt inadequate and therefore would exploded on to the scene and been the next Lady Gaga of the world!

.... On the flip side, if we didn't have judgement, there would be no consequences and some egos would get WAY out of hand. People could feel entitled to more than they deserve. XD I could see myself becoming an ego maniac if I didn't have -any- judgement in my life.
Maybe, a little bit. There are some ways I might act differently, like voicing my opinion more often than I do. Oh, and I'd totally hit on all the ladies.
No, because other than my bosses I don't care what people think about me
I'm a dnd playing, 40k loving, black jacket wearing, metal loving, sociopath. I'd only rock a little harder \m/

Seriously though I prolly would, not that there many people in my life who can judge me and getting fewer all the time. Once my dad moves away and I'm in the house alone until late at night when my brother gets back noone will be ably to judge what I do at home.
I used to be terrible. I cared what everyone thought all the time. Then one day, I just kinda stopped. I mean, there is always that little amount of fear of being judged, but for the most part it's gone.