Judgment Trials 2323 (Sci-Fi RP)

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  1. Earth 2323

    Planet earth is over-crowded, land is expensive and criminals aren't worth the space. Upon incarceration inmates are subject to mandatory sedation and are connected to life support. Their consciousness is then fed into the VR prison system. To save space Prison has become virtual; no more overcrowding, no escapes and no need to employ wardens.

    Once a year a lottery is held for the worst offenders, male and female. Those chosen will be contestants in the planets most viewed televised event:

    The Judgment Trials

    The prize? Freedom and a complete whitewash of his or her records.
    Each day the prisoners will face a different challenge, in a different time zone or on a different planet in a totally computerized environment designed by earths greatest programmers.

    Who will win freedom this year?
  2. How many players do you plan on? Could you perhaps give an example of an expected challenge?
  3. I'll probably keep the player count at five or six.

    An example:

    Contestants find themselves transported to 1863 American during the battle of Gettysburg (American Civil War) Contestants must reach the designated area within the time limit. Death will result in the loss of one life and contestants will be disqualified from that round, failure to reach the designated area will also result in one life lost.

    For the entire Judgment Trials series all Contestants receive ten lives, when all of those lives are lost the contestant is immediately executed in real life.

    or something like the above. Random kinds of time eras and situations.
  4. Would the criminals not just prompt to kill each other to make things easier for themselves? How many rounds do you intend on holding? Just until one remains or one with most lives at the end? Perhaps a deathmatch for the remainder of contestants? What would you consider "worst"? Murderers? Psychopaths? Rapists? Repeated robberies or hostages? All of the above and more?
  5. I think that in some rounds the Killing of other contestants would be disabled whilst in other rounds Killing will be enabled.

    I'm not sure about the number of rounds but i think that if more than one contestant reached the final round, that round would be sudden death. The Contestant with the most lives left in the final round gets some kind of game changing perk or something so he or she has an edge in the final battle.

    As for the worst criminals pretty much all of the above. Plus prisoners of war and people that the government wants rid of.

    I was also thinking that a few of the Prisoners/Contestants should be completely innocent of any real crime (Although the general public wont know that) They would either be political activists or someone that pissed off the Government.

    If you have any Ideas Cahill feel to voice them, I dont want to exert total control over this, most of it is being made up as I go along. This right here is just the bare, bare bones of this idea.
  6. So far all my questions have been sufficiently answered so I have no qualms as of yet. As far as I can gather it would be very much like the films like Deathrace and the Condemned, just with more emphasis on a wide variety of scenarios in different time periods. I like the idea, which is why I'm just trying to clear some little details up.

    What posting expectations do you think you'll have? How often and how much and how well written? Other rules you can think of would also be interesting to hear.

    Also have you considered an overarching story, or just the competition? Will you be a contender as well, or more of an overseer? A prison warden in charge of throwing curve balls and the like.
Thread Status:
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