Judge, Jury, Executioner: Revenge vs. Justice

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  1. Amaterasu Kawashima is an up-and-coming Police Officer in the city of Baltimore. Although inexperienced, Amaterasu is ready to take on Crime and keep Baltimore safe, despite it being the seventh most dangerous city in the United States. With cops being subject to scrutiny in Social Media across the country, Amaterasu's Job only gets more difficult. One day, Amaterasu's life is turned upside-down, after her younger Brother Jun is found in a dumpster, murdered, his body bleached and cleansed of finger prints. The Killer was caught, but is free because of inability to convict due to lack of evidence. The case is closed, but Amaterasu is unable to find closure. Five years later, Amaterasu reopens the case, less officially and decides that she will pursue the killer on her own. As her Friend and fellow Badge, will Detective Williams stop her? Or will he aid her?
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  2. Alexander had heard what happened to Amaterasu's brother, the whole Precinct had and he was glad when the case was closed - he'd seen it destroy many cops and he didn't want to see it happen to her she had a lot of spirit and he didn't want it crushed. He thought she'd left it, but should have known better when there was a rumour that she'd re-opened it. He made his way over to her desk a sigh, she wasn't there.

    He watched her desk closely the rest of the day, but when she came back he went over and leant against the desk with a smirk, "So what have you been doing today?" He really hoped it was something like another case, or her just getting food.

  3. Amaterasu wasn't all that inclined on talking. Not to mention there was blood on her sleeve. Life has been rather rough, even in her career since her Brother died. "Nothing much. Just...Thinking about my little brother." she responded nonchalantly.

    Even after five years, Amaterasu has been unable to find closure in her Brother's murder. Since then, she has been tracking the killer, though not officially and off the books, outside of her official duties. Her shift was just about to get done. Crime has recently been on the rise all over the city, much to her dismay, because she would have to left and right cease her hunt for her Brother's killer. Even though she was able to identify the killer, he has been able to get off Scott-Free. Sadly, Detective Kawashima has run out of patience. Because the Judge and Jury did not do justice for her, she was intent on adding the executioner. After all, there was a reason why she was often called the "Big Bad Sister" by her Brother's Friends.
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