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  1. Unbeknownst to most, demons and gods exist. Some in plain sight while others remain hidden, even imprisoned for some reason or another. If you do enough research, these beings can be summoned to fight for you, be your companions, and many other things. One way to summon them is through Grimoire's and after making a blood pact, you and this being are bound by fate. Someone will soon find out just how this works...

    Name: Ranmaru
    Personality: Sarcastic, Short-Tempered, Teasing, Playful
    Short Bio: A resident of the underworld, she spent most of her days in a comatose state inside a grimoir only to be released by someone who she would now know as master.

    Name: Issei
    Personality: clumsy, devious short tempered
    Small Bio: Issei was never a person to talk directly to anyone he always tried avoiding direct contact with others and read a lot of these dark magic book, one day he decides to try out what he read about.
  2. Are you asking for a partner? Cause if so I'm totally into this!
  3. Well sorry :P I'm the partner already xD
  4. Issei looked around, all preparations for the ritual where done, he had little hope for it to work but he always wanted to give it a try.

    He sat in the middle of a circle on the ground, almost like praying and read something from a book.

    The ritual forced him to leave a drop of blood in the circle before leaving it. Issei made a cut in his hand and let the blood drop in the circle and left it reading another unholy text from the book.
  5. Ranmaru's eyes slowly opened as she smelt blood, covered by her wings all she could see through them was one light in a field of darkness. Slowly she stood and made her way towards it. Rubbing her eyes she stared at it before reaching out and trying to touch it.

    "Welp, guess naptime is over..." She said with a slight grin before she felt the light pull her in.

    Next thing she knew she was laying on the floor...but...something felt different. She'd...gotten smaller? Looking down at her hands she noticed that there was more feather than hand and after feeling her face there was more beak than mouth. Had she become a common Raven?! Is this what the human world does to demons?! Quickly, she got up and started flapping around before meeting face to face with the human that summoned her.
  6. Something was happening...did it actualy work? Something appeared where he dropped his blood seconds ago.

    But it was small, smaller than what he read about it.

    "Arent you a bit small for a demon?"

    He mustered the demon, was that really all he got for all his preparations? Well it would have to do.

    "Introduce yourself my minion!"
  7. "Aren't you a bit small for a demon?"
    That struck a bit of a nerve. She wasn't really this tiny of course but apparently that book was restraining her full powers.
    "Introduce yourself my minion!"
    "Excuse me? Hey just because you summoned me doesn't mean you can get all haughty, kid!"
    Waddling over to his hand, she quickly and angrily pecked it. "I have a name and it is not minion."
  8. Issei looked at her a little annoyed.

    "You wouldn't be here without me would you? Be a little more thankful!"

    He pushed her away not wanting her too close to him.

    "So what is your name then? Is it not normal for demons to follow their masters orders?"
  9. "Oh excuuuuuuuse me dear master, my name is Ranmaru the Raven demon~ I am forever grateful to you for taking me out of the prison of a Grimoir! Pfft...is that what you were expecting?" She spoke with an obvious over-dramatic fashion, ending with a bit of sarcasm. "I really don't have to follow your orders, so basically I can leave right now." Flying up, she made her way to the window and prepared to fly off but for some reason, a invisible force was stopping her and she ended up just perched on the window.
  10. Listening to her introduction he gave a small smile and it widened as she tried to leave he bowed

    "I'm Issei the dark magic maniac, glad I was able to assist you getting out of there...but I guess we will not just seperate"

    Issei offered her a chair.

    "So shall we have a talk?"

    He walked backwards and sat down..on nothing he could have sweared there was a chair just a second ago, he was annoyed falling down on the ground.
  11. With a sigh she came down from the window and jumped in to the chair, watching him fall made her caw with laughter. Pointing at him as she did so, before slowly calming down. "Ok ok, Mr 'Dark Maniac'. Why did you summon me?"
  12. Annoyed by her laughing he got up beeing a little surprised by her question.

    "Thats a brilliant question and I would love to tell you that I have no clue. I was curious...thats all I mean I could work on some evil plan to take over the world but that is nothing I can do over night.

    The thought bothered him. Why did he summon her he hasn't actualy considered it to be a thing to work out. Not wanting her to go on a rampage after confessing this he decided to blame her.

    "But seriously, when I read about summoning a demon I didn't expect to get a damn oversized talking raven! What can you even do?"
  13. Ranmaru let out a sigh. So he summoned her out of curiosity? Ugh, what a waste! Unbelieveable! His comment about her appearance only hit a nerve. "Oversized-- tch! I could peck out your eyes right now if that's what you wanna see? Oh wait, you wouldn't see~!" She began cackling once more.
  14. 'Such an annoyance' he tought to himself.
    He took a deep breath taking all his thoughts together and looking at her with a serious expression.
    "Okay" he held his hand out attempting a real introduction to get over with this situation
    "I'm Issei, yes I summoned you for nor particular reason but one, boredom."
    He knew she wouldn't like this but he had to be honest...if his books werent wrong he wasn't going to get rid of her so soon.
  15. "Tch...well then Issei, I guess you're gonna have to take care of me till you find a reason." Hopping over, she gently put her wing in his hand before pulling away and flying on to his bed. "Well then, I'm hungry, so what do ya got to eat?"
  16. 'That wasn't what I hoped for...' he looked up "I don't know I guess I can get you some soup that was left over from lunch.."
    he looked at the wing, but decided to just walk into the kitchen, his apartment wasn't big and he lived alone, in fact he had no actual idea about why his parents left him alone, they just told him it is important.
  17. "Fine..." Moving over to a pillow, she settled in to it and closed her eyes before letting out a deep sigh. "Well, at least I'll get some service while I'm here..."
  18. When he came back serving the soup he sighed "You are not thinking that I will just be your servant, right?"
    Issei looked at the clock '11 pm and its saturday...so a whole day before school starts and I have to deal with this wanna-be-demon.'
    He tried to smile. "So Ranmaru, why exactly would one want to summone you, or why did I happen to summon you?" his smile was forced it was obvious, but at least she wouldn't be insulted by this, not as much.
  19. "Well, to be specific, I am a mediator demon. I can go between heaven, hell, and earth whenever I please and I can take whoever summoned me along.....so if someone, maybe, wanted to visit a deceased loved one I'd be summoned. After wars, I collect the souls of the dead and help them find eternal peace...stuff like that." She opened her eyes to look up at him. "You probably summoned me cause you can't read."
  20. Was that really her purpose?
    "Oh, seems like my books were really not precise."
    Meet loved ones that died "Well thats worthless for me. Can you do anything else?"
    Issei yawned looking at her "So are you one of those emotional demons that help people that are in love and can't let go of deceased ones?"
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