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  1. As of recently, I've been seeing a lot of band roleplays, I've been in a few myself. A few of their plots revolve around battle of the band competitions. I'm a big fan of Japanese rock and Visual Kei and I've been wanting to roleplay something that involves them. Plus, it's kind of rare for me to see a jrock/vkei themed rp, or anyone that roleplays jrock/vkei related stuff.

    More info on Visual Kei; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visual_kei

    //The plot is still not fully developed. If you have any ideas, please do share them//

    The strums of the guitars, the heat from the stage, the sounds of their music reaching their fans and to be recognized, that's what they've been yearning for since they formed the band. They promised each other on the day the band was formed, they would make a name for themselves and share their music to the world.

    (Band name)*** is a group of high school boys with an absurd dream that they'll be successful artists one day. With the cost of livelihood increasing day by day, one would say that a music career would not be able to support ones self but they'll prove them wrong. With the hardships of school, family, their relationships and most importantly; band practices, how will they overcome the obstacles that's in their way as they journey towards their band goal?

    ***I've not decided on a name for the band.

    So, basically, the rp will start around when their in the middle of their school term, the band is already formed. The characters can be from the same school or different. The setting of the roleplay would be in Tokyo, Japan. The Characters would be around 16~18. I'm thinking around 5~6 characters to be apart of this rp. If more than three people show interest, I'll be making the sign up thread. And, I want commitment, which isn't really that hard.
    [1 vocalist, 2 guitarist, 1 bassist, 1 drummer, 1 manager]

    I'm checking to see if this idea will get any attention because I don't want to waste all my efforts into making the sign ups and no one signs up.

    Thank you looking through! =)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.