Joyus beginning . . . bad end ~

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  1. Simply looking for a one on one roleplay. I've had a roleplay set in mind and I've always thought of this one subject.

    Everyone knows how a story usually ends. . right? The good guy wins and everything is lived the way it's suppose to, right? No, not here. When one world collides with another, a hero's path meets with a bad end. Two will be torn from eachother, leaving the living to suffer the other's absense. It will be a story that will be more than enough to bear.

    There are two seperate worlds that have been avoiding contact from eachother for so long but when reality snaps, the two 'accidently' come into view. They will rebel against eachother's rules and when inhuman meets with human, what will happen? Will the two come to fall in love, or will they both become the best of friends? Shall one inhuman being turn against his own kind or shall the normal rebel against theirs? That is for you to decide. Your choice guides this story and there will be no turning back. When the choice has been made, it remains there until the end of time. The story will develop gradually, making the two become attatched to eachother until fate has finally met with them both. One will die and the other will suffer.
    Think of this as a story. A story that will make many become attatched to a certain character until he/she simply fades from existance. Sometimes, there won't always be a happy ending waiting around the corner. . .sometimes even the bad will percivere. You just have to accept it.

    ~It would be nice to have a parter that types at least a paragraph to half a paragraph just to keep things interesting. One liners are kind of hard to repond to.
    ~The genre will consist of many different things. From action to romance to deep sorrow. Put yourself into the situation and show me what you can to do bring the other into a whole new world.
    ~If you've got any ideas, don't be afraid to express it! ^^
    ~Don't controll my character and we won't have any problems (I tend to get confused out of all those things)
    ~Lastly, just have fun. That's all there is to it.
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  2. I think this would be very a interesting role! May I PM you about it?
  3. Hmm love this idea. Of you interested in chatting more maybe pm? I have a few questions on the concept.
  4. Sure thing
  5. ah, sure thing. I wouldn't mind