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    'Ugh major sadface! Dance rehearsal is taking like five thousand years, I won't be able to pick you up :brokenheart::bawling::cry: Be safe cutie get your :butthead: home safely. Kisses´┐╝ :kiss: '
    5mins ago

    That was the text message that was waiting in Darwin's phone, from his best friend Tiffany, or more commonly known as Tiff. It was a mid May day, and school had already ended. Currently the hallways were in a bit of a chaotic state as students of all sizes and age pushed each other around, trying to get out of the prison they know as school. Usually, Tiffany picks up her beat friend everyday from school. However, today that wasn't the case. She was a dance rehearsal, something her parents forced her to be in all her life. So, there was no way she could loop her way out of it.

    Meanwhile, a man, just in his twenties was leaning against his bike. His lips were pressed neatly together, and in between them was a cigarette, slowly burning. He was supposed to pick up a coworkers sister, but it seems the girl wasn't hear. 'I brought my extra helmet for nothin' I guess.' Though the man as he looked down at his cell phone. Shrugging his shoulder, he inhaled the toxic fumes from his caner stick, before flicking it out his mouth. Slowly, he combed his fingers through his dust brown hair, his hazel eyes scanning the parking lot full of teens. Easily he got looks from everyone.

    "Who's that?", or "He's hot" was all you could hear throughout the large parking lot. Slowly, a smirk formed on Zeke's face. Sometimes he liked being the hot topic. Starting up his bike, he letbhia engine roar to life.
  2. Darwin had been being picked up by Tiffany for as long as she was able to do such. After all, he couldn't drive. He couldn't do much of anything, and driving was a important something, so it wasn't surprising he hadn't been allowed to take lessons. And, to be honest, that annoyed him a bit. He couldn't change it, though, and that was that. He'd have to deal with it, like he had been dealing with things like this his whole life. His parents only did this because they loved him, so he couldn't blame them for being so cautious.

    He sighed a bit, pulling his scarf around him a bit tighter and shouldering his bag. Then, after texting Tiffany a quick 'It's fine, really! Don't worry about it. I'll get my 'cute butt' home as soon as I can. Good luck with the rehearsal.' a moment ago , he shoved his phone in his pocket. Walking wouldn't be too bad, but it was a bit of a pain. He wasn't all that into physical activity, and while walking wasn't much of one, he still counted it.

    He was about to start walking home, but he heard people whispering about someone and got curious. So, he glanced over, and noticed a guy on a bike. He was almost instantly a bit envious, frowning a little. The guy was lucky; he could drive. A bike, no less! Darwin's parents would die before they thought of letting Darwin near a car, and a bike would probably get a lot worse. But it was pretty cool, and he would like to try it. It seemed like it would be fun.

    But he'd never get the chance, and he knew that. What he could do, though, was get home and make sure he didn't get in trouble for being late. If he was a few minutes late, it wasn't a HUGE deal, but 7 minutes late and he'd probably have his mother texting him about where he was.
  3. Cranking his engine, so it would roar obnoxiously, Zeke glanced over just as a cute little Asian boy was looking at him. Arching a thick brow, a slow sexy smirk found it's way on his pale pink lips.

    Zeke wasn't much of a flirt. But sometimes, he did like to. Flirting was fun. But...This was a high school kid. I mean, zeke was only twenty, and the boy didn't look much younger than him. But still, he didn't want to risk it. These days kids looked like they were eighteen, when they were only thirteen. But that was mostly young girls wearing makeup, he doubted this boy was thirteen. Slowly, he drive over to him, about a foot away from his. His bike's engine was purring loudly. Zeke gave him yet another smirk. He way Darwin was looking at his bike seemed like he wanted a ride.

    Well the boy was in luck, he actually bright his other helmet today. "Wanna lift?" Zeke asked. Hell, he didn't even know his boy's name, but it was only rise, no harm.
  4. At first, Darwin was a bit confused. He stared at the man for a moment, eyebrows furrowed. He was wondering why the hell the guy came over, and if he was actually talking to him in the first place. It wouldn't be surprising if there was some girl behind him or something. Wouldn't be the first time he thought someone was talking to him when they really weren't. So, he stood there for a few moments, staring at the guy.

    Then he realized oh, he IS talking to me, and got a little embarrassed he had been just standing and staring for so long. He stumbled over his words a bit, saying nothing near coherent, because he didn't know what to say. He DID want a ride. That was the reality of the situation. But his parents, however, probably didn't want him getting a ride, and from a stranger no less. Actually, they definitely didn't want him getting a ride.

    However, maybe he could break the rules this once. Just this once. It would be rude to say no, right? And he couldn't be rude, even to a stranger. With this reasoning, Darwin decided that yes, it was acceptable to get a ride from this guy. Just maybe he shouldn't tell his parents.

    He rubbed the back of his head, smiling a little at the guy "Uh, yea! Yea. That'd be neat. Never ridden a bike before, hah...." He trailed off, before clearing his throat and having a few second thoughts "But, uh, maybe I shouldn't. Possibly. I don't know. I should go home, actually." Or his parents would flay him alive.
  5. "Ooh, I see. Yer one of those goody two shoes right? Always bein' good, always home on time. Scared t'break the rules just once right?" The corners of his lips flicked up further into a smirk, as he leaned back on his bike. Zeke knew what he was doing, he would just pick at him until he would ride.

    "That's too bad. Ya see, I'm in a bit of a pickle. I brought two helmets, thinkin' I had t'pick someone up. Would ya believe they ain't even here. Sucks real damn bad, because now, this perfectly good, and rather fashionable helmet ain't gonna be used." Sighing dramatically, he held the helmet, looking st it sullenly, before looking st the rather cute before, his hazel eyes showing a playful glint. "Maybe you could help me? You could wear it, fill its emptiness, give this helmet a purpose, and take a ride. I'll take ya home if ya like. Or, we could go on a detour, take a long ride around town, feel that good wind against your skin. Unless...You just wanna walk."

    It wouldn't be too bad to walk if it didn't feel like hell outside. It was hot. Like seriously hot. And getting a ride from a gorgeous guy, with a cute smile might not be too bad. Even though he was a stranger.

    Zeke tossed the boy his helmet, before patting the back of his bike. "C'mon, one little ride won't hurt you will it? I promise, yer 'rents ain't gonna find out." Giving him a rather flirtatious wink, he waited for he boy to hope on.
  6. Darwin fumbled with helmet a bit as it was thrown to him, trying to keep a good hold on it. After all, it was probably expensive, and if he dropped it, the man in front of him might not be too please. Darwin didn't feel like paying for a helmet, and he really didn't feel like letting his parents know he skipped up on something stupid like this.

    Speaking of, this man was under the impression his parents find out, and that wasn't true. If he just disappeared and stayed out for longer than he was supposed to, they'd notice. Since he was horrible at lying, they'd find out where he was, and possibly who he was with, and what on. Going with strangers on a bike around the town? They certainly just tell him to think about what he was doing more next time.

    That was another problem. This guy was a stranger. He could easily want to murder Darwin or something. Kidnap, maybe. And Darwin really didn't know why he came over here instead of trying any of the girls around the area; they'd probably be much more eager for a ride than he was at the moment.

    Then again, he could have fun for once. Do something interesting. It wasn't like there weren't safety precautions. The guy threw a helmet at him. And, if he came up with a good lie beforehand, maybe he could pull this off without a problem. It was worth a shot, at the very least. He could stand being in trouble for once if they found out.

    He paused, thinking over his options as he turned the helmet over in his hands. Then, after saying "Okay, okay, fine!", he put the helmet on and climbed onto the bike. Hopefully this wouldn't turn out badly.
  7. Smirking softly, he cocked his neck a bit, before saying, "Hold on tight, pretty boy." He then grabbed the boy's arms before making him tighten his hold around his waist. Then, Zeke grabbed his bike handles. Everyone was watching him, wondering if Darwin knew this hottie. Obviously this was going to be the hot topic of tomorrow.

    Zeke cranked up his engine before pulling off, speeding away from the school. The feel of riding his bike just....Amazed him each tight. The engine blaring loudly in his ear, the vibrations of the bike between his legs. The air smacking into him, and running across his skin. He adored this feeling. He would trade it for the world.

    Zeke began to take a back road, knowing there wouldn't be any cars, and he sped up. The trees on each side of the road began to look like one big green blob. Smirking from the thrill of riding, he craned his neck to look at the boy. "You alright, pretty boy?"
  8. Darwin might have been holding on a bit tighter than necessary. That was because this was terrifying. He couldn't say that it didn't feel awesome, and the thrill was something that was pretty good too, but there was also the fear of falling off. He was used to cars, or walking. This was a new experience, and he wasn't totally sure how to feel about it. On one hand, he was breaking the rules and doing something he wouldn't normally do and probably never would again. That was the good hand. On the other hand, he was pretty sure he couldn't make out the trees anymore, but he wouldn't know, since at this point he had shut his eyes to avoid possibly feeling sick. He supposed that there were some downsides to trying to have a good time. He didn't exactly regret it yet, though that would most likely occur later on.

    "I'm fine." He replied to the man, before tacking on a lame "It's Darwin. And I'm not pretty." He felt a bit uncomfortable when this guy, whoever he was, called him pretty boy. It was nice, but it wasn't said often to him, so he wasn't sure how to feel about the nickname. He hoped that bike guy would use his real name now that he actually knew it.

    After this, for the first time, Darwin wondered where they were going in particular. He hadn't given his address, though he wouldn't let the man drive him there anyway, and since he couldn't see anything he couldn't pick up on where they were. He wasn't getting a 'I'm-going-to-murder-you' vibe, though, so he wasn't too worried about it.
  9. Cackling softly at his name, the man nodded. "Darwin." Mumbled the man, as he continued to drive. It wasn't until ten minutes later did he slow down a bit, before parking on the side of the road. Only one car had past them the entire time. Taking off his own helmet, he shook his dusty brown hair, before looking back at the rather cute boy, offering him a smirk, before he helped him take off his helmet. "Well, Darwin, I hoped you enjoyed this ride."

    They were still on the back road, it being a pretty long back road. It had skin marks on it from tires. Probably other motorcycles. "Welcome to what me and my pals call race road. No cops ever come back here, and not a lot of cars come down here either. So we bring out bikes out here to race. And its a pretty damn long road. I seriously love it." Mumbled the man, as he put his kickstand out, to get off the bike. It was pretty quiet. The only sounds were the birds chirping, and he rustling of the tree's leaves in the wind. Other than that? Nothing.

    Stretching out his arms, he looked back at the boy giving him a small smile. "You're probably wondering if you should get home know or not? Right? Well I can take ya home, if you want me too." He mumbled walking over with a sly smirk. This boy was adorable. Damn did he have a nice set of lips. "...How old are you?"
  10. Darwin ran a hand through his hair, taking a moment to look around the area. It was nice, but a little off-putting with thew hole 'cops never come back here' thing. Though he doubted the man would tell him this if he were planning to murder him. Or maybe he would. It just seemed unlikely since he just offered to drive Darwin home. It'd probably be fine. Besides, it was a nice place, and overall a fun ride.

    He glanced back at the biker, placing his hands snugly in his pockets "I'm 17. 18 in a few months. Why?" He asked, raising an eyebrow "...and, yea, I'd like a ride home, if that's okay. I can't exactly walk there now, so......yea." He shrugged a little, smiling a bit in return.

    His parents hadn't texted him yet, so that was a good sign. He still had time to get back before they got suspicious or anything of the like. Hopefully they just thought he got held up at school. He could try telling them he went to extra help, but that wouldn't fly, considering he didn't need it and they could just check with the teachers. So he'd have to find something else.
  11. Smirking once learning that he would be eighteen soon, he pulled out his own cellphone. Handing it to the boy, he gave him a sly smile. "Can I have your number than, pretty boy?' He asked with a slight purr in his voice.

    He wasn't going to just let this chance go. For one, this boy was cute, with some nice lips. He definitely wanted at least a date with him. Second, he was a goody two shoes, and was probably shy. People like that were always he hottest. He loved it when they were shy. So maybe Zeke could try and get a few dates with him. Harmless right?
  12. Darwin looked down at the phone in his hands, then back at Zeke. He did this once more, a bit confused. People generally didn't ask for his number. Not even generally. They just didn't. The first and only one to ask was Tiffany, and beside her, he only had his mom and dad's number in his phone. So this was a bit new. He was also confused as to why the guy wanted it in the first place. It wasn't like it would cause any harm, though. His parents generally didn't check his phone, and, if they did, he could say it's a study buddy. Tiffany would probably be able to back him on it if he asked her to. Besides, it would be rude to decline putting his number in.

    So, he put it in, and handed it back afterwards "Here." He said, before adding "What's your name, anyway? I told you mine, I think I should know yours. 'Specially if you have my number in your phone and all."

    He hadn't even realized that he didn't know the mans name. That was pretty bad. He should at least know the stranger who gave him a bike ride and asked for his number, and yet he hadn't even bothered to wonder about it. He was fixing that now, though, and it wasn't like he had asked over text, so he figured he was good.
  13. "For now, call me the hot guy on the motorcycle. I'll tell you my name tomorrow night, seven. I'll take you out, movies?" He asked. Basically, Zeke was asking him out on the date. If the other declined, he just wouldn't ever know his name.

    Taking his phone, he locked it, before slipping it into his back pocket, before he sat back onto his bike, throwing his helmet back onto his head. "Also I need your address. Alright?"
  14. The day kept getting more exciting. Darwin scrambled back onto the bike, putting on the helmet once more. In his head, thoughts were going a million miles per hour. He didn't know what to do. He didn't know this guy, and yet he had just been asked on a date by him. He didn't even know how he'd sneak that by his parents. And, to be fair, he did want to go out of curiosity. The man refused to tell Darwin his name.

    So, on the up side of going, he'd find out the name, and he'd see a movie. That would be exciting. On the down side, his parents could find out if he didn't come up with a good excuse. But that was part of the thrill, right? And this wouldn't exactly be hurting anyone. After all, it was just a movie. Movies never hurt anyone. He'd just have to be super careful, which he always was, so it wouldn't be too much of an issue.

    "Movie? Uhm, sure. Sure! Cool." He said awkwardly, getting comfortable on the seat and wrapping his arms around Zeke's waist to get prepared "And, it's 106 Brownfield Lane. Just drop me off on the sidewalk, though."
  15. "Scared your 'rents will catch ya?" He asked, with a smirk. Chuckling lightly he shrugged it off, before started his bike back up. Hearing it roar to life, he turned his bike around, before heading in he direction of the boy's home.

    Zeke was obviously pleased. He was able to get this cute boy out of his shell a bit, and take him on a date. He knew he wouldn't refuse, but he still was pleased.

    About twenty minutes later did they arrive near the boy's home. Looking back at him, he smiled softly.
  16. After the bike stopped, Darwin hastily got off, and took off the helmet. He paused before shooting a glance at Zeke with a frown "Where do I put this? Does it go somewhere specifically, or...?" He trailed off, leaving the question out there for the other to answer. He didn't just want to drop it and leave. That left the possibility of him possibly accidentally damaging it, and, again, he wasn't too keen on doing that.

    He was still curious why this guy picked him out of the crowd. He simply glanced TOWARDS the bike. Other people were talking about it, and about the ride, while Darwin simply stood back and watched. It wasn't even for a minute. It was seconds. He didn't get it, but he supposed he probably never would unless he asked, and that'd probably be an odd question. So, he'd just leave it where it was and accept it.

    "Thanks for the ride, by the way." He stole a glance to the side, checking to see if anyone on the road had seen them that could possibly tell his parents about where he was "It was exciting and stuff. So, yea. Thanks."
  17. "Take the helmet. You'll need it when I pick you up tomorrow at seven." Zeke mumbled, as he shot him over a warm smile. "And the ride was no problem, I just hoped ya enjoyed it." Zeke saw how he was nervously looking around, probably hoping no one saw.

    "Relax, your parents won't see." Zeke chuckled. This boy was such a good boy. Zeke actually felt bad for talking to him. It wasn't like Zeke was going to ruin him by simply talking to him. But he knew if they were to get involved a little more seriously, Darwin might just start rebelling. Zeke would just have to try and be good around him to avoid that.

    Starting up his bike again, he shot the other a playful wink. "I'll text ya later on tonight, okay?" He told him, that flirtatious purr still in his voice.
  18. Darwin paused, before nodded "Alright! Uh, bye, then." He agreed, before turning and quickly walking towards his house. He had an idea for what to say about the helmet, and what to say about where he was. Since he never really said anything dishonest, his parents should believe him. They really didn't get suspicious about things when he was involved. Sure, they hovered over his shoulder, and had a lot of rules, but that was really it. They weren't too bad.

    He fished out his keys, going up to the door of his home and unlocking it. As soon as he stepped in, he was engulfed by his mother in a hug. At first, he flailed a bit, almost dropping the helmet, but she pulled back soon enough that he was able to avoid it.

    "Darwin Alexander Hubble, where have you been?" She said, going from completely worried to stern within seconds "I always tell you to be home on time, don't I? And you should be, because there's nothing-" Her eyes drifted down to the helmet, and she frowned "What is that?"

    Darwin paused, not sure what she meant at first, before realizing once more that he was still holding it. "Oh....oh! Yea, someone left this at school. I was trying to find a teacher who knew who it belonged to, but....yea. I'm just gonna bring it in another day and ask around. Sorry for being late, I thought it'd be best to find the owner of this." He explained, amazed he was able to keep a straight face for that long. He felt bad for lying to his mom.

    She paused, before sighing "....It's fine. Just be quicker next time. Dinner is on the table, but go get washed up first." She said, tone less harsh than before. With a quick nod, Darwin almost ran up the stairs to his room, going as quick as possible to avoid a slip-up that would tell his mom that he was deceiving her.
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