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  1. Setting

    Journey to the Spear is set in a vaguely dark medieval fantasy setting. It will span a variety of locations, following the path of the eponymous journey. Re-imagining of more classical literary and mythical elements are present. As the exploring, experiencing, and finding revelation within the different stops and locations along the way will be an important part of the roleplay, I won't go into too much detail here on those specific places. Instead, I'll just mention the common thread between them; the world is a bit waterlogged, mired in dark waters.

    The titular Spear refers to a distant tower atop a mountain. The tower is said to be shaped like a spear, with the top forming a spearhead far above the world, piercing the firmament.


    Journey to the Spear is about a group of pilgrims from one part of the world attempting to make a harrowing pilgrimage to a holy site far away from where they live. An important part of the pilgrimage is following a certain path, and performing certain rites at certain locations. The pilgrimage is of religious and secular import and many will attempt to go through it for different reasons, but is usually done for Revelation, Redemption, Religion, or Reputation. People from different walks of life are brought together in a common act, each person of it to be played by a player, and guided by a NPC (so you're not out there blind).


    Journey to the Spear will have a focus upon personal growth, character interaction, adventure, and exploration. Action will, and romance can, be a part of it, but are not as important. Violent action will also be present, but will not be a foundation of the roleplay. However, character death is still a possibility. The pilgrimage is dangerous, if only in part because of the locations themselves regardless of floral and fauna. Action will primarily be more 'Action-Adventure', where surviving the environment will provide the action in most cases. As for romance, it's a possibility too; there will be a lot of talking and dialogue and so intimacy can rise from this.

    If you want a roleplay meant for you to write a lot of sappy or erotic love scenes, or over the top combat, this will not be the roleplay for you.

    If you want a roleplay about discovery, exploration, problem solving, and has a character focus, that also has some lesser versions of the above (some combat, maybe over the top, some romance... eh... fade to black instead of erotic), then this roleplay may be for you!


    Because I can't help myself, there will be some form of trait system involved with character creation and levelling up too. I'm not entirely settled on how it will work yet, but the system will primarily be involved with how your character can interact through things such as physical skill (lets them do more/better physically), what they know from education (access to information that you 'learned in schooling'), and cleverness (mostly in the form of hints when stuck). But other helpful skills on the pilgrimage may come into play. Traits will be intimately linked, if not generated by, your character's origin and history.

    I am currently leaning towards having traits and equipment being generated based on your character's life up to the point of the pilgrimage, so you make the character, and are then given the things. This will mean trusting you to make a balanced, interesting, and fair character. And if I can't trust you to do that on your own then I shouldn't want you in the RP anyway, so... yeah. I'll just trust you, and accept / reject as necessary.


    A thing to note for your characters is that while they live in a fantasy world, their lives aren't going to have been to this point filled with much adventure. They're more likely to be blacksmiths, cobblers, nobles far down the line of succession, yeomen, peasants, carpenters, shepherds, militiamen, priests, and things of the like. More mundane. Maybe they've killed someone and want to have the Redemption offered by the pilgrimage to absolve them of their guilt, but being trained in killing people or having it as a habit is a no.

    You're going to start off more average bloke, it's the pilgrimage that will bring out the fantastic within you.


    If this RP idea sounds interesting to you, let me know. If it's interesting to enough to enough people, I'll make an OOC and a proper character sheet even. Maybe we can get this off the ground. That'd be pretty cool.

    Hey a thing.
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  2. You have my interest, but you probably already knew that. 8D
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  3. And my interest, but you probably didn't know that.
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  4. I'm interested!
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  5. Well, that's three people interested pretty darn fast! Didn't expect to wake up to more than just @Jorick being interested. Also @Dramma gave the OP a love rank but didn't post interest otherwise, so maybe that's a fourth person? I dunno.

    If any of you have questions that won't spoil things in the RP, feel free to ask them! The OOC may answer some of them for you, as you will get some better info dumps on the details of the religion that the pilgrimage is important to.
  6. Would it be okay to have a priest that used to be a murderer/assassin/serial killer in the past?
  7. I am very much interested.
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  8. I am interested haha, sorry should have been more clear :P
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  9. Er... murderer? Sure, but nothing insane. Assassin? No. Serial killer? No.

    EDIT: Going to put this here and back into the OP. While the setting is fantasy, it's not a fantasy where you have assassins just running about. The daily lives of your characters prior to the pilgrimage wouldn't be grand old times. Maybe you killed a guy and feel regret and want the Redemption of the journey to absolve you, but being trained in killing people, or having it be a habit or something? No.

    You're going to start off more average bloke, it's the pilgrimage that will bring out the fantastic within you.
  10. Ah, I see. Thank you for clarifying!
  11. I'll throw in my interest. Looks like this could go places.
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  12. In the hopes that people didn't intentionally fade away from this, I'm gonna temporarily play a co-GM role and poke all the people who expressed interest but haven't shown up in the OOC thread.

    @Azathoth @chaosheart13 @Dramma @Snakey

    Hi there. If you decided not to join after all, alright, no problem. If you just forgot or your alerts went dumb on you like they do sometimes, see Elendra's above post for a link to the OOC, which has more world info and character sheet stuff.
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  13. I'm working on my character sheet now just sorta have writers block I'm super sorry I'll try to get something up ASAP.
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  14. I missed the OOC completely, so thanks for the tag. I'll drop by and give it a read.
  15. Alright, cool, thanks for the update. Glad to know this didn't just die quietly. :D
    Yeah, no problem, that's what the tagging was meant to counteract.
  16. You are the best. I should've done this myself. Thank you for being the best.
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