Journey to the End -A Pirate's tale- (OOC)

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  1. Rp thread:

    Welcome aboard The Mad Mantis, a pirate ship that sails the seven seas looking for treasure and always causing trouble. The Mad Mantis is currently docked at the port Laureate. Laureate is a special port, a Pirate Haven, a safe place for pirates to repair their vessels, resupply, recruit, spend their plunder, and avoid capture. The Captain of The Mad Mantis is currently looking for a new crew. This is where you come in. Can you handle the open seas?

    My character is not the Captain but is the First Mate and the navigator. Here are the positions needed:
    Captain- Cahill-Drake
    First Mate/ Navigator- Spirittigerrei-Kali
    Master Carpenter-
    Master Gunner- Crono/ Simon
    Cook- Esakrel Alkaos Young
    Surgeon- Sunset Bumpkin- Denza
    Cabin Boy- Hiiro-sama- Broilim

    If you think of any others just let me know



    Age: (16+)



    Appearance: (Anime pictures or drawings please)




    Extra Information: (Anything else you feel like telling me about your character?)

    1) No god modding or Mary-sues. No one is perfect!

    2) Try to be descriptive and literate. Preferably in third person mood.

    3) Creatures like sea serpents and mermaids do exist so if you want something other than a human just ask a head of time.

    4) If you aren't going to be to post for a while let us know on here.

    5) Fighting will probably happen but killing is not allowed, unless permission.

    6) Romance is allowed and encouraged. We're on a freaking boat in the ocean for a very long time! [Just don't go places beyond PG-13]

    7) Be respectful of others ( If you have a problem PM me). No drama. I don't want to see any arguing in the OOC, I will end the arguments. Disagreements sure but arguments no. We are here to have fun.

    8) I'm fine with multiple characters to help move the story along but only if you can handle it

    9) HAVE FUN!!


    Name: Kali Lockheart

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5'6

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Specialty: Kali has always been weirdly good at telling which direction anyone was facing, even with no markers to guild her. She is also decent enough at swords and guns, though aim with the guns is...careless.

    Personality: Kali gets bored easily so she is know to taunt, cause problems, and annoy her other crew mates. Though she can get annoying her loyalty is always above par. This has lead her to the spot of First Mate. The spunky girl is also know to never be around as she uses any chance she gets to find a hiding spot and sleep.

    Backstory: Kali grew up on a pirate ship with her dad as Captain. There she learned how to sword fight and navigate the waters before she turned 10. She stayed with her father until she felt it necessary to leave i.e. she got bored of taking orders from her father and felt like she couldn't grow as a pirate there. Her father understanding gifted her a ship, The Mad Mantis and left her at a port. Not really being one to lead she set out to find a captain. Once that was accomplished and she spent time with the person (it is her baby after all. can't let the ship be run by a crazy), they set to find a crew

    Extra Information: She loves coconuts. Obsessed with coconuts more like it. If it's a decision between treasure and a pile of coconuts...well she'd get both but would go for the coconuts first.
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  2. Can I reserve the cook?
  3. Could I reserve Cabin Boy?
  4. Name: Drake Lockhart

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'0

    Appearance: 918677-bigthumbnail.jpg

    Specialty: Swordsmanship and knife wielding expertise. He is adept with his fingers, pickpocketing and lock-picking chief among the perks of the expertise.

    Personality: Drake is particularly haughty due to the fact he's a captain at his early age and some might say he's not nearly serious enough to lead a deck of scallywags. He far prefers adventure, rather than the gold it leads to. He is loyal to his crew and expects the loyalty in turn, but can lose his composure if one's actions leads to danger for all.

    Backstory: The son of a merchant sailor, Drake aspired to become a captain all his life. Having to swab the deck for the rest of his life wasn't a very welcoming thought. So when he came of age, he jumped ship at a port with a bag of gold from his father's coffer in hand. There he did his best to accumulate dashing clothing and a good sword. A sword he continued to practice with every day. A pistol he did not get though, since training with it would likely cost a substantial amount and so opted for retrievable throwing knives. The following years were filled with working his way up the ranks of various ships, where he learned a great deal from all its occupants. Finally though, whilst in Laureate, he met a woman who would make his dream a reality.

    Extra Information: A peculiar immunity to the effects of alcohol, but this doesn't stop him from having a bottle or at least a flask with him at all times.

    [Hope this is okay. Holler if more is needed.]
  5. [​IMG]

    Name: Denza Bounter
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5' 3''
    Appearance: Refer to the Picture Above

    Specialty: Surgeon. Denza is highly experienced as a surgeon and the average doctor, but give the woman a knife; she will play surgeon with anyone who gets too close. Denza also has some experience doing carpentry though she leaves it for the men to do.

    Personality: One look at Denza and all knew she was one heck of a hothead and does not like to take "No" for an answer. Some would say she's "Off the Edge" as one minuet she can be the sweetest little booty you could ever meet then the next she is a surgeon craving to take a whack you with a tool. Despite her slight psychotic behavior, she is loyal to her crew even if they do jerk her triggers.

    Backstory: Denza came from the poor streets of "Goldenbrook" with her brother. Together they lived in poverty but Denza had illegal talent that helped them eat contently. She would secretly do medical procedures for poor citizens like them to earn a few doubloons, but word on the street spread fast and guards located the two siblings. Denza's brother took the fall though as he assured the guards that she had nothing to do with things. Without further ado, the guards took her brother away to never be heard of again while she got away scoot free. Denza eventually got herself into a rough crowd of pirates in Laureate who seemed more or less youn and adventurous than anything; but no matter. She has loyally agreed to be their surgeon. Till this day Denza has emotional outbursts due to her pasts and wishes she could go back to Goldenbrook to reign chaos to those who betrayed her and her brother.

    Extra Info: Debating
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  10. Posted my CS~ If you need any changes let me know.
  11. May I reserve Gunmaster?
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  13. Name: Broilim (Nickname: Mate)

    Age: 16 (Just, he only turned 16 a week ago)

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'0

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Specialty: Cleaning! He is excellent at cleaning and was willing to clean the whole ship - Thats the soul reason he was granted the position cabin boy.

    Personality: Well-bidder! He’s always happy and nothing can bring him down, he’s always smiling and humming a tune. Although he doesn’t hate dirt, he will automatically clean it before doing anything else. He takes himself very seriously at times, much to the annoyance of people around him.

    Backstory: His father, a wondering sailor, who decided to take his son with him on his adventures; named him ‘Broilim’ after a terrible type of beer he had before Broilim was born. Hating this, Brolilm insisted people call him ‘Mate’.

    Extra Information: As seen in the picture, he dreams of one day being captain. Mate somewhat idolises Drake, even giving himself a nickname sounding like his. He aspires to be captain at age 21 and at that time reach 6'0. On the path to being a captain he decided the first step was to dress like one.
  14. Name: Simon
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: (sry couldn't find a picture) Unkept blond hair, wight skin, and green eyes
    Attire: tan ragged trench coat, jeans, and a tan bandana

    Specially: He's a amazing thief and gun master. In a fight can use nearly any gun with great skill and in a close fight he uses his duel hand axes

    Personality: Simon is always a jolly guy, cracking jokes and grinning the day away. It's only in times of great importance or grief that his mouth will straiten into a fine line

    Backstory: his parents died when he was at a early age and he was raised by his grandfather. His grandpa used to be a fantastic pirate and he would share his tales of pillage and plunder to a young Simon. The amazing tales inspired Simon to become a pirate and be able to tell such tales. At age 17 he left his grandfather's home and joined a crew of pirates only to be thrown off in 5 months (something about making fun of the captan to the other crew mates) Luckily he stole a row boat and took off to Laureate there he perfected his thievery skills, gun craft, cannon use, and sense of humor. All the while he awaited the day he would once again roam the seas...

    Extra Info: He loves to steal things, even if those things belong to the crew. He has a pet crow named Cali and he's trained her to fly across the cannons after he's loaded them with a torch, lighting them. Finale he always carries a large canteen of ale with him and it's almost impossible to tell wether he's drunk or sober.

    If you got a problem with this feel free to tell me. But I really couldn't find a picture.
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  15. I have a question, do you mean the real job a gun master had as in making sure there's no rust on the cannon balls and sifting the gun powder, or do you mean really firing the cannons?
  16. both. You take care of them and are in charge of firing
  17. Thanks. Is my bio ok?
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