Journey to Morgentown (Sora Blade and Nells)

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  1. Talisman had received a letter from the king, asking her to make a long deadly journey to Morgentown. Talisman was an experience witch and was less of a fighter and more of a spell caster. The kings wife was very sick, and there was said to be a cure in Morgentown. The problem was the the village was weeks away, and there were many mountains to cross over.

    Never the less, she dawned a deep purple cloak with a hood on it. Her midsection was covered by a leather corset that hid a loose white blouse, and unlike most women of the time, she wore brown leather pants and light brown boots. For safety, she did have a few small blades on her. She made the journey to the castle and not mentioned to her in the letter, she was traveling with a certain someone that she happened to have a previous encounter with, and lets say their first impressions weren't good ones.
  2. Riku sighed, the king had asked him to guard Lady Talisman on her journey to Morgantown, and as a survent of the royal family he was duty bound to fallow the kings wishes. However he and Lady Talisman did not have the best of pasts. Riku grabbed his claymore from it frame and lovingly held it in his arms, praying that it would lend him strength for the up coming journey. Irkutsk packed his few things in his bag and made sure to strap it tightly across his back before leavening to the market. There he saw Lady Talisman and walked up to her, bowing to kiss her hand as he did all young lady's. "Are we to be of malady?"
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  4. Talisman pulled her hand away from Sir Riku. "May we just be on our way, 'tis a long journey, and I'd like to make it as far as possible before stopping this eve." She spoke stonily. She took the map from one of the servants that stood by the throne, "We shan't fail my lord." Talisman bowed and turned. She didn't feel like she needed protection, but wasn't going to question the king. She moved seamlessly through the castle and out of the gates. She didn't turn to see if Riku was following her, and assumed he was. For the moment, she moved easily through the woods, but the map indicated that it got much thicker in about a mile.
  5. Riku shook his head, this woman would be the death of him, he bowed to the king before fallowing Lady Talisman out. He didn't say anything but watched the lady with a careful eye. It troubled him that the king had called on him to give protection to Lady Talisman. Though he didn't much care for the girl, however she was a descent fighter when she had to be. Something was troubling the king and so it troubled him.
  6. Talisman knew the situation was dire. She was moving a little faster than she normally would, though she was sure a dog of the King could keep up with her easily. Needless to say she wasn't a big fan of the royal army. Talisman moved to climb a tree and stand on the highest branch and peek over the canopy. They were approaching the thicker forest fast and once the exited that danger, they would emerge at the base of Mt. Mizergt. She looked down to see the guard. Riku was a decent enough man. He was a better fighter than she, and with the urgency of this mission, she wasn't too unhappy that she had someone with her.
  7. Riku closed his eyes and shook his head. He carefully leaned against the tree Lady Talisman had climbed up. Truth be told he hated working for the king but it was the only way to collect the money needed to pay for his needs and those of his sisters, who lay sick in her bed in the next town over. Nina had been sickly since she was a child but only now did it truly turn worrying. Riku still needed to pay for her medicine, that was the only reason he took the job of an escort. Suddenly a rustling from the forest drew his attention, he slid his blade from its sheath ready to fight if need be, but when a small deer walked out calmly he smile. "You must be hungry if you've traveled this close to town, here I can spare a little bread." Sure enough he pulled a loaf out of his bag and threw it at the animals feet, smiling as he watched it eat.
  8. Talisman was a little surprised by the gentleness offered by the guard dog to an animal like a deer. She figured he would kill something like that on sight. She hopped down from the tree, landing softly on the ground. She took an extra moment to look at the guard. She took a new regard for the guard, though she still didn't like the man. She moved towards the setting sun, which was her best way of navigating, along with little hints offered by the environment. She stopped at a small clearing, the last one before the forest got thick. "We should probably stop here for the night. As much as I'd like to continue through the night, the forest gets much to thick to walk in the dark." She placed her hands on her hips, taking in the surrounds.
  9. Riku nodded and moved to set his thing down before starting to pick up sticks and building a fire. When the fire was good and burning he placed a pot on top and filled it with water from a nearby stream. He let the water boil before looking up at the girl in front of him. "The water is safe to drink now, and I've got some food in my pack but you'll have to find your own bedding. I'll take watch tonight, and tomorrow we'll head out." He handed her an apple while he took an orange and two cups from his bag. He removed the pot from the fire and set it to the side to cool.
  10. Talisman pulled a full blanket and pillow out of her small satchel. Enchantments were easy enough. She carried almost everything she needed it her bag. She sat in front of the fire, "Are you sure you want to watch all night? We can do shifts." she offered. He was a good warrior but he was of no use to her when he was weary and tired. She sat on her blanket and untied the strings of her cloak and stuffed it in her bag.
  11. "You will need your strength more than I, healing the queen will not be easy, besides it is not the first night I have lain awake." Riku sat beside the fire, his eyes already searching for an enemy. "I was raised that we on are our equals, not better nor worst, so as my equal I ask you to hold you strength for what you do best while I do the same, I will not let harm befall you or anything you hold dear as long as you are under my care."
  12. "Excuse me if I do not trust you, dog." she grumbled laying back against the blanket. She stared up at the tree limbs, not exactly tired at this point. She wasn't sure if she wanted to trust this dig. Especially with her life. She wasn't hungry, or tired, and she was on edge about this mission. If she failed, the queen's blood was on her head, and she could expect to be exiled immediately. She sighed and turned over onto her stomach.
  13. "I did not choose this life, but when I give my word I will do everything in my power to keep it... Even if it means I must betray my king." Riku clenched his eyes tight, wishing to never have taken the kings offer to give his sister a house maid and to pay for her care. His sister should be ashamed at him for helping the man that had killed there father because he had stolen bread to feed them with. Ren looked at the forest with pleading eyes, praying that is some way the woman next to him understood the weight of what he had said but he knew such hope was almost nothing.
  14. Talisman heard a hint of anger in his voice. She didn't know his story, but she figured he was angry for a reason. His words had more weight to them than she knew of. She rolled over and sat up. His words bothered her. "You are willing to betray your king? Do you know the punishment you're facing for even saying those words?" she asked. She wasn't trying to pry, or be a kiss-up or even a loyal dog, but she did not favor the kings court either, and surely he had a good reason.
  15. "The king is the only thing keeping my sister alive, but if I where ever to break a promise, ever to give up on my word, death would be welcomed over the look in her eyes. I know of my words and there weight, but I would sooner stand before the king and speak them then take them back, kings dog or not first and foremost I am one of the last surviving members of the House of Blade, we do not take our words lightly." Ren ran his fingers over his sword and gripped it tight to his side, his head raised in pride but his eyes shinning in anger and sorrow.
  16. Talisman only nodded. Her mother was a powerful witch, the king feared her, got her killed in a mission. It was a terrible time, and Talisman was still only training. "Your sister... she's sick no? What is it? How bad?" She asked softly. She was no saint. Anyone could preach that, but maybe she could help someone other that the king for once. He kept her on a tight rope though. He would kill her as soon as she got to powerful as well, its how it works in this kingdom.
  17. Ren froze, no one asked much about his sister. "She is dying, has been for the last two years. She grows weaker even as we speak with cancer of the blood. The king has offered to pay for her medicine and care, and in return I am his dog." Ren looked over to Talisman "you must not heal her, I know what your thinking, it's there, in your eyes. You must not heal her, because then the king will be after your head. I will not let anyone be hunted for the sake of my family, an my sister would hang me herself if I where to let another be put in harms way because of her."
  18. Talisman chuckled a bit, "I do not jump in to the way of harm for anyone. Let that be known now. I do not work for the king. Let that also be known. I just do favors. Also, if I get exiled I leave my brother behind, who in means needs protecting but, he still needs a little sister. Your sister has cancer of the blood. Not easily cured or healed. If we make a quick pit stop on the way to Morgentown I can get an herb that is used to help that stuff. Its how the king is keeping her alive, all I have to do is mix it with a little bit of secret ingredient, and your sister will be up and atom. Really, I don't even have to heal her. You can administer it yourself." Talisman offered, "I don't usually offer things like this, but people being blackmailed by the king seems a little wrong."
  19. Surprise filled Riku's face and he nodded. "Then in return I shall come to your call if you should you need me but for tonight, rest you have my word nothing will happen." For the first time in a long time Ren smile, not a fake smile like he was used to, but a genuine smile. It felt both right and strange at the same time.
  20. Talisman yawned and nodded flinging herself back and pulling a blanket over her. It was nothing to complicated. She fell asleep quicker than she thought she would. She didn't completely understand why she decided to help this guy. Maybe it was because she had a brother and would hate for anything to happen to him, or because she was also staying loyal under the king for threat of death. Either way, she planned on helping this dogs sister.
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