Journey to a Place Unknown

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  1. The place was pathetic, in ruins. People running around, looking as if they were half starved, the life that once filled their eyes all but depleted now, the joyful voices that once filled the Kingdom all but silent in the wake of the war. It was tragic, saddening, and all around sickening. The Kingdom was nothing like it used to be, not the place that rejoiced and cheered for just about everything, not the place that welcomed everyone, had an abundance of food, and even welcomed strangers into their home for a short time. People were trusting back then and they didn't have a care in the world. Families were happy, nobleman and women were actually looked up too, having the statuses that people used to dream of having, but all that had changed. The nobleman and woman and their children were looked down upon now if only because they themselves never really have anything to worry about. They were able to keep their food, their homes free of the Knights that bombarded the Kingdom, leaving the the King sent them out, none of them ever coming back, though half of them might still be alive. Men and boys of all ages were swept into Knighthood much too quickly, many without proper training, but that was only because they were running low on men. Too many were dying on the battle field too quickly. Only the lucky ones seemed to be the ones alive, or the ones who found a way to sneak their way out of the land, never to be seen or heard of again.

    All in all, the place was in ruins. Food was becoming scarce with the poor tending of farms, resulting in crops not coming in like they used to. People weren't getting the amount of food that they needed to properly care for their families, not enough feed to keep their animals alive and healthy so that they too could help and do their part what ever it might be. Peasants are what everyone turned into, all those people excluding the Blacksmiths, Knights, Noblemen and woman, and the King himself. They were the only ones who were free from this torment, yet they didn't do anything to lessen the burden of the other civilians.

    Even people from neighboring villages were subject to this torment, this reached new law that was put into place shortly after the way had begun to take its told on the land all around. Every village that was stationed alone this side of the land, the Southeast side of the border, they were under the control of the King, though they might be even worse off considering how small things were there, how very few people they had.

    People tried to flee, but they would always be caught. Guards patrolled the Kingdom night and day, making sure that no one came or left the Kingdom unless someone was told to leave by the King himself. And at that moment one person in particular was about to obtain a power such as that. To be able to leave, though at a price that he or she might not fancy.

    A woman was currently being escorted through the castle in which the King called his own, a scowl across her lips as the Knights held firm grips on her biceps, their grip almost hurting her a little but she refused to show any kind of discomfort. She was used to this treatment anyway, or at least when she was brought here or when she came here herself in order to send word to the King because her father was unable to do the same for reasons that she didn't know or particularly care to know. A personal servant towards her father, one of the Kings Knights, a high ranking one as well, though she couldn't exactly remember which rank he held when it came to that. She never asked, and he never told, not that she cared. Her and her father were never on good terms to begin with anyway, and even her and her mother were on shaky terms with each other. They called her odd, different just because she didn't want to be a housewife like her mother. She couldn't cook well, didn't like to clean, and she certainly didn't like taking orders from anyone, specifically a man who though himself to be much better than she was just because of her gender. And because of this she had been unable to find a suitable husband, one that would take her off her parents hands, which enabled her to still live there, even at her age of twenty one. It was kind of pathetic, but she tried her best to stay out of the house if possible.

    Her eyes roamed the walls of the long hall that were littered with the King's portraits, her scowl deepening as she looked at the all too familiar face. To say the least she wasn't a fan of the King, though she had more reasons to believe that he wasn't really a fan of hers either, especially considering their last encounter. She was more than positive that the only reason why she was still even allowed to walk in this Kingdom, much less live in it, was because of her father. She couldn't be sure though.

    It wasn't much longer until they stopped in front of a large, dark wooded door. One of the Knights knocked on the door, and upon hearing a gruff muffled voice from behind it one of them spoke, speaking his name. They waited a few more seconds before the door was opened, revealing a wide open room, marbled tiled floors, large windows, and a large golden thrown sitting in the middle of it with a pathetic looking man sitting in it. The way had aged the King greatly, bringing much ware to him, much stress and worry.

    "Myla," his voice rang out. He motioned for the woman to come forward, making her snatch her arms out of the Knights grasp. She grumbled something under her breath before she stood before the King, her scowl softening though it was evident that she did not want to be here. "So I see that you have had to have been brought here instead of coming on your own, again?"

    "In all honesty, your majesty, you know me well enough to know that I don't want to be here." She sighed, straightening her stance. "So why have you sent me? News about my father being killed out there in this God forsaken war?"

    He didn't speak for a moment, an almost amused look coming to his features. "No, your father is very much alive. I have a task for you to do; I need you to go get something for me. A journey for you to go on, rather."

    Myla hesitated, giving the King a skeptical gaze. "A journey?"

    "Yes. I need you to find this... Source, a very powerful source that will win us the way, so that things can go back to normal. So that I can rebuild this place and bring it back to what it once was. Surely you want things to return to normal, no?" He paused. "I'm sure you've heard about this source floating around the Kingdom."

    She nodded. "Yes, but do you really think it is real?"

    "I can only hope so."

    Still, it didn't make sense to her. "Why me? You have Knights here, like them, that can do the job. Why send me?"

    "I need them to stay here, but either way I'm sure you have some qualities, hopefully, of your father in terms of getting a job done. I figured you could be the one for the job."

    Myla didn't believe him. It didn't sound right, and how he spoke it... It just sounded too smooth, as if it was planned and staged. He must have really though about this. She opened her mouth to speak, but was unable to say anything about the matter because the King spoke up again. "I will allow you to use one of my steeds for your journey, and you are to leave by tonight. Have everything ready and meet one of the Knights by the gates of the Kingdom. That is all, so now go."

    "Wait, but-" The knights had grabbed her though, before she could complain.

    "Oh, and Myla." She turned to look at the King. "Don't come back until you have it." And with that she was sent out the door, out of the castle, and towards her home to get her things ready.

    ((Ahh, way too long! I'm really sorry about that. Got ahead of myself, but I figured I might as well put a little description at the beginning... Got kind of lazy towards the end though...))
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