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  1. A successor to the defunct RP of another site, Gates of the Mire. This RP, Journey of the Mire will take place in the same world, same non-player characters, same everything lore yadda yadda. The approach will be different, although the focus will still be on what it was before; exploring the world and discovering what is out there. I can only hope I do a better job at getting to that instead of getting trapped in a single building.

    Not actively recruiting, but if you're interested you're free to express this. If you're still interested when such a time comes that you can join, you may be contacted if I remember.

    Quick Information (open)
    Accepting New Characters: Yes!

    Posting Expectations: Minimal? Well, a post per week, each post being at least a paragraph in size would be the absolute least. I would, of course, love if we could maintain a higher average speed or post content. Also, a player expectation will be to partake in the, quote unquote, Investigation system. More on that below.

    Rating: Things such as violence, rape, murder, slavery, and prejudice will be present. The darker of these things will not be the focus, necessarily. Sex will also be present but if it becomes a core element of a scene, expect things to fade to black.

    Genre: Errant Fantasy? Heroic Fantasy with emphasis on the journey and discovery instead of just ‘beat up the monster of the week with my sword’. Fighting will still be a part of the RP, of course.

    Atmosphere/Mood: I’m not usually a fan of too dark, so things will usually have a lighter edge. Dark morality will still take place, but the RP will not be grimdark. Sombre, maybe, but grimdark? No.

    Plot Flow: Somewhere between Episodic and Open World

    Timeline: Medieval Fantasy; Some Magic

    Basic Plot: With their village slowly becoming uninhabitable due to the titular Mire, a group of peasants embarks on a journey for a new home. Along the way, the call to adventure begins to motivate them more than just the call of a new homestead, and eventually they take to exploring and discovering the secrets of their world, living as they never thought possible.

    More Detailed Information Stuff​

    The World you Left Behind (open)
    The fishing village you leave behind was a small thing, known as Shadecreek. Its population was no more than 60, including children. Most who lived in Shadecreek before the Mire began to take the village were fishermen, or herbalists. The men would usually take to the boats and nets to bring in their food, or if work needed to be done elsewhere, they’d gather and communally labour elsewhere. The woman were usually familiar with the herbs and plants that grew in the dark waters and along the trees, using them to help with the sick and midwifing and cooking meals that made the men strong for their work.

    In years past, the village was larger, at least twice as such, but with time passing the village had begun to shrink. The number of merchant ships to arrive for trade dwindled down to zero, and the draw from the nets lessened. Not as many children could be raised to maturity on the smaller diet, but the village was able to sustain itself in relative self sufficiency, but boredom.

    There was only one interesting thing that Shadecreek still had to its name, the most deviated of occupants, the Ferryman, a Mister Porter. He was a fisher as well, but he caught only for himself. Sometimes, on dark stormy nights, the single road into town would be unevenly trotted by a horse and carriage, and the Ferryman would be the only one the foreigners would have interest in talking to. Then, the Ferryman would live up to his name. His boat would be used to ferry something, and sometimes someone and their cargo, off into the Mire.

    What would come of them there is unknown, Mister Porter was not keen on speaking of it, other than saying he was doing good and honest work. The same as his father. And his father. And his father. The Ferryman has been a station at Shadecreek since times immemorable, although some whisper that he’s not the son of a son of a Ferrier, and so forth, but a Grounded. Because of this rumour, he is typically let be.

    Other than this solitary point of interest, your life in Shadecreek has been a peaceful, dull experience. Old tales and songs, and alcohol brewed of special swamp plants made up the most of your merriment. But that time has gone. Lacking a carriage, or a boat large enough to hold much that would be safe to travel away, you have taken up only your most important belongings and have walked down the single road out of town with some friends from the village, in search of a new home, and maybe, just maybe, some excitement.

    Folklore and Religion (open)
    The world around Shadecreek isn’t exactly safe, so the legends say. Strange creatures lurk in the water, and in the shadows behind the trees, kept at bay by various charms that adorn the walls of buildings, and lampposts along the roads.

    The gods are ancient unknowable beings, and their reasons are further mysteries. The Mire is particularly blamed upon the water god, goddess, or gods, if they still live. The folkloric religion of the region posits that gods can be slain, and current cries of apocalypse claim the rising of the Mire is from a great wound in the heart of a water god bleeding out into the world.

    The Grounded are a feared type of spirit that looks like a man. Born of incredible dedication, the Grounded were once mortal men, but their diligence to some cause has imbued them with unlife. They appear as mortal, save that they can no longer abandon their duty. Not even wounds can stop them, they will retain the appearance they had when they first became Grounded. It is said the only way to kill a Grounded, is to destroy either the place they are bound to, or end the duty they continue to perform.

    The Grounded are not to be confused with the Undead. The Grounded have not yet died, the Undead certainly have. Whether ravenous spirits that consume human flesh, or the minions of powerful wizards, or dark gods, ghosts and ghouls are feared by the living. However, unlike the strange monsters and evil spirits that are warded off by the charmed lamps, the undead are not so repelled. Fortunately, they are a rare sight, and Shadecreek has not seen them in recorded history.

    There are also folkloric creatures that aren’t malevolent, such as the presumed existence of lowmen called elves who live without the advancements that highmen have, living even more amongst the trees than Shadecreek. There are also stories of stoutmen called dwarves, who live under the ground, but neither have been seen in Shadecreek. There’s very little of an accessible underground to speak of, and the trees not marked for protection by men are thought ravaged by monsters, not elves.

    Character Information and Creation​

    Character Mechanics (open)
    • There are going to be four Attributes in Journey of the Mire. These represent facets of your character’s personality, instead of something like ‘strength’ or ‘dexterity’. They are mental and social things instead. Each will be described in the below tabs in short, with examples of when you would be using them. As the RP progresses, you will level these up and get more of their respective Boons.

      • Your ability to manipulate, and skills with subterfuge. You would use Guile when you want to manipulate someone, or trick them. You would use Guile when you want to sneak around an environment, and avoid detection. You would use Guile when you want to steal something, pick a lock, or disguise yourself. You would use Guile when you take the indirect approach.
      • Your ability to do what it takes, to break your limits. You would use Nerve for most combat focussed tasks during open battle. You would use Nerve to make, and carry out threats. You would use Nerve to risk life and limb doing a dangerous maneuver, or defy authority, or stare a monster down. You would use Nerve when you take the direct approach.
      • Your ability to think ahead, and take in your surroundings. You would use Savvy for pretty much everything related to Investigation, delegating how much information, and the quality of it. You would use Savvy to gain information even when you’re not actively looking for it. You would use Savvy to get assurances on plans you make to work. You would use Savvy to use the forward thinking approach.
      • Your ability to work with others, or have them work for you. You would use Trust when you need to mend someone’s wounds and they’re afraid. You would use Trust when you’re convincing someone of the truth. You would use Trust when you try to get people to work together instead of fighting. You would use Trust when you take a group approach to a problem.
    • Boons are specific embodiments of your Attributes. They give you bonuses to a specific implementation of your Attribute. For example, Nerve is used for direct approaches, like kicking down a door or exchanging blows. You could get a Boon that, say, gives you further bonuses to armed combat so that you do more damage, or can take more damage. Or you could get a Savvy Boon that permits you to get hints from the GM when you’re investigating or planning.
    • Where Attributes represents how your character approaches issues, and facets of their personality, Skills and Crafts is the physical aspect of things. It’s understanding how to track an animal, instead of just tenacity to keep at it. It’s knowing how to hold a sword instead of the nerve to do so brazenly.

      As such, it encompasses a lot of different things, from cooking to reading and writing, from swordplay to understanding cartography. And because of that, there’s not a concrete list as with Attributes for you to work with. Instead, when it gets to that point, just put down things you think are reasonable, and if they are, I’ll approve it.

      As the RP progresses, you will gain more Skills and Crafts, or improve ones you already have.
    • Magic exists in the world, but very few have access to it. It is possible, and wouldn’t be innately harmful for no one in the group to ever get magic. You certainly won’t be starting with it. Magic is typically low key, unless there’s incredible power and dedication behind it. But, I’m including mention of it here, just in case you do end up getting it.

      But I won’t include much information on how it works. No, that’s going to be something you will have to learn IC. Other than knowing Magic is hard and takes investment, and can come from a variety of sources, you’re not gonna get much more out of me here!

    Available Boons (open)
    The following is a list of Boons that are presently available at start. You start with ONE Boon per Attribute that is scored at least +1 (see Character Creation for information on this).

    • Sticky Fingers: You may have lived in a small village where any crime would be noticed, but that didn’t stop you from sometimes taking just a bit more than you should from others. Maybe it was greed, maybe you really needed more, or maybe it was just Kleptomania. ( Bonuses to Petty Theft )

      City Soul: You’ve never been to a city, but you’ve memorized every single story you’ve ever heard about them. You have a vague understanding of their workings, and aren’t as likely to be overwhelmed in one. ( Bonuses to Town and City Navigation; less likely to get lost or overwhelmed in large groups of people )

      Night Cloak: Whatever you were doing at night isn’t important. What is important as that your eyes are used to dim lights and less and still able to see. When you’re moving in the dark, you’re also less likely to be detected. ( Bonuses to Stealth and Perception in the dark )
    • Back Alley Brawler: You’re not new to the notion of fighting. You’ve been in scrapes, actual fights, in the past whether drunk or sober. ( Bonuses to Combat in general )

      Adventurous: Most definitely against the wishes of your parents, ever since you were a child, you were adventurous, climbing up on the buildings and trees when you really shouldn’t. These skills have stuck with you. ( Bonuses to Environmental Navigation )

      Stare Down: Okay, maybe the beast wasn’t as big as you like to claim it was, but you did come close to losing your life when you strayed too far from the charms, only to stare down the mindless creature into leaving you alone. ( Bonuses to Intimidation )
    • Keen Eyes: You’ve got a good eye for detail, catching things that others tend to miss, sometimes picking up on things without looking for them in particular. ( Bonuses to Investigation, sometimes passively notice things without actively doing Investigation )

      Basic Tactics: Problem solving is something that comes easy to you, and when you get a basic plan in motion it’s usually pretty good. People ask your advice for a reason. ( Bonuses to plans made by you and your character; plans are slightly more likely to succeed if you make them than if someone else does )

      Mystic Sense: Not everyone has a natural sense for things arcane and magical, but you can sort of just feel it. The elders claim this means you may be able to eventually conjure spells of your own! ( Bonuses to Detect Magic )
    • Team Player: You're good at working in a group, either due to dedication, or friendliness. More so than others, your participation in an active group effort reaps results. ( Bonuses to actions done as a group )

      Triage: You have some real world experience with treating injuries. Nothing too big, mostly animal bites, or scrapes when someone fell off of something, but it’s still experience. ( Bonuses to Treating Wounds and Injuries )

      Early Companions: You’ve got family, or close friends, and you guys stick together. You didn’t decide to leave with just anyone, you left with your home too. ( Start with 1 to 3 unskilled follower NPCs under your control. If you get 3, at least one must be an elder or child. ALTERNATIVELY: Start with 1 animal companion NPC under your control. Subject to GM approval. )

    Character Creation (open)

    Name: Your character's name.
    Age: Your character's age.
    Sex: Your character's biological gender, typically male or female.
    Race: Your character's race. For those starting at Shadecreek? Human.
    Appearance: Your character's appearance. A picture or description will do nicely. (Or a hybrid of both if you prefer.) If you go with a picture, put it at the top.
    Homeland: What village, town, city, whatever... that your character is from. For those starting at the RP's beginning? Shadecreek.

    Biography: A description of your character’s history, living in Shadecreek. Shouldn’t necessarily be too exciting, but go into details anyway. Did anything cool happen in your childhood there? What did you end up doing as your work? Did you date anyone, were you to be married? Were you married? Etc. If you joined later in the RP, replace Shadecreek with where you grew up instead.

    Attributes Two Attributes are +1, One is +0, One is -1. For the two that are +1, choose a single appropriate Boon for each. For descriptions, you do not need to copy the text from the boon itself. You can write your own reasons why you get the bonuses the Boon provides. This will come more in handy later when a new character won't have started in Shadecreek, if we get that far.
    • Guile: Score -1, +0, or +1
      • Any Guile Boons: Guile Boon Description
    • Nerve: Score -1, +0, or +1
      • Any Nerve Boons: Nerve Boon Description
    • Savvy: Score -1, +0, or +1
      • Any Savvy Boons: Savvy Boon Description
    • Trust: Score -1, +0, or +1
      • Any Trust Boons: Trust Boon Description

    Skills and Crafts Choose 5 Skills or Crafts of your own, as +1.
    • Skill or Craft 1: +1
    • Skill or Craft 2: +1
    • Skill or Craft 3: +1
    • Skill or Craft 4: +1
    • Skill or Craft 5: +1

    Inventory Things you are carrying on your person. Remember, you don’t have any animal to carry your stuff for you. Travel light.
    • stuffs like clothes
    • more stuffs like some tools

    Character Sheet (open)



    [list][*][u][/u]: [/list]
    [list][*][u][/u]: [/list]
    [list][*][u][/u]: [/list]
    [list][*][u][/u]: [/list]

    [b]Skills and Crafts[/b]
    [list][*][i][/i]: +1
    [*][i][/i]: +1
    [*][i][/i]: +1
    [*][i][/i]: +1
    [*][i][/i]: +1[/list]


    Investigation System (open)
    Whenever the players enter a new area, whether it be a new room, village, field, whatever..., they will be given a general description of obvious things going on within it. However, each are able to, without necessitating a back and forth post in the thread, investigate their surroundings.

    A player doing this will instead, contact the GM in private ( A PM, chat, titanpad, googledoc, through Skype, whatever. I prefer Skype, but am open to alternative methods. ), and ask questions of things, typically a 'yes or no' question about the surroundings, or clarification, or things about specifics. General or vague questions are right out. You do not have to ask questions, and indeed someone with Savvy -1 will find that their questions will not get much information, and be fewer in number to others.

    Your Savvy score dictates the number of questions the GM will permit, and the quality of answers given. Certain Savvy Boons may increase the number, or quality further, or even allow you to ask for a number of hints during your investigation.

    You as a player and character, while encouraged to share anything you learn or see, are under no onus to do so. Anything you do learn should be both described in IC as your character learns it ( typically a post that follows the back and forth Investigation questions; does not need be the entire post ), and shared with others IC only if your character would want to share it. Secrets are allowed, after all.

    UPDATE: Upon being asked about it, I've decided to for now not require you to divulge the results of your investigations in the post at all, if you want to keep it even an OOC secret. You only must describe the thing you did to get your answers, you don't have to mention the answers.

    Journey System (open)
    Each morning, when not occupied with some sort of prior commitment, the group will IC decide the course of action. Explore or Travel. The NPCs that are gained through Trust Boons also get to vote on whether the group Explores or Travels, with the weight of their vote also decided IC. Likely, children won't have as much weight to their votes.

    This will mainly be used to help frame individual scenes, and permit me, the GM, an easier time in keeping track of where you guys are. Because there's a hex grid map. No, you guys don't get to see it, but feel free to try to map things as you go along!

    If the group chooses to Explore, they will spend the day within the same map cell as they started. They will seek out possible adventures, or interesting locales, or people within the map cell they are in, but will not be able to find or do everything in the cell all at once. This gives chances to do action scenes, discover ancient ruins, learn more about the world, but also runs the risk of running into monsters, bandits, or other troubles. It will also use up food supplies, and runs the risk of injuries on people in the group.

    If the group chooses to Travel the day will be spent primarily moving from their current cell into one of the 6 adjacent ones. Going along roads will have a small impact upon any supplies the characters may have accrued, but will offer limited direction. There will also be a higher chance of highway men and the like. Going off road is more costly on supplies, and has more variety in the issues that you may run in to, but also permits you to go to any adjacent cell instead of just those connected by road.

    Based on the course of action the group undertakes, different episodic scenes will occur that represent the day's activities. Their journey will be long, and we're not going to write out absolutely every single thing they do, only the highlights of any given day. Some days may still be uneventful. Be prepared to write dialogue.

    Character Roster​

    Living (open)

    Dead (open)
    None... yet.
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  2. This seems pretty cool. I'll get a CS up soon, either in a couple hours or days depending on luck.

    ; ]

    Character sheet in the works.

    • [tab=Beren Hildew]

      • Name: Beren Hildew.
        Age: 19.
        Sex: Male.
        Appearance: Dark hair, pale brown eyes, thin face. Semi-tall, gangly.
        Homeland: Shadecreek.


      • As a child, Beren caused trouble everywhere he went. Trying to help the adults, he instead mangled nets, broke tools, and caused distemper. His parents were adamant that as he grew older, he would change; with maturity comes responsibility. He would learn.

        They were oh so wrong.

        As Beren grew towards maturity, his ineptitude never ceased. Attempting to join the menfolk in fishing, he found himself incapable of steering, his oar always out of time, and his catches always escaping. He was more a hindrance than a help, and the time came that they simply refused to bring him along.

        Unwilling to abandon all hope of helping, he turned to land-based food collection. Though it took him years of pain and sickness, he discovered through trial and error which plants to eat and how to prepare them. He even learned to follow animals, and would often spend hours watching them commune at their dens—knowing, of course, that he'd never be able to catch them.

        Still, from time to time, he still managed to screw up, causing great trouble in the village. He was almost universally disliked, and even his parents began to resent him. There were few who accepted him for who he was: just someone trying to help.

        And so when the time came that some members of the village professed a desire to move on, find another way of life, Beren's parents leapt at the chance. They disowned him, the village shunned him, and so he followed the others.

        Whether they wanted him or not, they were his last vestige of home.

      • Attributes.
        • Guile: +1
          • Sticky Fingers.
        • Nerve: 0
        • Savvy: +1
          • Keen Eyes
        • Trust: -1
        Skills and Crafts.
        • Cooking. +1
        • Sketching. +1
        • Cartography. +1
        • Foraging. +1
        • Tracking. +1
        • Knots. -1
        • Firestarting. -1
        • Boating. -1

        • Clothing.
          • Shirt, trousers, undergarment, leather belt.
          • Cloak.
          • Moccasins.
        • Satchel.
          • Spare moccasins.
          • Blanket.
          • Paper. (hemp)
          • Inkwell. (wood)
            • Purple ink. (berry)
          • Pen. (feather)
          • Pottery.
            • Pan. (baked clay)
            • Bowls. x5 (baked clay)
          • Flint and steel.
        • Torches. x3 (stick and cloth)
        • Slungshot. (cord and stone)
        • Walking stick.
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  3. I'll have CS up by sunday most likely.
  4. May I reserve a spot? ~
    Also, all players are villagers?
  5. Yes, to both!

    All players will be playing (at least at start!) villagers from the original village. As things progress, it'd make less and less sense for everyone to be from that village, and then you can make characters from elsewhere.

    But, at start, Shadecreek exodus!
  6. I see..
    So, can I make a compromise possibly? ~ >:3
  7. Define compromise >.>
  8. If I be good and wait my turn until awhile after the party leaves the village, can I make an elvenfolk?~ :3
  9. Hmm, that may take a while. I don't see this RP as moving very fast even if we do get a good posting pace about us! But, I mean, if you still want in when such a time that a non-human would reasonably be around to join, I would definitely be fine to work you in there.

    My suggestion would actually be the following: Make a human at first. Get used to the feel and pace of the RP. Play them, maybe get to like them. Then, when a time comes where elves are introduced and can join the party, well...

    I may, MAY, no promises, permit multiple full characters at that point. And if not, then there's always the reasoning behind the first character 'settling down' or worse... dying, if you can't keep them or don't want to.

    Just so that you're not just waiting while we approach the aforementioned point.

    You're still free to do that, however. I'm not the boss of you (unless you join the RP).
  10. If I did that, I would get rid of the first character somehow~^^
    • [​IMG]
      All Art By Wildweasel339
      Name: Rook Herrild
      Age: 48
      Sex: Male
      Homeland: Shadecreek
      When Rook was a young man, he started building a house. He wouldn't say why he was building the house, or why it was far too big for just himself. He simply built it. It took the better part of a year, as he rebuilt older sections to better match his increasing skills at carpentry. Until one day, the house was done. And when it was, he proposed to a frail little woman named Georgia, and the house was his wedding gift.

      Some years later, after an arduous pregnancy, Georgia gave birth to a daughter even more frail and sickly than herself, who they named Alette. And as the child grew older, an even worse truth became apparent: the child was crippled. Completely blind in both eyes, with no hope of it being a temporary malady.

      A few years later, they gathered the courage to try again. The labour lasted for over a day, and for the entire time Rook prayed for a strong, healthy son. Half his wish was granted. Thora was a girl, but she was hale and hearty. And as was discovered when she grew older, dangerously adventurous as well.

      Georgia, however, would never see Thora grow up. It had proved too much for her, and she passed away days after the birth. Unable to take care of the two children on his own, especially while in the grips of loss, Rook asked his younger brother and his daughter Fiona to move in with him.

      Alette took to Fiona, who was only six years her senior, almost immediately. Thora, however, never really grew close to her cousin and uncle, and instead would follow Rook around while he did his work.
    • Attributes
      • Guile: -1
        • N/A:
      • Nerve: +1
        • Back Alley Brawler: You’re not new to the notion of fighting. You’ve been in scrapes, actual fights, in the past whether drunk or sober. ( Bonuses to Combat in general )
      • Savvy: 0
        • N/A:
      • Trust: +1
        • Early Companions: You’ve got family, or close friends, and you guys stick together. You didn’t decide to leave with just anyone, you left with your home too. ( Start with 1 to 3 unskilled follower NPCs under your control. If you get 3, at least one must be an elder or child )

        Skills and Crafts
        • Reading: +1
        • Logging: +1
        • Carving: +1
        • Fishing: +1
        • Carpentry: +1

        • A woodcutting axe
        • A wooden tree amulet on a necklace
        • A small wooden sword (in Thora's possession)
        • Fishing net and spear

    • Family (open)
      • [​IMG]
        Name: Thora
        Age: 11
        Sex: Female
      • [​IMG]
        Name: Alette
        Age: 15
        Sex: Female
        Notes: Blind
      • [​IMG]
        Name: Fiona
        Age: 21
        Sex: Female
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  11. Inspired by the Homeland part of CS's being included optionally by others, and knowing that it'll be useful later... CS has been updated.
  12. Who's the GM now, huh?!
  13. Me
  14. There we go, completed my character sheet. I made some changes to his boons, by the way.
  15. Hiya Elly. Hopefully, this CS works for you and the story! I may have let the bio get a little longer than intended, but that never killed anyone, right?

    • Image Source

      Name: Vrisette Liogreth
      Age: 17
      Sex: Female
      Race: Human
      Homeland: Shadecreek


      The first nine years of Vrisette’s life were like any other. Their modest family cottage always smelled of mire water and the remnants of a fish supper, simmered in a vat of sundry herbs that her mother had found around the village limits. She ran with her playmates, weaving between the legs of the hard-working adults, a persistent reminder that they would all one day grow into those long strides and long hours. However, a few days before her tenth birthday, her mother and father informed her that she would be leaving Shadecreek to study at the abbey, which was a few days away, assuming a jaunty pace on horseback. The young girl assumed this would be the most fantastic adventure of her life, and prepared herself to experience the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

      Alas, despite being slightly more heavily populated than Shadecreek, the abbey was hardly more exciting. Transcribing and translating manuscripts and illuminated documents made up the bulk of the work done there, while labor-intensive chores, gardening, cleaning, cooking, and studying the old legends and teachings of her religion until they were readily available to be recited on command took up the rest of her time. The first few months were lonely and stressful, but once her handwriting became more steady and she could begin to read the cramped print that her lessons were always conveyed in, she soon found the work that the monks and abbess handed down for her to do brought her a sense of joy. She showed a genuine interest in tales of magic and in the relics that the abbey possessed, and always felt a pull towards tales of the arcane, which a few knowledgeable monks gladly lectured her about. She felt that she was learning and even contributing in a major way once she and her small group had finished a particularly difficult manuscript or even after talking a horse back into its stable after it got spooked by some passing shadow.

      For five years, Vrisette became accustomed to her new lifestyle, but soon after that milestone, a nigh unrecognizable playmate from her past, now much taller and broader, arrived to tell her it was time to return. Her father had requested she come back, as her mother had fallen very ill and she would have to take up the responsibilities around the house. Along the way, she was also informed that her father had promised Maladro her hand in marriage, hence why he was the one to make the trek to fetch her. Initially nonplussed by all of these aspects of her return, she knew better than to fight it. She settled back into life in Shadecreek, gathering herbs and mixing medicinal compounds as she had been taught while away, and doing everything around the house but cooking, after she proved to her father on seven different occasions that she and fire do not mix. Vrisette took to reciting the stories and songs that she had learned to the children who frolicked along the edge of the water but still couldn't find that sense of accomplishment. She felt a guilty sense of relief when she heard news that Maladro had crippled himself in a boating accident and was postponing their wedding in hopes that against the suggestions from their best healers, he would be able to successfully fish again some day soon.

      With her obligation to marry waived, for the moment, Vrisette thought that as villagers began to murmur about questing away from Shadecreek, she should perhaps follow them out to see what else lies beyond the small expanses she had roamed for years. Besides her assorted amounts of practical knowledge, she also knows a song or story for basically any occasion, and she figures any group would prefer to have some entertainment along.

    • Attributes
      • Guile: +1
        • City Soul: You’ve never been to a city, but you’ve memorized every single story you’ve ever heard about them. You have a vague understanding of their workings, and aren’t as likely to be overwhelmed in one.
      • Nerve: -1
      • Savvy: +1
        • Mystic Sense: Not everyone has a natural sense for things arcane and magical, but you can sort of just feel it. The elders claim this means you may be able to eventually conjure spells of your own!
      • Trust: 0

      Skills and Crafts
      • Calligraphy: +1
      • Reading: +1
      • Sewing: +1
      • Gardening: +1
      • Singing: +1
      • Cooking: -1


      On Her Person
      • A green traveling cloak
      • Plain, grey dress
      • Maladro's engagement band (family "heirloom" that she completely forgot to remove )
      • A blessed pendant from the abbess
      In a Simple Cloth Sack
      • Spare tunic and a pair of britches she's sewn for herself in case of "rough terrain"
      • A few sheets of scraped parchment (taken as a memento from the abbey)
      • Two vials of iron-gall ink
      • Feather-pen, very well-loved
      • A roughly-transcribed manuscript of ghoul stories, in her own hand
      • A needle
      • Large spool of thread
      • Small, dinged spade
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    • [​IMG]
      Name: Elm Melbern
      Age: 20
      Sex: Male
      Race: Human
      Homeland: Shadecreek

      Biography: The son of Meryl Melbern, the Mires self proclaimed master hunter. Selproclaimed being the key word here. In his youth, he had been a very keen hunter, that much was true. But since Elms Mother, his wife, had died he had let himself go. Meryl was by large, a slouch. A unsocial, edge of the village slouch. He hunted, mainly by setting up traps for hares and lizards and sent young elm to barter the animal hides and leftover meet for booze. Everyone knew the scrawny, unsocial kid who kept to birds more then he did humans. ANd they only knew him because he would run his fathers errands.

      Albeit not the most social, he was no doubt good with animals and quite empathetic. He wasn't rude, just extremely awkward. As he grew, his dad grew lazier and more of a slob. At the age of 16, Elm was doing the hunting, the gathering of firewood and just about everything else. At the age of 18 he had moved further away from the village and his father, but still came into town to trade and talk to a few of his fathers old friends. When the exodus from the village got underway, two years later, Elm would be the first to leave.

    • Attributes
      Guile: 0

      Nerve: -1

      Savvy: +1
      Keen Eyes;
      Trust: +1
      Early Companions; Elm Keeps a bird of prey, a owl to be exact, as his pet. Beth is smallish bird, highly intelligent and easy to train as far as birds go. He keeps a hood on her to keep her from getting exited.

      Skills and Crafts

      Falconry: +1
      Hunting (Bow and Arrow): +1
      Pathfinding: +1
      Stealth: +1
      Tracking; +1
      Social: -1

    • On His Person
      • A Short Bow.
      • Hood for his bird.
      • A falconeers protective bracers.
      • 6 arrows.
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    • Name: Devin Harren

      Age: 20

      Sex: Male

      Race: Human

      Appearance: 5'7 and of semi-muscular and semi-fat build with a stocky skeletal structure; not too big but just the right amount. A shaggy, short dark brown beard peppered with blonde and ginger that is only an inch long with cheeks that are not entirely covered yet. Palms and finger tips bathed in callous, with light hair covering the lower back of each sausage finger. Although his head is covered with dark brown curls, the rest of his averagely hairy body appears to actually be light of hair due to its very light color. His eyes are blue with blotches of green around the pupils, and his complexion is rather pale although his cheeks always appear to be a light pink. His forearms also appear this way. Across the bridge of his nose and atop his shoulders are scattered freckles.

      Homeland: Shadecreek.

      Biography: Devin is a bastard, who wasn't aware of the fact until recently. He had a fatherly role model and his mother as he grew, so there was never a cause for him to second guess his step father's blood. It was his late step father (who passed just a year prior to Devin learning of his true lineage) that taught Devin how to become a productive member of the community, how to fix and make boats, wagons and homes, along with some other talents. Devin is an amateur bard, who was taught by his late step father how to play the bouzouki (what we would consider the Irish model in reality) and by his mother to weave stories.

      With what his late step father taught him over the years, even when Devin was told by his mother on her deathbed that the man was never truly the one who sired Devin, he still considered the man his father. His true father was said to look just like Devin, only a bit taller, longer of beard, with brown eyes and a tattoo of crossed swords upon the back of his neck. His blood father was also much younger than his mother when they laid with each other, having been only 18 (or at least that's as he supposedly said) while she was 29.

      There are no sad motives that convinced Devin to move onward. His parents died of old age, so their deaths were peaceful. Upon the passing of his mother, there was nothing that tied Devin to Shadecreek aside from his work (which ended up becoming just enough coin to feed himself and his animal companion due to the decline of trade) and playing music at a table of his drunken friends. He just decided that some change of scenery would be nice

    • Attributes Two Attributes are +1, One is +0, One is -1. For the two that are +1, choose a single appropriate Boon for each. For descriptions, you do not need to copy the text from the boon itself. You can write your own reasons why you get the bonuses the Boon provides. This will come more in handy later when a new character won't have started in Shadecreek, if we get that far.
      • Guile: Score -1
        • Any Guile Boons: Guile Boon Description
      • Nerve: Score +1
        • Stare Down: Okay, maybe the beast wasn’t as big as you like to claim it was, but you did come close to losing your life when you strayed too far from the charms, only to stare down the mindless creature into leaving you alone. ( Bonuses to Intimidation )
      • Savvy: Score +0
        • Any Savvy Boons: Savvy Boon Description
      • Trust: Score +1
        • Early Companions: Start with 1 animal companion NPC under your control. Subject to GM approval. - Dog: Danny Boy *Will write a brief biography for the companion if approved*

      Skills and Crafts Choose 5 Skills or Crafts of your own, as +1.
      • String instruments: +1
      • Carpentry: +1
      • Hunting: +1
      • Story telling: +1
      • Shipwrighting: +1

      Inventory Things you are carrying on your person. Remember, you don’t have any animal to carry your stuff for you. Travel light.

      On his person
      • Clothing: Sturdy brown boots, long sleeve dark green tunic, dark green trousers, leather belt to hold his ax, and a hooded brown cloak.
      • Hunting ax
      • Backpack
      In the backpack
      • Fint w/steel.
      • 25' rope.
      • A sheathed hunting knife.
      • Cloth for torches (enough to make six torches).
      • Bouzouki.

    • Devin found Danny Boy one night after spending hours entertaining at the tavern for his friends. Devin saw the dog was cornered against a building by a drunk, while it was just a pup. The drunk was going to bring an ax to its head. Devin immediately intervened, pushing the man away from the dog and accidentally got his own arm cut by doing so. The man was infuriated at Devin for assaulting him. The angry drunk went to split Devin's skull with his ax, but stopped mid swing. Devin glared at him while holding onto the pup, scaring the drunk enough for him to drop his ax and allow Devin a chance to run with Danny Boy back to his home.

      Now Danny Boy is now three years old, and would be considered greater Swiss mountain dog in reality.
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  16. Holmishire; Accepted and good.

    Herzinth; Accepted and good.

    Foxxie; Accepted and good.

    Well those were easy.

    Sole; Needs Work, likely to be accepted.

    What type of music? Put down an instrument or do singing, like Foxxie! For Construction and Engineering, may I suggest Carpentry and Shipwrighting instead? And just a flat no to Melee Combat. If you must have a fighting skill, make it more specific. Is it sword play? Or are you just good at hunting and apply that to fighting people too? Or is it brawling? Dog's good, however.

    Hellis; Incomplete

    But I think you're aware of that. Also there's a formatting error. Won't keep you from being accepted, but it's there. Also, instead of Ornithology, please use Falconry. It's far more appropriate for what you're going for. You're not studying birds, you're training them.
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