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  1. It's the year 9000. The humble life of 21st century humans is long gone. Space travel has become a part of daily life, much like the commute to work via interstate was several thousand years ago. Personal spacecraft is refined, technologically advanced, and commonly owned by nearly every intelligent life form in the galaxy.

    And so we meet our hero. At 130 years old, Blake is what the Sarkon race calls a teenager. Reckless and crass, like most teenagers, he has a deep longing for adventure. And so, one early morning, he packs his bags, gets in his starship, and waves goodbye to his home planet of Khross. His journey into the wide, unknown expanses of space will take him into territories previously unexplored by his people, and introduce him to adventures beyond his wildest imagination.
  2. Nils sits in the spaceport waiting for the next transport to arrive. At the age of 18, Nils looks like a normal human from the outer colonies. But growing up as part of the interstellar army's genetic engineering program he grew up learning only how to fight. After blindly following orders for most of his life he finally escaped and became a mercenary, being that his only useful skills were centered around warfare. He had been hired by the spaceport to provide protection and security for the occasional bandits that attacked the station. But he was bored and wanted to explore the galaxy, not content with remaining a soldier that only followed orders.

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  3. Carrying a pair of spiked electric maces wasn't something agreeable with her small stature and dark, delicate features. Then again, the relationship between herself and those nefarious bandits weren't anywhere agreeable itself. Ah the price to be paid for wanting parts from the black market to be smuggled on other ships.

    Round, honey colored eyes roved the crowded surroundings, slightly pointed ears twitching this way and that at different sounds of steam, creaks and groans of the port. She had seen a suited man armed to the teeth, possibly waiting on the same transport. From his stance, he must have been paid well to linger around guarding this place. There weren't that many guards around who were tough enough to last a week at this particular port. New blood usually fled within the first half of the day.

    She cast another casual glance his way and then perked up as the familiar roar of a standard transport vessel roared in preparation for docking.
  4. Nils got a the confirmation signal from the station that the transport was cleared to land. He passively watched as the vessel landed, keeping the mace carrying girl in his peripheral vision. While she may have not looked like a threat, Nils had learned that danger can come in all shapes and sizes. As the transport unloaded he sighed and walked over to the girl "do you have a license for those weapons miss?" He honestly didnt care but anyone openly carrying weapons had to be inspected based on the port's regulations.
  5. The girl looked at him, disdain in her eyes. "Do you really care, or are you just following orders?"

    "It's standard protocol, miss. In order to carry weapons, you need to have a license. If you don't I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

    She looked him up and down, and then said, "You look like you've been trained for war, not for dilly-dallying in a spaceport as a low-life security officer. Why are you even here? Shouldn't you be on the battlefield, fighting for some cause?"

    Nils was beginning feel as though this girl might be more of a threat than he first considered. The way she was dressed accentuated her small, but strong looking muscles. In fact, the more he looked at her, the less delicate she looked. Although her small stature and pretty face made her seem harmless, she looked like she was ready for a fight. Her clothes, although a pretty outfit at first glance, actually seemed to be fashioned in a way to be practical for a brawl. And, on her arms, Nils noticed the ghosts of scars that hinted at a past life of fighting. Perhaps she, like Nils, was once trained as a warrior and decided to leave that life? Or was she, possibly, in a less legal trade. Bounty hunter? Black marketer? Nils was really becoming curious about her.
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  16. Nils sighed and looked at the girl. "I honestly dont care but I have to follow the rules, so do you have a registration for those weapons or not?"
  17. Qimbra pursed her lips and eyed him warily before sighing and undoing the first three buttons of her blouse to reveal the inked mark of a spade just below the left side of the collarbone. There was the pale yellow pulse of authority underneath: the license of a Craftsman. "I'm licensed to make these things."
  18. Nils nods "alright, so where are you going?" He leans against a pillar and lets his rifle hang from its tac-sling. "you off on some adventure?"
  19. Qimbra thought of the question, not quite expecting it. "Sounds like a swell idea, though, I'm waiting on some parts from the next transport. I'm hoping to get them before any of the bandits get wind of what's there. After all," she smirked mirthlessly, eyes shifting around. "thieves always have someone on the inside."

    She readjusted her blouse and took a better look at the other. "You're another one of the new guards; I haven't seen you around. Is it really worth it?"
  20. Nils sighs "to be All I do is stand around all day, and if bandits attack then i get flooded in paperwork. But I only know how to fight so its these kinds of jobs that keep the money flowing. But I wish I could go off on an adventure and explore the galaxy, that kind of thing. But nobody really comes here to recruit teammates..." He stares off into space, wistfully thinking of adventures amongst the stars.
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