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    Irideus is a very successful Sci-Fi roleplay currently approaching its third chapter. We have a team of eight quality roleplayers who have established awesome characters.

    Unfortunately, the ninth spot seems to be cursed.

    The journalist for our mission, Rachel Consuelo, is currently inactive. The player had to drop out due to other commitments. Rachel is a young and obsessive journalist with a photographic memory and knowledge of astrophysics. She has documented previous (failed) space missions and due to her fame and expertise was invited to be the correspondent for the Irideus Mission.

    However, she is also being paid by a rival company to steal information on the technology the ship uses.

    The roleplay is set in a near-future Earth following the global revelation that the moon landings were faked by a conspiracy of governments. The truth, now known worldwide, is that strange alien structures on each planet of the solar system have been broadcasting warnings for the last 60 years telling us that we are not to leave our world.

    Irideus is the name of the first civilian spaceflight that will dare to leave Earth's atmosphere and investigate these structures, known hereafter as The Spires of God.

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  2. Also, you are free to take this character in whatever new direction you envision.

    Your partners on the documentary team are Cho, your editor and assistant, and Biloxi, your cameraman and "big brother" friend.
  3. I'm seeing this was last updated a month ago. Is the RP still up and running and/or limping? Is said ninth spot still cursed? I like journalism and ships and lies and fun! Just...FYI.
  4. YUS!

    We're still going along and have the journalist as an NPC. You'd be very welcome to take her over.
  5. Oh, cool. I'll go check that shit out, then.

    Also, I may have just responded to another of your RPs. I'm not a stalker professionally, I'm just really good at it. Accidentally.