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Well this is just a journal thing that I wanted to start. If you'd like to Journal each day as well I would be happy to let you post here as well and I would love to read some of yours as too.

Journal 1

Today was a two hour delay for school which was pretty nice, I got some rest and I wasn't really tired at school at all. I was rather sad today; I wanted to give one of my best of friends a gift at school today but she didn't come to school. I made her a drawing for Christmas I just hope she won't turn it down.

As I am typing this up I am really sad and mad; it just feels like every just suddenly began ignoring me again. The friend I was just talking about didn't answer me after I sent her a message on DA and another friend isn't really talking to me either. I should probably just ignore it for now, probably just in my mind. Well I think I have wrote enough today I will be back tomorrow.
Journal 2

I went to school again today like I always have to, and I was really tired. I didn't get very much sleep because I wanted to see if I could beat Dullahan in Golden Sun Dark Dawn. It failed and even now I am still having problems.
During Second hour today my stomach really started to hurt, maybe it was something bad that I ate early this morning. I don't remember eating anything expired but it damn well hurt during second hour. During lunch I ate a slice of bread just so that I could satisfy some of my hunger; at the same time I didn't want my stomach to hurt the rest of the day.

At the end of the day when I was on the bus I gave my friend the present I had made for her. She said "thank you" and it made me feel nice inside, I still hope she will like it when she opens it on the 24th.
Once I gotten home from the bus I went strait to playing Golden Sun Dark Dawn, I started to fight Dullahan at 6 o' clock and right now it is almost 11 o'clock. This shows you that you might need to find all the Djinn and get to at least level 70 before fighting him. Right now as I am typing this up I am still in battle with him.
Journal 3

I was going to school this morning and it felt kind of awkward on the bus. When I got to school though I started to feel better and during lunch today they were having free samples of sushi; it was filled with rice, lettuce, and Carrots I believe. It didn't really taste that good but my friend tells me that some other place has better sushi. Not really sure if I like it that well.

When school was over and I got on the bus everything just didn't feel real again. My friend came on the bus and said something about playing her cards right and wining a scholarship fro college. That's when it started that everything just wasn't real, I became sad too because I knew this was her last year and I felt like as soon as school was over I will never see her again. I shouldn't say things like that though, I'm sure we will still see each other. I got home around 3:40, stuck in the Simpsons and just laid there thinking about what she said and if I would ever see her again. I still shouldn't say something like that, she's my best friend I ever had and I'm still pretty sure we will see each other from time to time.
Day 1

So today was pretty normal, nothing big. In tech ed, we had to do this career thing. I chose to be a video game designer cause I live and sleep video games! And I gave my best friend her gift that I bought for her. She thanked me and asked what I wanted. I, being the awesome, cheap friend I am, said, "Nothing much..." even though I really really want a PSP this year. But oh well! Anyway, Once I got home, got on my awesome Xbox 360 and kicked some Sanctum butt on FF 13, but as usual, I'm stuck on a boss and my summon's no freakin help... Gosh, Odin, you're the god of gods and you can't even kill one thing?

Tomorrow might be a snow storm so then I can work on my awesome video game idea! Maybe I'll post it for all of you all to see... Well, gotta get back to kicking Sanctum in the ass! Go Operation Nora!

Journal 4

Today I didn't feel right again, being that my friend and I didn't really talk on the way to or from school. I feel like something is up with her as if something was and still is troubling her. I feel the need to ask her but then again I don't want to dig into her personal life. It was on the way back that I realized she didn't look like her normal self. I think I am going to ask her tomorrow if something is up.

The bus was late today because I herd from someone that the bus got caught in a ditch.
Day 2

Another snow day, another day stuck in the house. I was so bored that I about asked my sis to go outside... There's really nothing to talk about... Maybe I'll go play Final Fantasy 10... So bored...
Journal's 5 and 6

Yesterday I went to school kind of awake and kind of tired… nothing new. Well we had a sub for first hour and she bored me half a sleep. When I was going home on the bus my friend seemed normal again and I had forgotten to ask her if something was up. When I got home that day I went to get an application for the Casey's gas station and we went to see the new Tron movie. I think it was alright, just need to see more Tron then it would be better.

Today wasn't really fun at all; I slept for half the day. Well at the very least till 10 or 11 and then went Christmas shopping for Piro and my dad. I got them something but I can't give you anymore info then that for now.
Journal 7

I've just been bored out of my mind today; I could barely sit down and play a game. I've pretty much have been constantly pacing around the house non-stop. I don't know if I'm nervous because I want to invite my friend over to my house again. Or if it's something else but I know it's not the eagerness of Christmas coming. I just have been at my wits end almost every day now… I've been feeling down these past few days, they haven't really been the greatest. It's like little by little my friends are turning on me, it's like something you would see out of a movie.
Day 3

Great news! My band, which has no real name, got our first gig! I, being the lead singer, am scared but excited! I can't wait! Big time recording company, here we come! The bassist, my ex, said when he told his friends, they passed out! The joys of being a young lead singer! I love it!

Anyway, we've gotta go practice! By the way, If anyone has a good band name, please please tell me! We so need a name and it's killing us! I just wish we had a better recording studio... Sigh, not everything is cheap in this world...
Journal 8
Today was really boring today; I got out early because of the snow. Since I pretty much have nothing to do again at this house I have been bored all day. What also sucks is that my throat is sore and I think I might be getting sick again. Overall it has been a really crappy day since the time I got up till now. I sneezed just a while ago *yeah I know TMI* but I think it might be making it worse. I just hope tomorrow it won't be worse… whatever, that's all I have for today. Maybe tomorrow I might have a little more to talk about.
Journal 9
Well I had a full school day today, no early outs or anything. On the bus ride today though it was rather well boring today. I got shoved out of the way at the bus stop this morning by someone who wanted to really sit by my friend… Can't really blame her though she hasn't really talked with her for a while, and I just barely talked with her myself. I'm a really boring guy because I don't talk much but I do listen to people. Just that I can't really start a decent conversation with someone at all, haven't really been good at that… well less if I know you well enough then I can make simple one.

When I got home today I was somewhat bored, but I watched some movies to at least keep me from pacing around the place. I only watched two movies though, I didn't have enough time to watch the rest. I'm pretty sure tomorrow I will have time to. Also have a friend coming over tomorrow… Wonder if she will watch some of the movies I wanted to watch tonight. Anyway I rambled enough should be going.