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In this thread, I'll be posting any of the RP cravings I've been having or RP themes and ideas I'm open to. We'll start with Canon Universes and Characters I'd be interested in exploring, then character archetypes and generic ideas I want to explore. After that, I'll cover various specific RP ideas I want to do. When it comes to gender of characters and pairings, I don't mind doing any! I'll do male x male, male x female, female x male, or female x female. It all depends!

Canon Universes I Want To Play In
Steven Universe, Starcraft, dungeons and dragons, Warcraft, Transformers (ALL CONTINUITIES), Pokemon, Digimon, Borderlands

Canon Universes I'm Familiar With
Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, Adventure Time, Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus (and all other Riordan Content), Animorphs, Alien/Predator Universe, Adventure Time, Archer, Koboyashi Dragon Maid, Full Metal Alchemist

Specific Canon Characters (Canon Universe Character is From)
Pearl (Steven Universe), Peridot (Steven Universe), Sarah Kerrigan/Queen of Blades (Starcraft), Raynor (Starcraft), Swann (Starcraft), Zeratul (Starcraft), Artanis (Starcraft), Karax (Starcraft), Starscream (Transformers/Any Continuity), Arcee (Transformers Prime), Dinobot (Transformers Beast Wars), Rattrap (Transformers Beast Wars)

Canon Pairings (the one in front is the one I'd like to play)
Dinobot x OC, Rattrap x OC, Dinobot x Rattrap, Rattrap x Dinobot, OC x Dinobot, OC x Arcee, Arcee x OC, Starscream x OC, OC x Starscream, Raynor x Kerrigan, Kerrigan x Raynor, Raynor x OC, Kerrigan x OC, OC x Pearl, OC x Peridot

Character Archetypes (the one in front is the one I'd like to play)
Monster x Hunter, Hunter x Monster, Superhero x Monster/Villain, Monster/Villain x Superhero, Fighter x Magic User, Magic User x Fighter, Transformer OC x OC that they're protecting, OC x Transformer OC,

Generic Ideas
None really jump out at me right now

Specific Ideas
Superheroes and Aliens: I play an alien hunter of some sort that arrives in a superheroes proctorate. The superhero and the alien fight over and over, with no clear-cut winner, but budding respect and curiosity leads to the characters interacting in non-combat settings, and eventually the alien starts helping the superhero. This leads to a budding romance, as well as a growing plot involving alien threats and other superheroes.

Robot With Amnesia, Needs Help!: I play a transforming alien robot that your character wakes up. My Character (MC) imprints on Your Character (YC), and leads YC on an adventure facing government threats, other robots, and whatever else we cook up. Throughout the play, we recover components of MC's body, and they grow larger and regain some of their memories each time.

More to come!