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  1. Becca hurried along the corridor - she was almost going to be late for her first class; Hand To Hand Combat. She was a student at the Kyoto School for Fighting, and she loved it.

    She had been discovered by a recruit, fighting at the Arena, and now she was training at the School to fight as a warrior.
  2. Jon took out his last opponent in his hand to hand combat class. He took out his mouth piece and took a breather. He drank a bottle of blood disguised as red Gatorade and relaxed. Waiting for the next sorry being who wanted to fight him. He's been hiding the fact that he is a vampire for years at this school. He would put on make up to make him look human and he would try his best to hide his fangs.

    He relaxed on the side benched and waited. He looked at everyone he had gone against and noticed how bad he had beat them. Broken arms, bloody noses, black eyes, etc. He smiled and watched the door waiting for the next opponent.
  3. Becca hurried in, and dropped her bag at the door. "Sorry I'm late - who am I fighting?" She glanced around, and her eye caught the only person not bleeding - Jon. He had been the other recruit from the Arena, and was one of her best mates here. She grinned, and rolled up her sleeves. "You, i see. Let's do it then."

    She lunged suddenly at him, knocking him to the ground.
  4. Jon hit the ground then got up. His face then lit up for several reasons he did not want to explain. How'd you...where'd you...I...Oh god... he hopped into the arena. He was blushing a little, but he tried to hide it for he was a vampire, and they NEVER blush. He signaled Becca to come on into the ring.
  5. Becca laughed, and walked into the ring, immediately falling into a defensive crouch. "I still make you weak at the knees I see." She teased, referring back to the first time they ever fought together, and she had kissed him by surprise, making him fall over with shock. She waited for him to make the first move.
  6. He put in his mouth piece and gave her a roundhouse to the ribs, then a blow to the left cheek. You're not winning this time you...menizer...or something... he said with a shaky voice. He put his hands in front of his face and backed up.
  7. Becca retaliated with a vicious poke to the ribs with her elbow, and then dropped to the ground, sweeping her leg out and knocking his feet out from under him. She then rolled out of the way. "I intend on winning."
  8. He thought about defying gravity so he wouldn't hit the ground, but he remembered others were watching so he couldn't. He went a head and hit the ground. As he glanced at the people in his vision he noticed that they were in shock. The champion of the school was down. One stood up and clapped and the rest did too. In anger Jon got up and gave quite a few blows in the stomach, his own leg sweep, and before she hit the ground and blow to the face.
  9. Becca was caught by surprise by the attack, but she recovered quickly. She hit the ground but rolled out of the way and stood up. "Well fought." She inclined her head to him, grinning. Her face was flushed, and her breathing was heavy, but she was high on adrenaline, and couldn't stop grinning.
  10. Jon immediately got scared, and literally try to knock her unconscious. He felt fear, and love rolling through his veins at the same time. He didn't know how to combine those, so he just went bizerk. Blows from here, and there, 10 blows per second. It was a blur. He was even shocked he could do that.
  11. Becca fought back, kicking his legs, and stamping on his feet. As a final measure, she brought her leg up into his groin with a final "There!" She stepped back and watched him sink to the ground.
  12. As he was hit he fell to the ground and the ring that was keeping his vampire form from fading out was broken crap!!! He snatched a helmet from one of the injured and put it on his head to cover the ears, then he made sure to touch his tail down his pants before anyone could see...he got back up in a best over position for he was still in pain down there. He turned to the coach. Isn't that a disqualification or something!? after no reply, he decided to trip her up by kicking Becca's legs, then he got a good upper cut in. He watched the air get blown out of her body.
  13. Becca watched him with amusement, but she got knocked to the floor, and the breath knocked out of her. She lay there on the ground, wheezing. She was about to get up, but then the bell rang. She cursed under her breath, and shakily stood up, still trying to catch her breath.

    "Good fight." She said to Jon once she had regained her breath. "You still fight as well as you did when we fought together that time in the Arena - remember?" Becca glanced at his back, and smiled. "And, um, you might want to tuck the end of the tail in." She whispered the last part so nobody passing would hear.
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    Jon won. The surprised look on his face prove it. He was happy. He was breathing hard when done. He then heard Becca talking about his tail. He tucked it in quickly. He thought to himself. Wait...I'm still the only person here with out a dorm mate, that no no no no! he rushed out of the class and ran straight up to his dorm, made sure to hide everything she didn't need to see. He then stayed there since that was the last class, before lunch. He usually had his supply of blood to nourish him. He didn't know if he had the same craving anymore so he decided to actually go to lunch, but first he waited for who he knew would be his new dorm mate...Becca
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    Becca watched him speed out of the room with a look of bewilderment. He was a strange guy, but she felt oddly attracted to them. She shrugged, and left the room as well. She stopped by the weapons room first to drop off her dagger, and then headed to her new dorm. She hadn't been there yet, having only arrived that morning, but her stuff had been sent ahead and already sent to her room. She was curious as to who her room-mate would be.

    She walked up the stairs, and located the room. She peered around the door, and had the shock of her life. "Jon? You're my room-mate?" It was weird, but she cautiously went in. "Ok.... this is odd. Even at the Arena we didn't share a room. But, if you can get used to sharing with a girl, then I can too." Becca flashed him a grin.
  16. Yeah n-no problem. He got up, turned around, and pretended to stretch. Haha uh. You hungry. He scratched the back of his head and looked out the window, for if he knew he looked at her he would blush brightly, he has normal cheeks so if he blushes it's visible.
  17. She moved over to her bed, and began to unpack her clothes. One of the advantages of the Kyoto School was that they didn't have to wear uniform. She pulled out her favourite tank top and jeans. "Yeah - I just want to get changed first. My clothes now have dirt all over them." She stood and pulled off her dirty t-shirt. She forgot that she was now showing her 36C breasts to him, as she bent over to get her tank top, which had fallen down the side of the bed.
  18. As he peeked at her changing he literally lost his balance, just like at the arena. His eyes widened and he wanted to turn around and look, but he wasn't going to disrespect her like that. He got tripped up once again. He decided fall on his bed and bury his face in the sheets. He found out he blushed a lot for a guy. so so hot. Oh my god those are huge! OOOHHHH I'm rooming with the sexiest girl alive I swear! he thought to himself. He eventually stumbled to his closet and changed for he was all sweaty. He decided to get payback and show off his abs. He took off his sweaty T-shirt and put on some shorts with laces hanging out of the bottom of them. He put on some boots that matched with his shorts. He took off a logo shirt that said 'Who's sexy and he knows it....this guy.' He didn't pull it on right away. He stood there regaining his balance. He didn't need to flex. He still had the typical vampire abs that he had while still being a vampire. He put on a Fedora to cover his ears. He then leaned on his dresser waiting to see the ultimate attraction. He pulled his emo hairstyle down a little to make him look hot and sexy. Take that Becca!
  19. Becca finally retrieved her tank top and she pulled it on. When she turned around, she nearly lost her balance as she both fell over her shoes, and caught sight of his well-defined abs. She stood up, blushing, and cleared her throat. "Are you going to put that t-shirt on any time soon? I wanna eat." She regained her composure quickly, and placed a hand on her hip.
  20. He smirked gotya! he thought to himself. Yeah, yeah, sure. he put on his shirt, slowly so Becca could enjoy the last moments of the sight of his abs. He put on a grey snap back to cover his ears and touched his tail down his pants again. And opened the door for her. Ladies first eh?