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  1. so i a always looking for new rps so i started to think up a couple new ideas

    ALL OF THEM CAN BE MxM OR MxM, i also like omegaverse and Mpreg.

    for one i would love to do a loki X OC one, with Marvel's loki (he's a sexy beast)

    also i would like to do an rp with a thief and a prince/princess

    also i want to do an rp that a couple people have picked up but ditched me for no reason. though is a forbiddn love princess rp, i can move it around to be a MxM

    my idea is that a princess(MC) of a small country lives in hope of seeing her first love again(YC). an innocent crush she had on a boy that had come with his father when his father was making a deal with the king when she was 7. ten years later the boy returns to work for the palace and they fall in love, though they keep it a secret and her father finds a husband for her that'll help with politics. she still sees YC while she is engadged with the prince and ends up sleeping with YC and a month or so later she decovers she is pregnat and wishes to flee with YC to his country and live as a normal teenager for as long as she can

    i can change it to a guy and we dont have to do the pregnacy(copied and pasted from original post
  2. bump. these are just ideas, im willing to do more and want to work on the plot an everything through pm
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.