Joker x Harley: Need a Joker

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Mae Renea

Original poster
Firstly, I would like to point out in reality I don't condone their relationship but fictionally I actually like it.
Basic Style
Okay, so, I suppose I will let you know a little about my writing style. I only write in third person, and depending on my muse, I will write four-eight sentences to even two paragraphs. My muse comes and goes... However, I try to match your length... That being said... I do not do one-liners. I refuse to do one liners. Also, I wouldn't call myself 'picky' but if I am spoken to (even outside of RP) like this: i dont know wat you doin .....I most likely won't reply. I have a thing for capitalization and punctuation marks... Also, no text talk.

Basic Rules
››Must be able to paragraph, though it will not always happen. I am a busy person, as are you, so short replies will happen but I would love for them to be five or more lines.
››No OOC drama, don't have the time for it.
››Do not treat me like shit, nor treat my character like shit. If its the personality there will be a line you should not cross.
››Plot with me first before you send me a starter.
››I am willing to do crossovers, but speak to me first.
››No text talking.
››Sex allowed 18+, but, plot driven. I refuse to smut-plot with minors.
››Be willing for OOC conversations.

Libertine Rules
What's Fine:
Pain: NO blood or Abuse.
Oral Sex: Giving and recieving is fine, but, no gagging.
Fingering/Handjob/Titjob: Do not cum on the face and no fingering the ass.
Choking: This is fine, as long as its not to the point of gagging, gasping for air, or harming my character.
Food Play
Pregnancy: As long as the child is not aborted nor harmed.
Spanking: As long as its with just the hand or a belt on the ass.
Anal Sex: As long as its not with a strap on (giving or recieving) its okay.
Hair Pulling

What's Not Okay:
Messy Cum: Back or face... No. Also, if by oral and handjob please warn my character.
Toys: Nipple clamps, anal beads.. If not placed in 'it's fine' than no.
Gang Bangs: Sorry, no.
Fisting: Just no.
Gagging: Tape over the mouth is fine, though.
Tenticals: Just no... Or multiple penis'.
Futas: Be a girl or guy, not both.
Beastiality: If your character is an animal, than no.
Torture: Um, no! There is a difference between teasing and torture don't cross it.

Little Things:
Being Caught: I love when my characters get caught playing with themselves.
Moaning: Most of my characters will love to moan or make sexual noises.
Doggy Style: Like eighty percent of my character's favorite position is being bent over and taken from behind.

Plot One:
Joked is still in Arkam, its how he tried to play with Harleen to help him get out.

Plot Two:
Generally pissed off because either Harley ruined whatever plan or Batman just kicked his ass. He is frustrated and she is trying to calm him a little bit.​
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