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  1. ★ Rules ★
    1. I play at an adept level, and I'd like my partner to do the same. One large paragraph, or two, with decent spelling and grammar is just fine. No less, but I won't ask for any more than that. (though I can match up to 3 or 4 paragraphs at times. I dislike writing novels.)

    2. If you want to quit our rp, or you're getting tired of it, that's just fine. Make sure you tell me instead of ghosting out. Neither of us want me nagging you. Also, if I don't reply for 2 days without warning, make sure you nag at me. Sometimes I'm a little forgetful, or get a little busy.

    3. I really prefer to play my rps and plan them in PMs. If you only do rps in threads, I might accommodate, but I refuse to rp on any medium other than Iwaku.

    4. If you don't read these rules, I won't play with you. Please let me know you have read this all by saying, "OH MY GOD!" In your PM. And I do mean PM. I won't respond to you if you reply to my thread.

    5. I want you to put as much effort forth as I do. If I don't have plots for an rp, then I expect you to work with me. It's tiresome to always be the one driving things, and it really drains my creativity. I'll do my best to provide ideas and content to work with, and I hope you do. I encourage discussion of our rp, and I respect your opinion. So please understand that, if you join my rps, you aren't along for the ride.

    6. Read my resume. I made it for a reason.

    ★ Content ★
    So, I enjoy entertaining others' kinks and stuff. There isn't really too much I won't do, but, on that list is furries, anything involving death or extreme pain and the like, and anything to do with anyone's bowels. If you want that, I am sure there are people elsewhere that are willing to accommodate. I am not one of them.

    The more I like something, the more stars there will be. If I have it too much, or I don't feel it, I'll cross it out, or add dashes. If I cross it out, it's not open for discussion, if there are dashes, it'll take some convincing. Also, a plus means I have a plot in mind. Otherwise, I expect us both to work on a plot.

    ★ Pairings ★
    (some of these may be combined)

    Human x Demon
    Human x Alien
    Human x Kitsune/Kumiho ★ +
    Human x Neko
    Human x Monster girl/Kemonomimi
    Human x Deity ★ +
    Human x Android ★ ★

    Bandit x Ransom target/Princess
    Assassin x target
    Knight x Princess
    Knight x Mage
    Knight x Enemy
    Human x Fairy/Elf

    Master x Servant/Slave
    Brother x Sister

    Tsundere person x Persistent person ★ ★
    Dreamer x Dream
    The soft side of a delinquent

    Feel free to hit me up with your own ideas!

    ★ Fandoms ★


    Monster Hunter
    Legend of Zelda
    Kid Icarus
    Fire Emblem
    Touhou ★ ★
    Metal Gear
    Dark/Demon Souls
    Bloodborne ★ +
    Persona 4


    Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    Soul Eater ★ ★ +
    Space Dandy
    Neon Genesis: Evangelion
    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    Kill La Kill
    JoJo's Bizzarre Adventure ★ ★
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  2. Still looking for partners to play with! Come on, I don't bite!
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