Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: The Velvet ties

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  1. The Cast

    @Verite Jonah Joestar Stand: Garbage
    @Mr. Briggs Inc. Caroline Azúcar Stand: Teo Torriatte
    @Ouchies Ibuki Mioda Stand: Pepper Steak
    @Josh M Buddy Holiday Stand: A-ha
    @froggy John Austin Stand: Ras Kass
    @Salsacookies Marcus Caine Stand:Fatboy Slim
    @Ziogen Stand: Avenged Sevenfold
    @CCC Kouhai Ririchiyo Shirakiin Stand: Chocolate
    @Peachygem Nika Belitrov Stand Crooked Teeth

    Philadelphia Pennsylvania, March 5th. 7.39 pm

    At the local train station. The group hat received letters enter, they would see that they weren't as they waited for their train. A group of men were already waiting. One of them had a Cubs hat on. He was wearing a yellow shirt that had the words "Take one me on his sleeve" and his belt had a baseball diamond shaped belt buckle. Lastly, he had a comic book folded in his back pocket. The words "the flash" could be seen folded.. His smile was warm and friendly.

    "Hey ya'll! Over here! How ya'll doin'? Wonderful night we have here, right? Shoot, the stars are clear as can be. Puts life in perspective, ya know? We're all just like these here stars in the grand scheme of thangs. I mean, Ya get what I'm sayin, right?"

    The man would stare at the sky, before turning back.

    "Damn! How rude of me? Names Buddy Holiday, but my friends call me Bud. Well, not really. I kinda wish they did. More grown up, right? So just call me Buddy, I guess. Ya'll got the letter, huh? Mister Wolf should be here soon. "

    Buddy would pull out knife.

    "Alright, so um, I need to see all of your hands. Left or right, your pick. Need to poke ya with this here knife. It's made from a special old arrow. I swear this sounds weird, but trust me. You'll get something awesome for that tiny bit of pain."

    One by one, Buddy stab the people who got the letters. One by one they would feel a power come over them. Something was standing by them. Buddy would smile.

    "Welcome to the Wu, Ya'll."

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  2. Behind that Buddy, a man in all white lay sprawled out on a bench. No, not all rag-tag. In fact, he wasn't even laying down in a normal manner. It was as if he had completely redefined the use for a bench, as his body found the perfect spot to rest. Not on the seat, but on the back of the seat! On the armchair! The man roosted as if it were almost natural to sit like that! Sitting around the seat instead of in it! Surely it must be uncomfortable? But no, the man in white seemed only to have a coy smile as Buddy proceeded with the initiation. He lifted one of his hands and waved casually in a friendly manner, as if there was no way he could fall off! Balance? Uncomfortableness?!? This man had transcended such things, clearly! If he wanted to sit somewhere, someway, then it would happen!

    But the man remained silent. A few people at Wu knew who he was and where he came from, but it was only the people who needed to know.
    Why was his past such a secret?
    Was he a special asset?
    A double-agent?
    No no no!
    This man... he simply only wanted his name to be known through his actions! Through his achievements! Through acknowledgements!
    Until he was someone of worth, he was not a person at all!
    He was a shadow!

    And for now, that shadow was attached to Buddy and his mission.​

    Yes (open)
  3. I was never a superstitious one. I never believed in weird stuff like ghosts and spirits or stuff like that. But...

    Jonah "JoJo" Joestar could really feel something off about this knife. A power that he couldn't logically explain. Something that seemed to transcend science and man. Or, at least, something dramatic like that, anyway. He wasn't a very dramatic one anyway, so he'll let it be for now or whatever. Anyway, after being "poked" by the knife, Jonah would feel it come.

    The power from the knife had been transferred to him.

    He had acquired an ability that he alone was responsible for, its physical manifestation being some sort of shadow that resembled a robot from that old film, "Metropolis" or something.

    A Stand. Yes, that will be what it'll be called.

    It was the first thing that came to mind, for some odd reason, and it felt natural to call it a Stand. He didn't know why, but it just worked. He felt stronger, more confident in himself. But he mustn't get too ahead of himself.

    Silently, he waited for now, glancing at the others around him.
  4. Ririchiyo wasn't able to tolerate pain very well, so she had passed out as soon as the knife stabbed her. Even if it felt like an eternity, the lucid sleeping only lasted for approximately five minutes. The said "power" that she felt was unnoticed completely - almost as if it slipped away from her grasp, yet there was a lukewarm heat against her back. Opening her eyes, Riri forgot for a few moments what had happened. "Did... I just get stabbed?..." She pondered greatly, ignoring the fact that if she had gotten stabbed, then she should be bleeding. Purple hues gazed over upon the floor, searching for any sign of scarlet, fresh fluid. "There's... nothing..."

    Laying (open)

    Instantly, Ririchiyo finally remembered that she was in line with other people - those who probably had also received a letter. This made her silently blush, "I must look stupid for passing out like that..." She felt something pressed against her back, making a similar sound of yawning. Getting up quickly on her knees, Riri's eyes widened at the peculiar sight.

    Shocked (open)

    Staaaaand <3 (open)

    The creature that must have fallen asleep as well was laying on the floor, yawning. Ririchiyo was slightly confused on how this creature appeared next to her. Yet, the appearance of its adorableness slightly struck her a bit. "Something about this creature seems familiar..." No matter how much time and effort she tried to figure its familiarity, Riri knew she had to get several questions answered.
    Standing up, Riri faced those who were in charge, "What exactly happened?... How come I am not bleeding to death? I should sue you for stabbing people. And... This thing... What is it?"
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  5. @CCC Kouhai

    Buddy scratch his head for a minute at the girl's question.

    "I stab in the dang hand, Last time I checked, you can't bleed out from a tinny little stab on your hand.. Trust me, I'm a doctor. Well, I'm also a lawyer, philosopher, farmer, chemist, engineer, and just a nice guy all around, if I could say so myself."

    Buddy's eye would turn to Chocolate.

    "Awww shucks! Look at dat little fella! Dat's your stand, huh? Never seen one like dat. I mean, most stands can't be seen by normal folks, let alone seem alive like dat lil' fella is. Heck, my stand be seen by people, but you done blow out the water, lil' lady."

    After his last word to Riri, Buddy's eyes turned to Jojo. Smirking, Buddy would wave.
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  6. John took the toothpick out of his mouth, twirling it between his fingers as he took in the newcomers. He saw the guy behind Buddy and wondered for a moment if he should address him, but if he knew Buddy I guess they were cool. Then again, Buddy might've not known he was there in the first place. Then Buddy asked to stab him.

    "Uh hey Buddy I'm not big on he-WOAH!" John shouted as he was stabbed. Or would've been, if it didn't ricochet off his hand. Nice guy my ass, stabbing people and shiiii. Noticing Riri's breakout, John clasped his bracelet and felt his hand bounce off. Yep, still there he thought.

    "A Stand huh?? That's why I wasn't Swiss cheese'd up so many times in my life? That's what you called it?" he asked Buddy, wearer of oh so many different types of hats
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  7. Merp (open)

    "S.. So, it was only a small prick?.." Slightly embarassed over it, Ririchiyo would calm herself immediately. "Then this creature is a stand? What exactly do we do with them?"
  8. @froggy
    @CCC Kouhai

    Buddy smiled at John. The two had been close friends for awhile. A goofy smile appeared on the young man's face.

    "Aww, I'm sorry John, I just like makin' ya sweat. I'm just Joshin' ya. I knew that wouldn't work."

    After lying to his friend John, Buddy turned back to Riri.

    "I mean, depends on what the satmd can do. Like John over here, See that wrist band he's wearin'? Negates friction. shoot, when I met him, some cops where harassin' him. The fired on him for no reason at all! You know what happened? The bullets dang bounced off him and killed the cops and put a hole in one of my nice hats. Better the hat than me. He's stand can make bullets bounce off him like a rubber band! That ain't even the coolest thang either! He can slid on any surface, and I have theory he could walk on water! But he ain't tried it yet. Anyway, I swooped him up quick, been friends ever since. Matter fact, Umm john there's been somthang I've been waiting to ask you."
  9. Caroline had come where the letter had directed her out of a sense of gnawing curiosity, that somehow this "invitation" of sorts had something, anything to do with Nil's disappearance. She wasn't well-known as a dime-a-dance girl, had never to her knowledge had an admirer for many years, and maintained few social connections. On the other hand, Nil Diamant had been a somewhat respected archaeologist, an important figure in his own circle, and more of a social climber then she had ever been. He had been her ticket to the rest of the world, and likewise, if someone knew her, it was probably through him.

    And yet, Caroline felt a tinge of surprise when she saw who it was that stood at the center of the room, apparently the one who had asked her here. It was indeed one of Nil's many acquaintances, although Caroline only knew him in passing. Bud Holiday; he'd been just a boy when she was introduced, yet apparently already a prodigious student of concepts that fascinated Nil. She remembered something having to do with "Ripple," but that was it... he'd gone on expeditions with her fiancee, but the reason why this young man would want anything to do with her eluded her.

    She felt the weight of the knife in her dress-pocket. While she hadn't known if the person who'd invited her had been a friend of Nil's, an enemy, or just maybe someone who wanted to know her personally, she knew it was a good bet that things could turn sour in a moment, all things considered.

    The presence of others in the room put her somewhat at ease, as did the fact that the host was a man Nil seemed to trust. Yet, things did not quite sit right. The question remained: why? And what exactly was he doing? She saw him cut at least two of the other guests' hands, leaving one to pass out, in pain, or something else? What was curiouser, when she got up, Caroline could see the two regarding the air as though there were new beings there alongside them. Caroline was never a big talker, but now she was lost for words entirely.

    She saw the one named John recoil from the piercing to come, which she felt was good. If there was anyone here this knife couldn't affect, it meant she might have one more ally, should this old "acquaintance" prove himself an enemy. When Bud came at her with the blade, Caroline instinctively leapt back with a dancer's agility, placing her hand into the pocket with her own weapon.

    "Hold on! I remember you, Bud, as I'm certain you remember me... but just what did you bring us here to do? Does that blade cause insanity?"
  10. Not a lot of people called Buddy "Bud". The young man had always wanted people to call him that, but to his memory, only one person ever did. He's old Teacher, Professor, Nil Diamant's finance, Ms. Caroline. About seven years ago the two met each other when Buddy went to Dinner with the two. Nil had been Buddy's key to the world, to being were he was. When Buddy left his home, Nil was the one who found the boy walking to Harvard. Nil was the one who paid for Buddy's' first
    Degree when he didn't have the money himself. In a lot of ways, Nil was the closest thing Buddy had to a Father , Since Buddy's real father was a religious zealot. Buddy remembered Caroline well. Never take much, but always watching and soaking up info like a sponge. When the young fully grasped who that woman was, he took his he off.

    "Holy snack shack! Ms Caroline! Shoot, how long has it been? So we what's your question. Why did I bring you here? Umm, well, I reckoned yo get the letter I sent you a few years ago, rlight? Gave it to the Owner of dat joint you worked in."
  11. Caroline drew breath in and out. Her grip on the knife still held firm, but her shoulders and core relaxed. After these odd, unprecedented events, she wasn't sure she was to receive any explanation, but was happy to see that the kid from years back was still personable and willing to reason. Her years in America had taught her to be wary of being double-crossed.

    "Yes, the letter told me to meet you here... but it hardly explains anything else about this scene. Who are these people, to begin with? Why are you cutting them out of the blue, and what's become of them, talking to the air??"
  12. Buddy looks past Caroline, seeing if the man they're waiting for was here. Sadly, no. He would look the woman in the eyes, slightly nervous.

    Ms, I ain't the boss. Mister Wolf sent you all the letters, a d in your case, gave it to me to deliver it. Wolf just told me to start the induction of ya"ll to the Wu with the knife. I don't know what Nil told you 'bout the wu or anythang. But our goals are to make this world good for everyone. To make a better tommorow. Mister Wolf told me to show up, and I did. The same reason Nil never showed back up to you.

    The boy frowned. He revealed he screwed up. Buddy's back back would open by itself, a arm of paper held a letter out to Caroline.

    " Nil's alive. Sent me this not too long ago. On a mission for the Wu. I wanted to tell ya years ago, but I wasn't allowed. Been eaten at me. Here."
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  13. Caroline's eyes opened wide. In her excitement, the oddness of the paper arm never had time to register with her. Those words, either "Nil is alive" or "Nil is dead" had been long-awaited, and as soon as she heard it, either one would have sufficed, her free hand instinctively snatched the new note from Bud's grip.

    Each stroke of the handwriting read true to his. It read in the beautiful style that had contrasted against his awkward demeanor in life.

    "Sweet Caroline,

    these past few years have shown me agony after agony. This last journey of mine has not only uncovered many great, and I discover, terrible truths about what I have searched for, but thrust me into their events in such a way that I have not been able to escape since that fatal journey. Each time I believe I am making headway against these occurrences, some new bizarre event arises, which I and my colleagues are only equipped to deal with, and I am again reminded, to my greatest agony, that I must prolong my reunion with you once more.

    I will not overwhelm you by stating the exact details of my ordeal in this note. I trust the young man, Buddy Holiday, with his prodigious knowledge on the subject, to inform you of the miracle of the Ripple, and the thorny blessing of the Stand. Only once you master one of these will you be able to join me. I beg you to brave this trial, for without it, my company may offer unknown-of jeopardy. For how long, I cannot say.

    In the land of Nippon, near the edge of the Orient, even during its last few years of grave turmoil, I have found great inspiration. I am therefore driven to send you my regards in their words.

    Te o Torriate konomama iko.
    (Let us cling together as the years go by)

    Nil Diamant."

    She immediately did what she always thought she would if she ever received word from Nil; folded the paper in neat squares of 16, and placed it close to her heart. It was only then, she turned back to the group's speaker, free arm outstretched.

    "You have my attention, Bud Holiday. With his blessing, I trust you for now. Do what is required for me to enter this world, then tell me of this Wolf."
  14. @Verite
    @Mr. Briggs Inc.

    Buddy would lightly grab Caroline's hand, slightly stabbing here hand. However, unlike the rest, she didn't pass out. Buddy would scratch his head.

    "Huh, you're the first I seen get stabbed by this thang and not pass out. Cool!

    Buddy give Caroline a big bear hug. After letting god, the young man would smile.

    "You know, Nil and I dealt with some shit after he left you. Shoot, the ripple saved are asses from them Pillermen. Nearly lost my dang arm to dat Kars guy. I never got the hang of the ripple, But Nil? Shiiiit, Mastered it in a day. Him, Donatella, and I sure had hard time."

    Donatella was not a person Caroline had heard of. Buddy quickly realizing he mentioned Nil and another woman in the same sentence would explain. Backtracking like a pro.

    "Yeah Donatella Brando! She's a nice married woman. Her Husband's nice guy named Henry Flaggs. I think he's the chief of police of Chicago. Donatella's good people. Good to the member of the Wu. Hell, she invented a sister system to the Ripple called the spin! I had an idea for somthin' called the turn, but like I said, I ain't no good with dat ripple."
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  15. Caroline had steeled herself from the wound, not expecting the pain that shot through her. She doubled over at once, but prevented herself from falling to the pulse that surged through her. Near the peak of this ordeal, her eyes clenched shut. Not fully realizing what to expect, when the pain subsided, her eyes opened again, to see the number of beings in the room had nearly doubled. But these things weren't human.

    Was this what they were referring to...? Could these things be... Stand?

    She noticed that even Bud seemed to have one of these alien companions beside him. She supposed it was fitting, with what had been written for her about Bud knowing the ins and outs of whatever he'd gotten himself embroiled in.

    As she breathed deep, trying to compose herself, she looked at the floor, to see a large, grey foot standing very close to her own. She peered up, halfway shocked to realize that she too had one of these golems beside her; one just a little shorter than her, but with a mechanical seeming face, and segmented arms that touched the ground. Before she could form another thought, she felt the young man take her in a surprisingly firm embrace. Strange as it was, it was comforting, and Caroline hugged back.

    When Bud loosed himself, he began relating stories to her; stories about him and Nil... while it was refreshing to hear, hear of his exploits again, what he had been doing, she couldn't make heads or tails of what these people or things were. She glanced at him with a puzzled expression, wishing to hear more, but hoping she wasn't becoming a nuisance through her confusion, considering most of those alongside her seemed far more at ease now.

    "Hold on... please, start by finishing with what you came here to do... then explain some of these things to me. In order of the most currently relevant, if you would! Start by finishing your explanation..."

    She turned to the automaton standing shoulder to shoulder with her.

    "...of what these beings are! You said it all depends on what they can do, well... how do we know?"
  16. @Mr. Briggs Inc.

    Buddy would smirk.

    "Dat's a stand. Don't know why people call dem dat, but dat's the name. Stands come in all shapes and sizes. Like boobs. Got small boobs, big boobs, lapside, saggin', you get the drift. Most stands can't be seen by none stand users. However, John's stand, that girls stand, and Mine can. For how to know what they do? You just know. Think 'bout it."

    Snapping his finger, the paper hand that came from his back pack from earlier came out, soon, it would transformer fm a hand to a 6'0 humanoid creature. It would bow to Carolina

    "Name's A-ha. Made of paper, stand of all trades. Anyway, Mister Wolf didn't' say much, just gave me a few jobs to do.. Just dat it's a matter of importance. He should be here soon. "
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  17. That was where Jonah's attention got piqued. Standing up, he looked at Buddy with a serious look.

    "Hold on... say that again. Did you just say Donatella Brando? You know where she is?" He questioned intensely, clenching his fists. The shadow of his Stand would rise involuntarily, as he had yet to master his Stand just yet.

    @Josh M
  18. "Uhh what'd you wanna ask Buddy?" John replied, a bit tepid yet curious as to what Buddy wished to ask
  19. @Verite

    "Well John, you know how I'm gettin' married real soon? Well, I was wonderin' if ya be my best man. I mean, if ya wanted to be."

    Buddy was caught off guard by Jojo's question about Donatella. Raising his hands in the air, he'd begin to sweat.

    "Donatella ' s missin'?! I ain't have any idea! I swear÷"
  20. "I... I just need to see her. It's been so long since I seen her..." JoJo simply spoke, apparently not up to talking about the details. The shadow remained where it was, simply looking over at Buddy.

    @Josh M
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