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  1. Welcome to the Jojo's Bizzare Adventure sign up and OOC thread! I'm your host, Josh! My co host/ gm/ JOJO (Since everyone wants to Be JOJO, I thought it'd be a godo idea for the first part to have my co-gm as JOJO.) Is @Verite!

    So I guess some of you are thinking...

    "Hey Josh, What's JOJOs?'

    The greatest anime/ manga ever. Get out you filthy casual. Do you even ORAORAORA?

    JO-JOkes aside

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken?) (often shortened to JoJo) is a shōnen and seinen manga written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki (All praise by thy name)

    JoJo was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1987 to 2004, when it transferred to monthly seinen magazine Ultra Jump, where the story continues.
    The series has sold over 80 million volumes in Japan,[1] and is one of the overall best-selling Weekly Shonen Jump series.[2] Filling over 100 volumes (for a total of ~20,000 pages), it is Shueisha's second longest-running manga series. Publication in English of the earlier parts of the series is ongoing.
    JoJo's genre spans Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Thriller/Suspense, Comedy, Mystery and Horror. It is perhaps most popularly known for its Stand phenomenon; the Stardust Crusaders arc and its characters Dio and Jotaro Kujo; the expressive rendition of its proud, glamorous personalities; and its hundreds of nominal references to Western popular music.

    Thanks to the JOJO wiki I stole from. Really though, Those Guys are great!

    So before talk about the RP, I'm going to say this is a celebration of my favorite manga of all time. As GMs Verite and My goal is to make it FEEL like a story Jojo Weirdness be it a god whom farts in your face, to the first lady Of the united states who wants to sit on your face, ladies, Jojo is Bizarre and awe inspiring.

    So Unlike like most Manga's, Jojo does parts. Every Pasrt is a new cast of characters and new settings, with old characters appearing if need. This Hopefully won't be the only part (My minds already racing with idea). So how long is this part going to be? I want to keep it short to keep everyone attention, but I also want to tell a story. I'm aiming for 3-4 months long. Hopefully it''ll just be 1-3, but I'm a realist.

    So what's the setting for this part?!

    The year of our lord is 1948. The place? Illinois in the Second City itself, Chicago! The windy city! Home of deep dish pizza! Of those Lovable losers, The Chicago Cubs and the "friendly confides" of Wrigley Field. Also the home the Chicago mob, yeah it's mob deep. With Corrupt cops and almost lawless.

    With out giving much away (since we're still working on stuff) All I can say is JOJO is facing the mob with personal ties in the balance!

    So for those who do not know, the man ability some has is called a stand. What's a stand? Its like a persona (Which are based on stands)

    A stand is a persons fighting spirit. It's usually of a psychic projection/. ghost thing however not aways> Stands can be used by anything. A dog, a rat, a street, a sword, not just people. Anything can have a stand.

    There our different types.


    Also stands have states

    A Stand's abilities are categorized by 6 statistics: Destructive power, speed, range, durability/staying, precision and developmental potential/learning.
    Destructive Power:
    Measures the Stand's strength and ability to cause destruction in a given period of time. Not only limited to brute force, but also to its abilities combined.
    Measures the Stand's agility and performance speed.
    Measures the Stand's range of manifestation, range of ability influence, and spatial mobility.
    Measures the Stand's endurance and level of susceptibility to damage and attacks. This category may also gauge the effectiveness of the ability's binding toward physical objects.
    Measures the Stand's accuracy and its ability's range of influence to specified targets.
    Development Potential/Learning:
    Measures the Stand's possible functions and utilization of its abilities and powers.
    Each statistic is ranked from A to E; though rankings of Infinite and None are also possible. Rankings are defined as follows:

    A: Excellent
    B: Good
    C: Average (the same level as a normal person)
    D: Weak
    E: Very Weak
    For range, rankings are defined as follows:
    A: 100 meters (little over 328 feet)
    B: 50 meters (little over 164 feet)
    C: 20 meters (66 feet)
    D: 10 meters (33 feet)
    E: 2 meters (7 feet)

    Also and this might be the most important rule

    The name Most relate to music. Be it song name, album, band, ect. To capture the spirit of Jojo we most follow that rule

    This is m y first post my next post is coming soon, I'll tell you how you can sign up and of which roles. But in the mean time, say if your interested. Also if you're not familiar with JOJO's, don't let that stop you. Please.
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  2. May need some nerfing and stats but I just grabbed this from somewhere.
    Look good?


    Stand Name: Avenged Sevenfold
    Stand Attributes: A close-ranged fighter stand that excels in agility. Stands tall (lolpun) at 9 feet. Able to see even in the complete dark.

    Destructive Power: B
    Speed: A
    Range: E (Ability range is special)
    Durability/Staying: B
    Precision: A
    Development Potential/Learning: B

    Stand Abilities:
    Blinded in Chains --- The affinity with darkness. Blinded in Chains allows Avenged Sevenfold to manipulate and extend existing darkness, as well as affecting it as if it was a physical thing. (It still remains immaterial to others.) Additionally, Avenged Sevenfold and its User can completely meld into darkness, seen as only shadows to those who don't have psychic abilities.

    Nightmare --- Avenged Sevenfold's straightfoward attack. Expels or pulls a glob of solid darkness from his mouth, almost taffy/gum like in nature. This black substance numbs areas on the victim's body it sticks to, partially restricts movement, and is hard to remove. Over the course of a day, this substance decays flesh to the bone. The farther away one is from the stand, the easier it is to take off. Avenged Sevenfold and its user are immune to Nightmare's affects. Additionally, Nightmare counts as a 'shadow.'

    Buried Alive --- Attacks that miss Avenged Sevenfold but hit darkness have their power absorbed. These attacks can then be sent out from any darkness in Avenged Sevenfold's vision, the shadows mimicing the action if it was a physical attack. To be absorbed, the attacks must have missed Avenged Sevenfold or its user, meaning it cannot be used as an actual defense. Up to four attacks can be stored, and don't expire until used or overwritten.

    Unholy Confessions --- The condition to use this ability is that the stand itself must hit the opponent, and the area Avenged Sevenfold hit must be covered by darkness. Once that condition has been met, the ability is ready to be used. The ability itself allows either/both Avenged Sevenfold and its user to near-instantly sink into shadows and appear from another one in their vision. However, this ability can only be used when the user or stand teleporting is not in sight of the person that had been hit. Additionally, the area teleported to also cannot be in the sight of the person hit. This ability is unique, as it lets the stand exist some distance aways from the stand user without losing any power. The stand itself can be transported from a shadow to the stand user's own at any time, reguardless if the person hit sees them or not. Up to seven teleportation charges can be stored at a single time. A charge is lost for every 10 seconds Avenged Sevenfold or its user does not have the hit person in sight.
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  3. @Ziogen
    First off, wow!

    Second if you could you the states I posted aso, that'd be great. how fast is it, how slow, development, ect
  4. Also not gonna lie, had a character planned with the same power-ish! Lol.

    Name was going to be Method man.
  5. Destructive Power: B
    Speed: A
    Range: E (Ability range is special)
    Durability/Staying: B
    Precision: A
    Development Potential/Learning: B [Will start off with one ability and gradually learn up to 4]

    These stats work? I can decrease durability & precision by one level if you want.

    Method Man doesn't seem very Darky lol
  6. Method man was going to be sneaky, a shadow stand that makes quick kills. A easy, effective Method, man.

    also can we limit the held amount of attacks?

    also you can start all abilities. But you'd have to be a vet in that world

    YOU have three options to sign up. With out a lot detail

    1 you were sent a letter. You came to the location, and that's how you got a stand

    2. You're a member of the secret society of people trying for a Better tomorrow. A.K.A

    The Wu-Tang Clan!

    Also you can sign up as a someone who well also play villains and npc (Semi gming role I guess) I'm going to need all the help.
  7. The limit was already stated at 7, with no time limit. I can give it the same I can reduce the number stored at one time, but I like the aspect that he can just store a really strong attack beforehand and let it loose whenever.

    Also Avenged Sevenfold is a... bizarre mix of warrior and assassin. He isn't meant for sneak attacks outside of battle, but rather while in the midst of it. Still, he is stealthy to non-stand users.

    I suppose my char can be a member of the wu tang clan aiming to become president of the world, but anything fits really.

    And I can help, but I'm not very reliable.
  8. Sorry I meant lower it. to like four. But it is sevenfold. So nevermind.

    So help is better than none

    But You will be active, right? I mean. I don't want people to sign up who aren't (Not that you wont be active) I want a smooth game lol

    also since you're a "Wu" member, could you move your development to E ?(Since you're starting stacked )
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  9. Also I should explain what the wu means for a better tomorrow. Make the world a better place with out you know? Being dictators and stuff. A past member would be Sir Isaac Newton, people making the world better,

    Also Sir Isaac as a wu member is not Canon, yet
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  10. Eh I dropped it to 4 anyways

    O I'll drop out of Wu then

    though it would be novel to use a DARKNESS guy who's actually good.

    Eh I'll think about it.

    I'm active enough.
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  11. You don't have to be full experience to be in the wu. You'll just be more ready than others

    Also I hope i'm not coming of a jerk. If anyone looking at this is interested, please let us know!
  12. Does any have an questions? Please, don't be afraid to speak.
  13. No questions at the moment Josh. Fill in the rest later

    Name: John Austin
    Appearance:[​IMG] height 6'1"

    Stand Name: Ras Kass
    Stand Attributes: A bounded/object stand that manipulates friction
    Destructive Power: B
    Speed: A
    Range: E( Ability range is special)
    Durability/Staying: A
    Precision: A
    Development Potential/Learning: E

    History and background:
    John Austin was invited by Buddy to join the Wu after the Friction February Incident of the 29th (not all Wu members agree with the title, namely Buddy) and told him of his plans to better the world, inspiring John to use his Stand to help Buddy achieve this goal. John, while with a reputation as a cold blooded killer, he's never killed anyone on purpose. He also does not like the sight of blood, especially his own.

    Stand Abilities:

    Attack1 Understandable Smooth- Ras Kass eradicates the friction of incoming objects (like bullets) and repels them away from the body. It can also allow him to slip away from people.
    Attack2 H2O Proof-able to slide and glide over fluids and disperse them from his person
    Wild Pitch-able to increase the friction of inanimate objects and launch them at you
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  14. I forgot to make a character sign in sheet


    Stand name:
    (Include a link of what you're referencing by the name )
    Stand Name:
    Stand type (see the links I posted in the intros if help is needed):
    Destructive Power:
    Development Potential/Learning:

    Stand Abilities:

    History and background:


    Pick between

    Letter recipient or Wu member Letter recipient means you either didn't have a stand at the start .Wu means you did.
  15. ......

    Ummm, how can break this?

    There is already a crazy Diamond from the manga. LOL Part 4 jojo's stand
  16. I am sad now :(. Making new guy
  17. I"m so sorry! I would check the links I posted. lol Just to make sure!
  18. Can you play multiple characters? Because I have two in mind that I'm having trouble deciding between. If you want, I think one can fit the role of a minor villain and get killed off early.
  19. You can have one be a minor villain just pm the idea. it's 1940's Chicago. I'm planning on giving a plot outline soon. On @Verite's and my none villain, "npc/ team member" character
  20. Name: Marcus Caine
    Age: 40

    Stand Name: Mastodon

    Stand type: Bound Stand that is a near unstoppable force. Few things can stop it.
    Destructive Power
    : A
    Speed: D (B when Charging)
    Range: E (A when Charging)
    Durability/Staying: A
    Precision: A
    Development Potential/Learning: E

    Stand Abilities:
    Mother Puncher: A super-powerful punch that summons the Mastodon that charges until it hits a solid surface or runs out of range.

    Sleeping Giant: The Mastodon surrounds Marcus, shielding him.

    Blood and Thunder: The Mastodon Goes within Marcus, giving him his Indomitable Power, while slowing him greatly

    History and background:
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