Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Extraterrestrial Heat (Signups & OOC)

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  1. RP Info!

    Character Sheet:


    Arcana: ( Major Arcana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )


    Appearance: (You can use a picture of an already existing character but an original/description is preferred)



    Stand Name: (Color/Adjective) (Arcana)

    Stand Appearance: (see 'Appearance')

    Destructive Power: (Rank E to A)

    Speed: (Rank E to A)

    Range: (Rank E to A)

    Durability: (Rank E to A)

    Precision: (Rank E to A)

    Developmental Potential: (Rank E to A)

    List of abilities: (2 to 5, nothing too OP (i.e don't go DIO ZA WARUDO and be able to freeze time))

    I won't be too strict about power, but please at least try to balance.


    Name: Jori Kujo "Jojo"

    Arcana: Justice

    Age: 17


    Personality: Charismatic but cruel in her charisma. Tends to constantly poke at others with a smirk on her face as if waiting for their reaction. Definitely knows when to be serious and when to joke, and when tested or faced with a greater force she has will of iron in the sense that she never backs down. Although cruel, she definitely has a heart of gold when she wants to, such as constantly making fun of her siblings but never hesitating to defend them.


    Stand Name: Red Justice


    Destructive Power: B

    Speed: A

    Range: C

    Durability: D

    Precision: A

    Developmental Potential: E

    Blazing Blade: Red Justice lunges his blade forward in a repeating motion rapidly, barraging the target.

    Blazing....Blade!: Red Justice ignites his sword, speeding up his attacks and setting the target of his attacks aflame.

    Fire Beam: Red Justice uses his flaming sword to send a pillar of fire at it's target, hypothetically incinerating them.

    Ground Slam: Red Justice stabs his sword into the ground, causing a shockwave near and around him, lifting opponents into the air. If his sword is flaming, it sends fire erupting from the ground.

    Flame Retardant Cloak: Red Justice is immune to fire attacks, but is a bit more effected by water and ice attacks due to this.

    Precision: Red Justice is so precise and articulate in it's movements that it can even see and slice a bullet in mid-flight.

    Speed: Red Justice can run from side to side in succession to fool the opponents' eyes into seeing multiple of him, confusing them so Red Justice can attack more easily. While his sword is on fire, he cannot muster the speed to do this, as moving his body this fast with the sword will extinguish it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.