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  1. Extraterrestrial Heat: Episode 1
    Jori Meets Jotaro!
    Starting his Stand User hunting directly after the events of Stardust Crusaders along with his study of marine biology on the side, Jotaro Kujo was sent a photo from Joseph Joestar of a girl with pale skin and dark hair in a school uniform...That girl, was Jori Kujo! Not knowing it was his own half-sister, Jotaro studied the photo and narrowed down it's location by the school that was in the background of the photo, Jori's school.

    Jotaro unknowingly set out to Kagoshima Japan, to take down his own sister from using her power, not knowing of the other Stand users in the area Kars imbued with powers....

    Episodes Major Characters: Jotaro Kujo, Jori Kujo,

    Major Villain: Ayato Takahashi

    Episodes Minor Charaters: Kei Yamatomo, Ai Iseki, Miranda King, Kuji Gyoto

    Next Episode: Junkyard Brawl


    It was an average day in the populated town of Satsuma, Kagoshima. It was late April at the time, so the cherry blossoms were already in bloom and outside of the dull classroom was beautiful, gorgeous pink trees and petals laced across the window to compliment. Usually in Jori's school this time of year was the best time to not pay any attention in class, as there was so much to look at outside compared to on the usual chalkboard. The high school itself was very standard procedure in suburban Japan, but that's all it could say for itself. It had a few notable minds, but every school has that.

    Hello! My name is Jori Kujo and I'm your half-grand daughter!....No that's stupid. Jori thought to herself as writing down a note in her English class instead of taking notes from a lecture, erasing what she wrote with a faint blush of embarrassment. This is what she did every day in English class, she tried writing a note in English to Joseph Joestar to eventually send to him, but due to the fact that she barely paid attention in English class, she could never phrase stuff the way she wanted. Her writing also had a lot of grammatical issues.

    Staring up at the ceiling with her mouth gaped and pen in her hand at her arms lazily held her head up she thought what grand things she'd write today on her paper, anything but notes. Then it happened. The thing that would change her life from that day, forever.

    "Jori Kujo to the guidance counselor's office."

    Ai, sitting beside her and watching vigilantly what she wrote on the paper, hiccuped with shock that Jori was going to be dismissed. Jori herself rolled her eyes and sighed. "Yare Yare. What're they gonna blame me for today?" She mumbled as she put her pen on her desk, and exited the room, making her way down the hall to find... A huge man sitting in a chair across from the guidance counselor being a larger asian woman with poofy black hair, wrinkly skin and a pink sweater she'd usually wear every day. As Jori, clearly intimidated by the man, his jacket touching the floor and his gaze towards her piercing through her very soul. The guidance counselor, seemingly sweating as Jori and the man traded suspicious glares, quickly stood up and said

    "I-I'll let you two sort this thing out, I'm sure you have everything under control, Mr. Kujo."

    Before rushing out of the room. Jori, chuckled as she left "I-I'm a girl, Mrs-" The man interrupted Jori as she called out "She was talking about me." Jori turned her head slowly as cartoonish 'ゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴ' floated across the room. Jori blinked and pointed, her eyes void of emotion "W-What do you want?" She remembered him from somewhere, but she couldn't remember as the last time she physically looked at her family tree was over 5 years ago. She knew he was familiar, he had to be familiar, his last name was apparently 'Kujo', but she just couldn't figure it out.

    "Yare Yare. My name is Jotaro Kujo. I have no idea if we're related, but frankly, that's not what's important."

    Jotaro stood up and did his signature pose pointing at Jori with his hand turned with a sharp glare...Sharper than his usual glare, that is. "Do you know any other stand users in this town?" Jori stood there for a few moments, blinking a few times before giving out a snort. "You had me dragged down here for this?" Jotaro had a look of utter disgust on his face, making Jori awkwardly giggle and scratch the back of her head "H-Hey, just kidding! No, I don't even kno-" "Stop lying to me, ms. Kujo. I know you have a stand. I know you're misusing it. I know there are at least two other stand users in this town." Jori, insulted upon hearing this, shot a serious gaze towards Jotaro, but she then realized no intimidation tactics would get passed this mountain of a man, but she didn't break her gaze. After a brief staring contest, Jori raised an eyebrow "Do you have a stand?" Jotaro then started glowing a deep shade of purple, an aura of the same color as a massive figure appeared above him, the figure in a fighting stance with fists clenched and chest exposed, a very threatening look upon it's face.

    Jori let out a small yelp and fell on the floor, backing up against the wall. "Yare Yare." Jotaro sighed. "Don't worry, I'm not going to fight you. You're my informant." Jori let out a sarcastic "HA!" , sweat dripping down her face "Oh so we just met and I'm just a metal detector other people like you now?" Jotaro broke a small smile "Well, if you don't, I get to use my Star Platinum on you." A wave of air seemed to go over the room, giving Jori a huge feeling of dread. He put down pictures on the table, gesturing Jori to stand up and come over. "I have no idea who these people are. Chances are you do." Jori slowly got up and went over to the table, giggling softly "Hey, hey, hey, this town has a population of over 20 thousand, Mr. Kujo, I have no idea if I-" Jori quickly took notice of her picture on the table, the school in the background, she's seemingly entering the school. "C-...Creepy." Jori picked up her picture.

    "Yeah, I've got two more here too." Jori, profusely sweating questioned "W-Where did you get these?" Jotaro tipped his hat "The old man. Joseph Joestar." Jori's face flushed in red "R-Really? Joseph Joestar t-took a picture of me?" Jotaro leaned into the table, looking at the other two photos "You a fan?" Jori's knees tingled as she swayed from side to side with the photo "Y-You could say that." The guidance counselor chimed into the room at the bell rang "E-Excuse me, M-Mr. Kujo, have you sorted things out with Jori? She needs to head to class and I need my office." Jotaro shot a dirty look at the guidance counselor even though she was just doing her job, giving the photos to Jori and exiting the room. "Meet me outside after you're done with your classes. Don't stop anywhere else, you hear me?" Jori's nose twitched that this guy she just met was still trying to intimidate her, but she nodded her head slowly "Whatever you say, master." Jotaro shot an even dirtier look at Jori "Don't call me that again. Ever." Jori rolled her eyes and rushed to her previous class taking a look at one of the photos. Her eyes narrowed as she let out an audible gasp..She recognized this guy. The suit, the facial structure, she could see everything but his face, but she knew. "Holy crap, this is that fancy kid that hangs out with the upperclassmen...." She whispered in the middle of the hall. "This is Ayato...Oh god, he's a stand user too?" She then looked around, remembering she had to get her bags, rushing into her previous classroom to pick them up.

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