Jojo's Bazarre Adventure: Arcade's Tournament

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    This is an RP idea I had when I was watching the Stardust Crusaders and the one vs one nature of it so I thought to make a tournament that works with stats and don't worry if don't want to bother with the stats just put down the other option but before all that here are the rules.
    1. Respect my judgement and those I may have given co-GM rights to and I will mark who I have chosen as a co-gm beside their character.​
    2. Respect others in this thread and don't act like a dick to characters, even if it's your personality just don't pick on one character or leave anyone out it feels pretty bad.​
    3. You may use curses but don't yell them to high hell because no one likes a potty mouth.
    4. OCs only but you can use one of the main character's stand but you will have to lower the power of some attacks e.g. Hierophant Green's Emerald Splash which is almost impossible to avoid.
    5. Follow iwaku's rules along with mine (put a (/0v0)/ in your cs)
    6. All sexual content goes in pms and no one under 18 can do anything sexual in pms.
    7. This Rp includes dice rolls but don't worry I will do it for everyone and I won't be cheating I like everything to be equal. For fights I just want people to do a few actions 3 being the most including one attack moving and doing an action not attacking like (if your blocking you can't attack)
    8. Enjoy yourself.

    Now that we have that out of the way let's cover the basics with how stats work the stats you can increase are as follows:

    Strength: How much damage you can do through melee attacks (includes bladed weapons)
    Endurance: How much damage you can take.
    Agility: How fast are you able to react and attack.
    Precision: How accurate your attacks and reactions are.
    Range: How powerful your range attacks are.
    (Maxium 10 minimum 1)
    Once you've picked out your stats you can give yourself 3 Special attacks and 1 Passive ability.

    Now time for you to make your cs here you go
    Show Spoiler

    History (optional):
    Skills (total of 25):

    Passive Skill:


    All accepted characters will be below.

    I wont have the story figured out until we start so feel free to make up some idea of how everything continues on, but for those who want to know how it starts here you go

    You find yourself in your room all seems the same to you as normal that is until you read the note on your bed.
    Greetings Fighter,
    You have been selected or have chosen to come to this place but you can't remember that, can you? Now I'm Arcade and you'll be meeting me soon, when you leave the room you'll find yourself in a ring apart of my area. You may come back here after each fight and if you win you can get a item out of 3 choices. Now for some rule to my contest:
    1. Don't kill that's my job.
    2. No fighting outside of the arena please save your energy.
    3. Don't attack me or you'll regret it.
    Not many rules but don't forget them or you may die.
    Love Arcade.

    That's all you need to know enjoy the rp.
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  2. Am I the only one who wants this really? anyone please?
  3. You know, a while ago, I started a Jojo rp. while it did go for a month or two, it died. I know there are a few jojo fans here. I had plans on revamping/ restarting it, someday.

    I'm not sure if I like the tournament idea. But I do love jojo. lol
  4. I want to join ^_^ so do we create our own character or one from Jojo?
  5. I have a queation, wouldn't it be easier to do the classic "letter" rankings for the stands? You know? A, b, c, d, and e
  6. I will be doing that I already have a plan for it so don't worry plus the letter system is a bit difficult to mange with a dice
  7. Original would be preferred but you may copy one of the character's stand but using the rules I've made.
  8. Also what would you think about a stand potential" stat? I mean, it's a big thing in the show and the manga. It's not how strong the stand is, but how you use it
  9. Of course, I'm just adding the stats to make it fair, but I will allow freedom when it comes to your second action where'd it is digging underground or what ever, but I am thinking at this point to remove the dice rolling and add a few extra skill points just for their letter stats but I'll let who ever wants to make a character do stats and I'll pick the corresponding letter, you think that might work a bit better?
  10. Could I use a character from a different show like Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter?
  11. Sure that's fine
  12. Can I post my character anytime?
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